Facebook is the fastest and most effective way to deliver information and connect with friends for personal use. While that remains quite true, last year showed us that organic reach in turn has significantly dropped. This means that when it comes to professional use, businesses have hard time driving followers to their pages. It feels impossible for startups and new brands to build connections and interact with their potential customers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your social media is nothing without content and content is useless when you do not have users to view or read it. Your followers bring business to you by becoming your customers. In order to make sure that they are not there for just a short while, you will need to produce content that bring high engagements and drives traffic to your Facebook page as well as the website.

Facebook fan engagement also upturns the reach of your product, which directly results in healthier growth of business. This does not happen overnight, but needs time and money. Giant companies do not just sit around and wait for audience to notice them. They treat Facebook as an investment that not only brings profits but also generates leads. In order to gain same results, you must have the same set of mind so hurry up and start investing in Facebook ads and sponsored content.

Some of the tips to keep your audience bedazzled and engaged so they keep coming back for more.

1. Consistency: 

Posting one day on social media and forgetting to do it for the next ten days is a disaster recipe for your business. Draw layout and build plans that will keep you steady. If you are not able to post at all suitable times of the day, buy an automation software that will do it for you. Create and schedule updates to be posted at specific time with specific intervals. This way your post will be up at a suitable time, even if your internet is not available.

Another type of consistency is required when you strategize your content. Write pros and cons of all types of contents that can be posted on social media. Figure out which type suits you best and keep it as primary communicating method, while use others as secondary.

There are no hard and fast rules about what to post and whether you need to stick with one content type or not. The thing is that once you have established a reputation on social media, people will like and consume your content no matter what. However, for a startup business, you will need to be a little more oriented so it does not appear like you are not committed to the work and do whatever is easy or simple.

2. Worthy Content: 

Post content that is highly valuable in nature. Status updates are most effective when the character limit lies between 80-140 characters. You can use graphics or illustration to represent complex data, or use storyboards to tell a story without needing words. If you are uploading pictures, instead of adding a caption by yourself, invite users to comment on what they think should be the caption. This is an effective way to drive traffic. Other types of valuable content that bring engagements includes stuff like,

  • Asking Questions: Ask original and puzzle type questions, which engage audience to interact with each other. Be funny and mold questions in a way that the answers are directly related to your brand or product being sold.
  • Holding Contests: People are 35% more interested in visiting your page if you are holding contests. This means that giving an incentive is a factor behind generating engagements.
  • Incorporate Humor: Posts that contains emoticons receive 33% more comments than posts that do not. Talk casually with your customers, unless it is not super official. A little humor never killed nobody. Use jokes that show your brand’s personality and are witty at the same time.
  • Posting Famous and Relatable Quotes: Quotes are the most suitable and appropriate way to convey your ideas. They are also helpful in increasing reach, since people share them the most.
  • Creating Video Streams: Visual media and videos have become very important in social media marketing strategy. Videos and Gifs are fast way to reach your audience and they are probably the most interactive type of content currently used for marketing and advertising reasons.

3. Post on Personal Profile: 

Every person with a business has a personal account on Facebook and other social media. These accounts are usually properly set up and it quite a surety that these personal profiles have connections and Facebook friends in hundreds, if not thousands.

Use this personal profile to deliver your message to those few hundred people. Ask them for a personal favor… whether they would be up to sharing content further with their friends and so on. You can also ask your colleague and employees to do the same.

This creates a ripple effect and your content reaches thousands of people in few hours. Always share updates posted on the page to your personal account and recommend people to try the product.

4. Direct viewers: 

Call to action. People respond better when they are told what needs to be done. Use phrases that direct them to perform a certain action, so they only focus on that.

  • Like if you … (love spending time on Facebook).
  • Comment your thoughts … (on using Facebook for business).
  • Share if … (you are feeling motivated today).
  • Tag your friend … (who is always shopping online).

5. Maintain Timeline: 

While your content and audience are the most important thing to create engagement on your Facebook page, never ignore the worth of timing. Your reach heavily depends on the timeliness of your posts. If you are posting in social media prime time, it is likely that a large number of your following is online and will be able to see your updates.

Posting in hours when everyone is busy in office or driving home, your content will have the lowest reach and hence the engagement level will zero to nothing.

Post throughout the on weekend, especially on Twitter. Create a personal hashtag that distinguishes you from the crowd and ask followers to tweet using that hashtag. Continuous tweeting and retweeting with hashtag can turn it into a trending topic, which is pretty exciting. People love to tweet using trending hashtags even if it is not related to them. Add links in your tweets so you can rank higher when people search for you on Google.

6. Be Responsive: 

Your customers and audience engage with you in the form of comments and replies. These range from asking questions to voicing your opinions, inquires to recommendations and reviews of the product.

Whatever the comment is, try to respond to it in the best way possible. Some argue that there is no point in replying to obnoxious people, but in my opinion, you should let them know that you respect their opinions as well.

If things still do not work out, the best solution is to block these followers and report them to Facebook for bad conduct.

Listen to people and value their suggestions. Since people are actually using your product, they can analyze it much better than you yourself who is running the business. The reason? Because a customer has no agenda or bias towards the product, unlike you. All he / she wants is a product that is effective and works best for him /her. The opinions given with such mindset can be much more valuable than your own analytics team.

Involving people directly in the marketing process of product can be yielding for your business. You would not be able to increase engagements unless your content is exceptional or you ask people directly to participate in.

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