Facebook has become a very important area for promoting business awareness. It is the hub of business social media where a firm maintains its interactions with the customers and it tries to reach out for the additional potential customers. Facebook provides businesses a platform of more than a billion of active accounts. The first step for the businesses is to capture as many Facebook users as possible. It is done either to spread awareness, promotions, social media marketing, feedbacks, interactions with the customers, etc. The purpose could be anything, but for the beginners, it is mostly done for awareness and promotions. I have laid out a few tips and techniques for the beginners to follow in order to achieve best marketing results on Facebook.

Setup an Official Business Page

It is important for the businesses to have a good presentable company page. The layout and the tone used for customers reach out should be friendly and convenient. The profile image is the most important feature of the firm’s Facebook page. The cover photo is secondary, but the profile picture must be attractive and compelling. It displays the first impression to the Facebook users.


It is very important for the business to post on its page at least once every day. The consistency should not exceed three to four times a day because otherwise it is possible that the customers might get annoyed with over flooding by the company’s posts on their newsfeed. But the regularity must be maintained to keep reminding the customers about its existence on the Facebook social media.

Post Timings

Since, it has been established that regular posts are required to keep active on the social media; the timings of these posts also play a vital role on its daily activities. The timing entirely depends upon the target market of the business. If the target market is the working class, posts should be done before the working hours and after the off time of the employees. If the target market is student, then it is said that posts should be made before 6pm. The main aim is to post before the peak time of the users.

Facebook Plugins

For any business to start it must have its own website or at least a blog maintained. Although Facebook page is effective enough, it needs to be backed up by an authentic source. The existence of the business should not be limited to the Facebook page solely. On the website or blog, its Facebook plugin must be available and scheduled Facebook Posts must be active. Whenever a blog post is generated, its link is automatically shared on its Facebook official page. All the notifications are automatically shared with all the Facebook fans or followers.

Quick Response Time

The response time must be conveyed on the official page and the minimum amount of response time is preferred. People prefer quick responses as opposed to slow reply time. Being active is everything! Nobody has time to wait for anyone, if the response time is slow, it is possible that the potential customers may run away or they lose interest. An active inbox and quick commenting activity is required.

Engage with Facebook users

Facebook is a Social Media which means an active engagement with the users is necessary. The posts should be made in such a way that encourages customer participation. Introduction of various games and contests increase customer involvement. An offer can be made like “if you share this promotional post to five different pages, you can enter a contest for wining a mobile phone”. This is just an example, but various offers can be made in order to increase customer interest.

Sharing pictures or videos on the page increases customer traffic. It creates more attraction than an ordinary written post. Images and videos are also shared frequently or rather regularly by the users. Winning customer interest is the highest goal in order to generate customer involvement.

Product Offering

A complete product or service information disclosure increases customer awareness and reduces any discrepancies there may be. Many restaurants fail to provide their complete menu on the Facebook page; it becomes a strong reason for not being able to attract their customers well. A little effort is required to provide comprehensive information regarding to what the company is actually offering to its customers.

Verified Page

There is a difference between a normal Facebook page and a “Verified Facebook Page”. A verified page is more professional to display to the customers. It requires at least a million likes to the page to get it to verify without any cash fee. But the company can also verify it by paying a specified amount as required by the Facebook management.

Call to Action

The official page has to indicate the customers to actually like the page on visiting. A big arrow sign that says “Like Us!” provides a clear direction to the users to like the page in order to follow up with the future posts. This is just a reminder to the users to follow the page if they find it interesting. It is better to cover all the directions required to provide to the customers. Leave no room for any obliviousness.

Encourage Customer Feedback

It is one way of looking at the company success through the company’s end, but it is very important to take the customer’s perspective into consideration as well. Many firms encourage customers to put up check-in status for their promotions and reviews and in return give various discounts for their feedbacks. It helps to build up the beginners’ reputation to the outside world. This is how promotions take place.

All of these techniques are just a few of many about how the beginners can go big only through Facebook Marketing. These techniques result in increase in customer portfolio and future customer retention. Facebook can become a perfect platform for promotions, but the right techniques are required by the individual businesses themselves.

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