A decade ago, no one would have imagined the giant that social media and internet has become today. Not only for individuals but for organizations as well, social media has become an inevitable force. Growing your business through multiple platforms can boost your sales and help you advance in your industry in ways beyond imagination.

A platform so powerful, widespread and far reaching as Facebook can even have some flaws and limits. One of these limitations is directly concerned to marketers and business using Facebook as advertising platforms.

While running a business, you are always selling something, be it product or service. So are the other millions of companies who have established their pages on the channel.

Since content is the center point of social media marketing process, sometimes it becomes overwhelming for the users.

All this content from multiple sources and in such great quantity slapped across users’ timelines is bound to make annoyed or feel repulsive towards it. However, if you use it smartly, Facebook can help you connect with those buyers and targeted audience without any issues.

Building a relationship with your audience and potential customers is crucial because it creates an air of trust. The trick is to feed on that relationship and get users to pay attention to you when you are posting information and putting up content later.

Advertising and marketing are more effective when you know your audience as much as you know them, and that requires dedication.

To keep your followers from unfollowing or stop liking your page, try to sell your products subtly. Create a story for your product that is interesting and worthy of audience’s time. It should be captivating enough to make customers pay attention to not only the product itself, but whole brand as well. Story advertising lets you sell products without telling people to buy them, explicitly.

Making a list of your strong selling points is also helpful in making strategy for Facebook promotions and advertising. The trick is to then build on the strategy that you can monetize.

Any Facebook promotion is a self-promotion when looked from the business’ point of view. Self-promotion can be a nightmare if you over do it, since it makes you look like an obnoxious person or organization, desperately trying to get attention. So, frequent marketing on Facebook is not a best idea when you are aware that users get bored and then annoyed if the same thing or same page keeps popping up in their newsfeed.

The unfortunate thing that although it has negative effects, Facebook advertising is an absolute must for your business’ healthier growth. The good news is that you can always make it less tacky and less bothersome for audience by being creative, direct and brief in communication your point.

Some of the other tactics that can help you in making advertising / marketing strategy less bothersome are listed below.

Know your strategy

Having a clear idea about what you are promoting and how you are going to do it will save you tons of time. This will also keep you from indulging in unrelated information that might not serve any purposes to audience.

Know your audience

Understanding the strategy is important but it is useless if you do not know whom it is aimed at. Research properly so you can be sure that right people are being targeted. This is done by collecting demographics of users like education, gender, age, geographical location, income and other same factors.

This is important because of obvious reasons as such,

  • whether your audience is actually interested in your brand.
  • Is your product fulfilling the needs and wants of targeted people?

If you are solid on these points, you are good to go.

Interact with followers

In order to establish yourself as an authority, you will need to be more interactive and passionate. Be genuine while writing comments and replies. Have empathy and try to come across as a person rather than as an office or organization.

This gives the users confidence in you and instead of getting annoyed they will welcome any new content from you.

Check your inbox timely and answer queries posted by fan base in comments sections. Acknowledge any helpful opinions and even if it is just a comment, reply with one-liner thank you so the person on the other end knows your commitment.

Be polite and wherever possible, add humor. You can always reply with memes if they fit the situation. Social media is all about reciprocation and two-way communication so pay attention to that. If you have unanswered comments on your posts, you will appear as rude and bothered, and that what the audience will reciprocate to you next time you want their responsiveness.

Believe in yourself

The companies and employers who support one thing from their professional accounts and another from personal accounts hardly succeed. You need have self-belief, which means instead being a hypocrite be a risk taker. Promote only the content that you authentically believe in, otherwise people will label you phony and sleazy.

Add value

Create the content that is novel and valuable to followers. Repeating old information or copy pasting from Google will take you nowhere. Think of adding value to the lives of people by offering them something that will help them in any way.

Frequency of content

Do not post too much or too little. While repetition is helpful in some cases, it also makes you look needy and obnoxious. Plan a strategy to post content at designated time slots and stick to that. Five to eight posts per day are more than enough. Avoid spamming. It is not necessary to broadcast every single thing all day on social media.

Duplicating content and repeat posting is unhealthy because you are not adding any value. Old content also brings fewer engagements and has little reach, which is why you need to drop the repetition act.

Although this is not a complete, standard or comprehensive list, most of these pointers are effective in successful Facebook marketing without sending people into annoyance state. It is very likely that at some time or other we have annoyed our friends by posting too much or staying completely absent from Facebook that they were forced to remove you from their Facebook friends list.

Tell me about your experience. What tips you off and what are the crucial ‘do’s and ‘do not’s’ of Facebook. I would appreciate your addition to the mix. Comment your ideal Facebook strategy so we can all learn something new.

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