Internet and technology has changed our lives in huge ways. From our communication patterns to the way companies used to conduct businesses, they have made an impact on everything that came near them.

Further advancement in technology is inevitable since humans are struggling towards inventing new things while making the old ones better and better day by day.

Starting from mechanical, we moved to electronic technology in the form of radio and TV and then in late 1950s digital revolution happened. Digital computers and digital record keepers were a huge thing in US in the cold war era. In early 1980s, internet was invented and ever since nothing has been the same. The whole scenario of digital world changed.

Digital revolution introduced computers, digital mobile phones and internet which are now the three most crucial components in any individual’s or business’ life.

When was digital marketing introduced and what it is?

After internet became available to public, it was matter of time that people got to the digital marketing. The term was first introduced in 1990s but its actual usage started in 2000s when the technology became more sophisticated and widely available.

Digital marketing is a way of connecting with consumers and target audience in an effective way that has depth and application. Internet has created unlimited number of opportunities for advertisers and digital marketers to promote their brands and products through a number of channels.

The exponential growth of digital marketing is also supported by the technology and devices it can be accessed on. Consumers no longer need to take time out and sit in front of a digital computer or desktop. Instead, they just use devices that are handy and can be easily carried anywhere like smart phone, laptops and notebooks etc.

These internet users are the primary targets of any digital advertising or online marketing. It is highly prevalent in advanced countries like US, UK, New Zealand, Canada etc. Although third world countries that are still advancing regarding technology and business also use the platform to a considerable high amount compared to TV and radio.


Why digital marketing or online marketing is important?

As I mentioned the accessibility of technology anywhere and anytime in the form of smart device such as mobile phones, digital marketing holds crucial importance for businesses. The obvious reason is the number of people that can be reached through the channel.

The days when you had to find a slot on TV to advertise your product and at a great cost are gone. To access digital media, the two things you need are 1) a device that has an internet connection and access to web content 2) an internet connection, which is not hard to find no matter where you are, and does not cost much as well.

Another reason you cannot overlook the benefits of digital media is because along with information, it provides entertainment, news, a chance to link and interact with friends, family and anyone you want without having them present in front of you.

Digital media marketing is not only effective but it is also much more credible as you are able to reach to the audience who might not directly know you but will trust you and consume your product based on reviews of your loyal customers and influencers.

Advertising directly is significant- there is no doubt in that, but when a third party jumps in whom people trust and find relevant, an automatic connection builds between you and the audience.


Role of social media in digital marketing?

Social media is such a huge part of digital media that most of the time, the terms are used interchangeably. Social media is a sub category of digital media so when we talk about digital marketing it includes social media marketing through blogs, websites, marketing hubs, Facebook pages, landing pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google plus profiles etc.

Social media has multiple channels under it but the most important and widely used is Facebook. Facebook pages are the best ways for businesses to establish a professional setup on the media and reach to audience. There are multiple Facebook marketing softwares available that help in utilizing the platform to its full potential.

Another way to use social media marketing is by establishing landing pages on websites and blogs or Facebook page. Landing pages are used to spread information to the users and they help in building awareness about the brand. You can add text, pictures, videos, visuals in infographic form like charts and tables etc.

Another way to promote your business through Facebook marketing is by introducing Facebook tabs inside your page. Facebook tabs serve as mini websites that help your page stand out from the crowd by offering users a unique way of accessing information. If you are a business that relies heavily on social networking and arranging meet ups, conferences, seminars you can add an ‘events’ Facebook tab that will help users find events hosted by you without any hassle.

Now, if we look at the way digital media marketing changed because of social media, we can say that it brought a huge improvement to the digital world. Before social media, people could only access information through web pages and there was not much place for entertainment and real-time interaction. However, now with social media, anyone is able to stay up to dated about the activities happening round the world.

You can be sitting in one corner of the world and you can know about the events, places, conferences happening in the other corner by just one tap. E-commerce has also made shopping easier for people who are unable to take time out of their busy routines and go shopping. Not only one is able to shop in their local outlets based on the content advertised on social media like Facebook page and Instagram profile but you can also buy stuff from other countries through international shipping and obtain the product within few days without any issues.

Before social media, digital advertising was not as successful as it is now because of the way social media supports two-way communication but digital media did not. Different options such as to comment, like, retweet, reply, favorite, reposting and many others pave a way for the viewer to let the content curator know how they feel about it. Businesses can use this feature to collect feedback, get people’s opinion within seconds and modify or change their social media strategy accordingly. This lessens the possibility of running a campaign that does not resonate with people. The platforms can also be used as social customer service as well so when you are getting feedback instantly, customers also have a chance to get the solution to their problems and answer to their questions within moments unlike waiting for days to hear back in newspaper or for hours on phone.

This has all been possible because of social media. If Facebook and Instagram did not exist we would not be able to view content, see pictures and videos or interact with the world in real-time through live streaming videos and talk shows.

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