Writing Facebook post is not a time consuming task if you are sharing something general in nature or some kind of entertaining content but if you are promoting your business on Facebook then it may be one of the most difficult part of your whole marketing campaign. Although Facebook was not invented for marketing or to make something viral but now it is biggest platform to market your product and engage users by simply creating effective content and utilization of some marketing tools with very low investment. To be successful in your Facebook marketing campaigns nothing is more important than making your content viral, and when it catches like wildfire, not only exciting the fans you have but also attracting the other users. In fact it is too hard to do. Few marketing agencies have learnt that how to make their posts viral.  It’s much easier when you’re a significantly wealthy and established agency, of course. But it’s not guaranteed. It’s not something you can just order, like your lunch. There are some simple ways to make your post viral or considerably more likely. Tactics that have worked before, work currently, and will probably always work to a degree. In underneath discussion we will talk about those simple tactics that can make you viral on Facebook and other social media websites. These techniques are not crucial and expensive; it is so simple to apply even if you are not a well experienced and established digital marketer. 

Be Ready to Newsjack

Whenever something happens and something important or something scandalous, something newsworthy people like to read, share and comment on it.  If something like that happens on Facebook users will notice posts that mention it and they will pay more attention to them. So you need to pay attention on these kinds of stuffs. Stay current on things and when something happens, think about that how you can relate the post with your brand and what you are selling.  When a newsworthy content is shared, your branding will be there. You can also place Facebook viral gates on your post.  Viral gates make your post more viral as everyone must have to share your post to read your complete post.

Offer Discount Coupons

 You can offer discount coupons for your fans if they share and like or comment on your post. This technique is widely used to generate new potential leads also. To offer discount coupons you need to use Facebook viral marketing software. This kind of software make it easy to offer discount coupons for readers otherwise you must have to bear development and hosting expensive. Nowadays there are several kinds of Facebook marketing software. You can create and post any type of content like motion posts, Fb ads video posts and can directly post on your fan page.

Contests work

Contests are not only best way to engage your fans but also great way to invite new users. It is important to decide what kind of contest will give you maximum exposure. Sometimes by running contest that is not related to your business provide great exposure to your brand. There are, of course, a few ways to do it right. And that’s important not only for virality, but making sure you don’t have any logistical problems with running the actual contest as well. On Facebook very few kind of contests options are available, you can use them effectively.

Use CTA Buttons

Make your Facebook posts be actionable, ask a question, issue a challenge, ask your fan to tag their fans or something like that which invite a response from visitor. It is always good idea to ask your audience to do something. It is often critical. Try to create posts that can encourage your audience to do something for you. When your visitors responded, you need to reply them as soon as possible. With the passage of time it becomes really untenable, you’re already viral-so it’s no longer a problem.  Call to action buttons are not only used for engagement, but for virality also.

Promote Your Post on Different Platforms

The last and proven technique to make your Facebook post viral is self-promotion on different platforms. You really need to promote your posts on other social media websites like Google, LinkedIn and etc. Promote your Facebook Fan Page posts as many platforms as possible. Sharing Facebook posts on other social media network has great impact on increasing traffic.  You can try different Social Media Management Programs. There’s quite few a few to choose from.  Always remember that you may never produce viral content but still you can do it by adopting different strategies and by solid viral marketing plans.

You can also customize your posts by using available Facebook viral marketing software. You can use fully customized templates and designs for your posts that make your post more attractive. If you have to engage your audience on regular basis but you don’t have time to post regularly then you can use schedule posting options to post your content timely. More importantly these kinds of softwares provide analytics for each and every post separately.  We always recommend promoting as much as possible, of course, but your audience might be more receptive to newsworthy content than contests. You’ll be the one to know that – it’s your audience.


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