Bleupage is a cutting edge software that allows your businesses to promote products and build mail lists while targeting users subtly and inside their Facebook newsfeed. It creates a two way interaction between you and your audience. This helps your business have a larger audience that views the product hence creating bigger leads and sales.

How does it work: 

The software allows you to create a Facebook page using inbuilt creator tool. The tool is designed in a way that makes the process easy and simple. Once the page is built, it gives you the option to custom design your posts according to your content. You can drag and drop images, videos, slide-shows, optin-forms and a lot more to embed in the post. Once the content has been posted, Facebook users can view it immediately or if you use the “Email-Marketing” feature, they would need to insert their email address in the box that helps build mailing lists. This helps deliver future content directly to the users who are interested in your product and want to know more about it.

One of the most powerful tool is “Bleupage Gating” that helps your content and posts enter the viral world of social media. With one push of a button your content gets viewed by thousands of people once you gate it. It allows users to view the information posted, but not before they have shared it with their friends, hence creating a free flow of traffic on content posted.

The software also allows you to analyze the data, identifying the best performing posts and helping your business understand the trends users are interested in.

Research shows that when on social media, people spend more than eighty percent of their time looking at their newsfeed and timelines, reading information posted by other users (Friends, Pages, People they follow). This gives marketing industry an opportunity to promote their products, but since the rise in use of social media by businesses, a clutter of advertisement and information takes away the attention of audience. Bleupage being the most effective marketing tool not only lets you place your information in the audience’s line of sight but eye-catching content also triggers them to respond to it. You can schedule your posts, so you do not have to worry about posting all the information at once or missing out on the posts.

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