Internet marketers always try to find new ways to get the word out about their business and new potential leads. For effective social media marketing it is essential to have lead capture pages on your posts. For those who may not familiar with what is lead capture pages, they accomplish these essential things.

  • Lead capture pages allow you to offer newsletter, reports, or any other information which visitors can “opt in” to receive
  • Lead capture pages allow you to gather some information about visitors, for example email address, phone number etc. You can use this information to stay in touch with your visitors.

Facebook is now the biggest source of getting potential traffic for your business. Usually for marketers it is difficult to place lead capture pages on posts. You have to develop lead caption pages in html or any other. Using of lead capture pages on Facebook is also difficult and involves many development tricks. To place a lead capture page on your Facebook posts involve paying of webhosting, designing, development and a domain name, but it is not recommended for marketers as they can’t wait long for this length and expensive process.

Now there are other ways to design, develop and place lead capture page on your Facebook. I use to create lead capture pages. It is one of the awesome and cheap Software for Facebook Marketing. You can create a post and can directly post it in news feed. There is no need to spend your money and time on designing, developing and hosting. Tabfu will it for you. You can select a design from number of available designs; you are able to create your custom design for your posts with few clicks. Each and every option of lead capture pages is provided in this software. You can create tabs, motion post, Facebook Ads and many other things without using any development procedure. Tabfu will post it for you directly in news feed. You can edit and design lead capture page also.

You can create your lead capture page at very low cost or you can say almost free of cost. Tabfu will make it attractive and beautiful. If you want to add some more things in your page, it is very easy with Tabfu. You can store you leads directly into your lists. Following are the steps involve in creating lead capture. You can see how it is easy.

Step -1

Go to tab and open templates, you will see a button of category, select squeeze page option to open squeeze page templates.


When you choose the squeeze page template for your post, now it’s time to edit the page, put all the information of your post in squeeze page, then click on the lock button. A new tab will be opened, containing different gates you want to place on your post.


Now you can select gates according to your own will, in this example we choose email gate option for our squeeze page. When you select the gate, you will see different options off  and o, custom codes, coupons etc. When you push the save button it will be automatically integrated with your storage platforms. After saving the squeeze page you can post it directly into the newsfeed of your fans.

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