Exceptional customer experience means everything for a company’s maturity and successful growth. A compelling strategy in today’s digital media world is not enough unless it is present everywhere, especially when your business is competing with tens or hundreds of the same other brands. To get more customers, company needs more reach, better understanding of the audience being targeted and Social Media Marketing Strategy along with proper channels to execute it on.

Research shows that when a brand uses multiple channels to promote a single idea in different formats it works better and the number of profitable outcomes are high compared to when marketed through one channel or network only.

A multichannel marketing strategy can be defined as a plan implemented on more than one channels that are aligned to present a single front to the viewers. The strategy is independent regardless the network and is exceedingly consistent. It is viewed by a diverse audience in multiple scenarios resulting in a unified reaction from the users with different needs and expectations.

In today’s world, customers and clients have better access and unlimited choices to access and view content in a digital world, while the time is short. To reach more people and manage all their expectations from the business, marketers need to have a plan that is expandable and flexible so it can be adjusted anywhere at any time. This demand is what makes the need of a multichannel strategy urgent and necessary so your company is ready to handle any situation given at any time in a small window.

Creating a thorough and creative multichannel strategy is difficult and takes a fair share of time. As a marketer, you need to understand what you offer and what people want are the same things. To make sure that your audience knows the same you need to curate an exceptionally well strategy so customers actually engage with your content. Here are some of the pointers that can be of extreme help when devising a multichannel social media strategy.

Try Everything

Before reaching a decision, you need to make multiple plans and use different marketing models to find the perfect one. Every model has different parameters, hence can be used for different channels. You cannot know the best unless you have tried everything possible and within range of the budget. It is quite possible that one method looks perfect in theory but fails when implemented.

Taking on challenges and risks in a restricted environment make the strategy more refined and advanced.

Pick the Right Apps

With the presence of over hundreds of networks and social media apps, you need to know which ones cater to your needs and demands the best. Each channel has something different to offer so choose the ones that fulfill most of your needs. If you want the image marketing campaign, Instagram is the best shot while for small chunks of updates and getting people to share their opinions, Twitter is the one.

The questions as following must be kept in mind

  • What is the target audience?
  • Who is your competition and where are they present most significantly?
  • How many channels can be handled in the given budget?
  • Are there any new channels in the market that are starting to get people’s attention?

You want people to be aware of your content and the brand, so look at the highest number of Targeted Audience that use the networks under consideration. Priority to the ones with the most active target audience should be given. Determine the pros and cons of each channel. One of the most important thing is to consider whether the channel works on mobile, browser and desktop. Mobile apps are especially important since people are prone to use them more compared to a website.

Mobile-friendly content

Just like the apps, content you deliver should be mobile friendly and highly optimizable. To get more website visitors and blog readers, you need to produce content that can be modified according to any given app where you are promoting the brand.

The number of smart phone users has increased substantially since past years and that should weigh in on your content design. The content that can be promoted through mobile and desktop is the ideal one to get more people into the sales funnel.

Using scan and QR codes on actual products is one of the best ways to get customers to revisit your website or blogs.

Quality content

Instead of worrying about more content for different channels, focus on the worth and value of content. Once the idea is finalized, convert it into multiple formats. For Twitter, you will need to use just 140 characters it to convey it. Turn the idea into a story board for making a video or create visuals when promoting through images.

Valuable content is the key to survive in the market as they enhance the unique value of the brand. When the same content is distributed in multiple forms at multiple places, it is sure to leave an impact on audience, removing the noise and augmenting the personal connection between business and customer.

Data and Analytics

Every plan needs to be evaluated to see whether it is working or not. Analytics are the way to help you decide whether to go ahead with the current strategy or is it time to modify and change it according to circumstances. For a unified strategy, you need the common results and that can only be obtained once the single persona of audience has been established. The linking spot in audience is what you should focus on and evaluate the strategy built around that to see if it working or not.

If you do not invest in getting the right information, your strategy cannot work. Track every success and failure. At the end of the day, it is customer experience that defines what works and what does not and that is only possible to access when you have the right means and resources in the form of analytics softwares and tools.


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