The advancement and evolution of social media has introduced multiple options for business and brands to promote themselves. Focusing on strategy to cater all famous social media networks and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc. is not the way to build connections and network with clients or potential customers.

While, a multichannel strategy might work for two or three similar networks, it can neither be applied to everywhere nor any marketer needs to, no matter how small or big business is. Achieving goals and meeting objectives is easier when the you have a specified area and content to work with as a marketer or business owner.

The challenge is not to build multiple strategies but to understand what differentiates each channel from the other. That information can substantially help in choosing the primary networking space for your brand promotion based on the services and specialties offered by them. The framework and data provided by each channel can help in deciding the space where you will get the most engagements and organic visitors for website from.

Creating perfect strategy for a niche audience on limited number of channels comes with expertise time and resources. For a new business owner or an entrepreneur recently entering the market, these points are irrelevant in the present short term since the first step is to get audience who will listen to you. Without social media audience, your business is dead.

Starting fresh, the first step you need to take is approach people who fall under the demographics of target audience. These potential customers can be reached through multiple channels. Here are some points that can help you understand why each channel is important and how you can get new customers through them.


The initial purpose for building Facebook might have been facilitating communication  between students and later common public, it no longer is that. Now Facebook is used  for more than just connecting with friends to share notes and talk. Entertainment,  business and ads have become a huge part of it which is why every brand sets up their  Facebook page at the start.

 Facebook for business and customers is important because it helps in building  awareness. It allows companies to build themselves and share content that the audience will be interested in. the prefect platform to build a reputation and starting meaningful interaction is Facebook, which is why it should be top of your choice.

With audience optimization, the results that can be achieved through a Facebook page can be breaking enough to shoot your business at the top of market.


To generate conversation about your brand or campaign, Twitter is the perfect place to start. People who use Twitter are well aware of the fact that it is mostly used as a way to express opinions about anything the user feels like. It can be trending news and it can be new cereal flavor you ate this morning.

The point is that in a fluid environment, where everything is said and talked about, it is not difficult to start a conversation. The best way to spread fast is by using hashtags. Invest all your employees into tweeting consistently to promote your campaign or product. Few days of work will show you productivity and attraction of customers towards the brand.

Google Plus

While most companies and businesses consider Google + to be nonexistent for  promoting business, it is hardly true. Although the number of active user might not be a  s big a s Facebook or Twitter, it is still somewhere around five hundred million. These  500 million accounts belong to users who actively participate on the network and share  content publicly. While the number of registered users on Google plus is approximately  3 billion, the data show that 90% of these users have never made a post on the channel once in their life. The active users can still be used in promotion of mobile content via Gmail. Ecommerce is also a hot topic for Google plus, resulting in more customers and buyers through mobile. Although, Google plus is not a social network, it can still be used to form connections and join communities that share same interests as you and your audience.


YouTube is a video marketing channel, which is a perfect place to put a face to your  brand and show the world who you and your team members are. Video can help to build  an image of authority when created with powerful editing, script and acting. Video is a  communication channel that brings most engagements when compared to text or  pictures. This is exactly why you can use the comment section of YouTube to find people  who can be future customers.

You can also use YouTube to share worthy content that is not available anywhere else on internet like unique tutorials, talk shows, interactive sessions and so on.


With over 400 million users, LinkedIn provides organizations and officials to be a part of community where the environment is more formal and business oriented. Finding influencers, industry experts and CEOs of companies is done through LinkedIn and it provides new marketers the perfect opportunity to learn and connect with them.

As we have talked about it a hundred times before that influencers are the key to driving more customers as their recommendations are trustworthy and credible. LinkedIn groups also provide an incredible opportunity to find targeted communities who hare mutual interests and are like minded.

Based on your profile, LinkedIn also suggests groups on his own for you to join. The information is based on shared contents of a profile or content. Talk to these communities in groups and share your professional portfolios to build a standing in market.

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