Creating marketing campaigns on Facebook is easy. With few tactics and understanding of the platform you can create the best social media marketing campaigns but so can your competitors and millions of other businesses present on the platform.

What can you do that others cannot, or better yet… how can you compete with your competitors in a way that not only you make a name for your business but are also able to improve your conversions.

The conversion means getting your competitor’s followers’ attention and capitalization on that attention so they visit your social media profiles like Facebook page, twitter handle and so on or look into your blog, your website and turning these visitors into customers,

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook flaunts the most audience in about a number of 1.5 billion people. This means that the platform is most diverse, most used and most accessible throughout the world. These statistics make it the marketers and beginners’ first choice when they are setting up a new business.

While you are setting up a business on Facebook, it should be safe to guess that you will be in need of followers, whom you can deliver your content to. The best way to generate followers and collect leads is by setting up landing pages, like lead capture page or coupon page. 

Different types of landing pages help you achieve different goals and are a great way to drive people into your sales funnel. A lead capture page will help you get insight into your audience by collecting personal information like email address, date of birth, age and more.

A coupon landing page is a good way to get the visitors’ attention by offering them coupons and special offers for your businesses’ products and services.

Another way to launch a Facebook page and an ultimate marketing campaign is by creating a targeted Facebook ad. Facebook ads reach the right audience if you optimize your leading pages and the ad itself the proper way.

An interesting optimized ad is good enough for people to get them persuaded since they are already bored with multiple number of promotions and sales pitch flowing through their timelines. By being creative and unique, you can get users’ attention. The right kind of image, the right kind of information on the ad tab will get the users to click on it and that is all you need, when starting.

There are plenty other tips that will get you set right into social media frenzy which are explained below.

  • Read your Audience

Your audience are your biggest asset as you start a marketing campaign on Facebook. Who will you campaign to and who will see you advertisements if you do not have any followers on your page.

You will need to go through rigorous research to understand the needs and wants of your audience. Study their demographics, their interests, geo location and whatever you need to optimize your campaign.

No matter where you start or you start a social media marketing campaign, the most important thing is to get your target audience and potential clients / customers figured out right.

This will take you time and resources but I can assure you that it will all be worth your money in the end.

  • Richer Content

When designing a marketing campaign, you will need content to put in it. The type of content you decide to add in a Facebook ad or overall campaign is dependent on your audience and how they respond to this content, or responded to it in past.

Studying your competitors is a good idea and you can always research which type of campaigns worked for them and which failed. Social media is open and accessible that researching has become very easy and you should use that to your advantage.

With that information you can focus on one format type of the content like images, infographics, motion posts, polls or questions, video and so on. While you can prefer one format and produce more content in that format, it not forbidden to produce other type of content in the form of simple status updates or links from your website.

  • Interest Targeted Campaigns

Facebook offers a wide variety of options when you are creating an ad on it. From age to gender, education to interests, relationship status to income, you can narrow your audience and create multiple campaigns in a slightly different way to attract more people.

In the current scenario of social media, there is no place for generalized ads and creative campaigns. If you are offering a sports related product that is both for males and females, but your sales funnel includes more males, you can create new campaigns to target females.

This way Facebook will target females of a certain age range (the one you decided) who take interests in sports and sports products.

In a short period of time, you will see that your female customers and website visitors will increase by a significant percent.

  • Opt in Facebook Ads

When creating an advertising tab or lead page, you have to offer something to the audience in exchange of their information. If you are trying to build an email list, you can create an email opt in form in exchange for the worthy content that the audience is trying to access.

The valuable and unique content helps since it is something users cannot find on other Facebook pages so they will want to see the content by giving you what you want.

Another way is to bribe users by giving them exclusive deals, offers, discount codes and other such things when they fill your forms needing personal information on lead page or normal Facebook page.

The other things and services you can offer include e-books, video tutorials, free templates and tools, guide books, future course and much more.

  • Authority and Credibility

It is important to build your standing in the industry and that could only happen when there are credible users and influencers who can vouch for you. This needs linking and connection building, which is done by having an active role in your community.

Join groups on Facebook, communities on Google plus and connect fellow marketers on hangout. Reach out to influencers and invite them to your page for a takeover where they can live stream videos or share their personal thoughts about your business.

The other way around it is by getting the most trusted influencers in your industry to promote you on their Facebook page and other social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Instagram etc.

To pull that off, of course you need to be interesting enough and your content must be striking enough for influencers to pay attention to you.

Your credibility will also be higher if you have experience and qualification for what you are doing but that is not necessarily a requirement. We have seen startups and entrepreneurs succeed and we have also seen doctors and engineers running social media campaign with as much success as experienced marketers.

To sum it all up, the main points include content strategy, landing pages like lead pages and promotional pages, having a name for yourself in the market and most important of all knowing your audience in terms of their needs and wants better than they understand themselves.

The process is simple. Get them to know about you by setting up landing pages. Build awareness, create Facebook ads that are specific-interest-based to get the targeted audience on your Facebook page. The Facebook page will eventually lead them to the website and you will have visitors, high conversions, leads and sales.

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