In the past few years, in the world of online or digital marketing change is only one thing which remains constant. Channels and tools marketers use to engage their audience is completely changed. The continuous increase in the use of these modern tools such as social media and digital channels make the marketers’ job easier than ever, now almost every efficient marketer leave the traditional promotional. We know that social media strategies dominate the traditional marketing; the only one thing we know with certainty is that traditional marketing is dead now.

The Death of Traditional Marketing:

You may observe that advertising pages in magazines and ads on newspapers or advertisement on television ads is continuously reducing.  There are two major cause for the almost death of traditional marketing. At first, you can never measure the return on investment. Both print media and television channels can’t facilitate you with mathematical and statistical measurements. Secondly if you are using traditional marketing channels, they are quite expensive and you can never measure the impact of your marketing campaigns. For these two reasons marketers tend to use other medium of advertisement as they can measure both ROI and Impact easily in modern mode of social media marketing.

The Social Media Revolution:

Social media is now biggest source to target your audience. Infect with the revolution of social media you can target your precise audience. You can choose your audience with respect to area, age, gender and most amazingly you can select your target audience with respect to their hobbies. Different audience target generators are available.   Survey of Social Media Examiner reveals that, more than 90% of marketers said that social media marketing is best for their product promotion.  Social media revolution compels the businesses to adopt social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many others. With these kinds of websites marketers are able to broadcast their message and communicate with their potential visitors very easily. Marketers can measure the ROI and impact of their marketing campaign. Modern campaign launching and tracking systems makes marketers job more easy and effective as social media is all about creating and participating in genuine dialogues.

Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing:

First of all keep in mind that social media websites were not built for marketing purpose, they were designed to build vibrant online communities. With the passage of time as these websites especially Facebook and Twitter largely integrated with marketing use, very often they are now referred as marketing tools. The reason behind the success of social media marketing is its effectiveness. Now small brands are competing with big brands just because of they are using social media platforms effectively.  Active marketers know that how much time people are spending on these social networking websites. They cleverly avail this opportunity to market their product. With the passage of time these websites introduce different online marketing mechanism to promote businesses, for example if you review Facebook deeply you will find that it is not only biggest social networking website but also one of the biggest platform of marketing. You can create your Sale Page, and can post anything there. You can use different Facebook marketing software, these softwares will enable you interact with your visitors beyond the limits of Facebook. These softwares can create landing pages, lead capture pages and more importantly you can get viral on social media by placing a sharing gate on your post. All these and many other factors enhance the effectiveness of social media marketing as compare to traditional marketing.

Engagement with Audience:

This is very important and crucial point, in every kind of marketing you have to engage your audience on regular basis. With traditional media it is expensive, even large size organization sometimes can’t afford it.  Social media fill this gap. You can engage your audience regularly without spending a single dollar.  Social media marketing is all about taking your product to market instead of sitting back and waiting for the market to arrive on your door step. . Effective social media marketing requires a proactive approach – and success depends upon personality and genuine interaction.

Once businesses break the barrier between brand and consumer and start to interact with their customers on a natural and equal level, they’ll stand a chance of building a reputable online brand. Once the engagement is there, brand awareness will snowball and profits will skyrocket.

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