As a social media marketer or a new business owner, you will spend a lot of time making sure that your content is ready and reaching the right people. You create compelling content so you can convince your target audience that they need you and you are the answer to one of their needs. Social media content also opens door for new business ventures, potential clients and future customers if the strategy is solid and you have creative sense.

While social media is highly effective for fully established business that have millions of likes and followers on their Facebook and Twitter/ Instagram profiles respectively, research shows that for beginners and entrepreneurs, it does not produce as successful or promising results. 

This is the reason; businesses cannot rely on just social media or Facebook to secure a standing in the market amongst the competitors. For your content to prove effective, you need strategy and other ways to boost your sales. You are present on social media but the question is do you understand it and do you have what it takes to spread your business in the digital world?

To take social media promotion one step ahead, you need to be flexible so you can augment the effectiveness of your Social Media Strategy across multiple platforms and channels.

Use Your Competitors

When starting a business, it is really important to understand who you are working against. This helps you define your competitive advantage and gives you a selling point that no one else has. You will come across dozens of other businesses who offer the same product as you, who target the same people as you and who are working with the same strategy as you. Your task is to change the story. Build your own narrative and make that the big idea.

When you know who you are fighting against you can learn their weaknesses and strengths. Monitor their websites, social media engagements and blogs to see what works and what does not. Do not try to imitate but rather learn and then work in your own cloud with your own original creative ideas.

Knowing your competitors can also lead you to perspective clients and customers. Talk to people in the comments section and engage with them. Inbox their targeted audience and extract email lists to promote what they want. It is up to you, your advertising and your strategy placement whether you are able to sell your product or not. Be direct and tell them the catch, the competitive advantage that will get them to terminate their trustworthy relationship with the opposition and build one with yours.

Build Landing Pages

Social media and online presence is everything. You have to be everywhere to get the attention of people. No one will want to know you if they only see one Facebook page with a few number of followers. However, landing pages allow you to get people do what you want. With a call to action approach, you can build individualized cause specific landing pages all over the internet.

The purpose of landing pages is to capture leads so you can understand your target audience better and use the lead insights for future campaigns. Landing pages aim to not only build awareness about the brand and its products, they send the visitors and curious users of digital media into your sales funnel, making your profits higher than before.

Customize for Other Channels

If you want to use your social media strategy to get a boost in business, you need to make it flexible. A flexible strategy can be easily customized for any channel. Use visuals mostly as they attract any kind of the audience and bring in more engagements.

Embrace your inner graphic designer and create multiple visuals of same idea using infographics, charts and tables for facts. Labels like ‘picture of the day’ for Instagram or ‘featured image’ can be used on daily and weekly basis to promote one picture with the big idea and persuasion element.

Keep the story same but change your headline or body of the post based on channel. On Twitter, you cannot post more than 140 characters which is why you need to be precise. Instead of dividing the message in two tweets, use your brain and make it more comprehensive to fit it in one.

When posting on LinkedIn, you have to be professional and use formal language when talking about serious business. Check and double check your headlines and titles. The title of an article or blog gives away the sense of what reader should expect to find inside the body. Use keywords and make the titles attractive and promotable so they are worthy of attention.

Do not Ignore the Feedback or Analytics

Most companies are so busy in planning their perfect strategies and new advertising campaigns that they forget to check at the data gathered from previous ones. It is absolutely vital to check the analytics and data provided over the progress of marketing campaigns. Use Google analytics or third party softwares to determine which kind of posts your target audience liked, which ones they engaged with the most, where you were not able to get any emotional response and so on.

While extensive data sheets and hard core facts, tables and graphs are critical to the progress of a business, you must also be able to listen to your customers. Give them a chance to speak and do not be afraid to listen. It is guaranteed that will not always have nicer things to say about you and sometimes it will all be just the complaints, do not take that personal. It might feel like a punch to your face but without such criticism and thoughtful questions, you cannot move forward.

To make progress you have to be an open thinker. Pay attention to any opinions or creative contributions by users on social media and other platforms. When you respond, the person on the other side knows that you value them and do not take them just for granted. While you might be on the opposite side of argument, this practice will allow the customer or potential client to respect you, which leads to a healthy and mature growth for the business.

It is all about the emotions. Care about people as much as your care about making your business a success. Such attitude will not only result in your brand’s positive perception but also attracts more customers and investors.

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