Marketers are faced with a number of options to promote their businesses and when strategies are executed right, they can reach to hundreds and thousands of people through multiple channels available in the digital world. Social media out of all the channels is most efficient and cost effective way to reach the right customers and increase client database. Marketing on social media means creating content that is unique and valuable for the audience. That content must resonate with audience and provide them with new knowledge so it can go viral.

Producing viral content and being viral on social media is one of the fastest ways to make a name for your company. Going viral means your content will get more views, engagements and shares, which will subsequently result in higher number of conversions, maximized organic visitors on websites and better leads.

Exposure and heightened awareness about your brand in people is good for business for so many reasons . Apart from the great return on investment (ROI), viral content gets people to take interest in you even if they are not categorized as your target audience. To go viral, you need to strategize and make sure that your campaign reaches right users and is able to catch on with trends. Some of the marketing strategies that can be used in the content promotion to make sure it goes viral are listed below.


Pictures and graphics work the best in any type of marketing contain, be it traditional, digital or social media. Content that is appealing to the eyes automatically receives better attention than a status update or tweet in text form. Use pictures and images to promote your campaign message or big idea. Even if the message is in text form you can always put it on a picture with faded background. Delivering message in the form of animated or short video also appeals to the audience.

Images being used must be coherent with brand theme and the main message should be highlighted. Amateur marketers usually pick images up from Google without considering whether or not they go well with the brand perception and appearance. The purpose of this article is to warn and stop you from making that mistake. Do not compromise your company and its image and when using third party graphics, make sure you give credit to the owner of visual.

Memes and humorous content have the tendency to go viral more often than a straight forward serious message so be creative and convert the solid content into light jokes that can be understood easily without altering the meaning of message.

Big Idea

Every campaign needs a message to deliver and behind that message is an idea. While most viral content is accidental and can happen to anyone, businesses cannot rely on that chance and therefore must plan their message carefully. There are no guarantees that the content is bound to go viral but if the message is strong, novel and clear, audience will pay attention to it.

You must have a deep understanding of your customer behaviors and audiences’ preferences to know what they like and what they want. These insights will help in curating and delivering the message in a much better way.

Appeal to Emotions

Viral content is not about self-promotion or hard core advertising. It is about the connection it is able to make between the reader and the message creator. Social media users respond better to the content they can relate to. Sentiments and humor are the easier tools that can be used in the message to get to the audience. When your goal is getting virality the facts and figures are not enough. You must be able to get an emotional response from the audience and for that you need to get personal. Appeal to the fears and hopes. Talk about controversial topics that spark conversations and only then your message is likely to go viral.

Do not Overdo It

Most business try too hard when launching campaigns. A lot of money, time and man power is spent on distributing the message. For a viral campaign, the technique is to let it happen by itself instead of forcing it on to the audience. If you notice, viral content becomes viral when diversified users share it and not when the company does. This means that focus on quality of the message, channel and customers present on it. Launch from one medium and let the audience do the rest.

Quality content will automatically get shared. Screenshots are the quickest way for users to spread the message on social media. Engage your employees in the process and ask them to share it with their friends so the flow continues.


While making connections and interacting with target audience is the basic rule in social media marketing 101, it pays off even more in generating viral campaigns. People trust you more when you are active and responsive on social media. It increases your online visibility and presence in the digital world giving you more authority amongst the competitors.

This authority is helpful when you are sharing the content with the intention of it going viral. The community of these niche users might look small but play the most essential role in sharing content on multiple social media outlets.

Social media marketing and especially viral marketing can make small business successful in the matter of hours. When you know the people you are addressing and understand their needs, creating viral content is not that difficult. It might take its time but it will eventually happen if you use the data and analytics properly and to your advantage. In some cases, it is possible that you do everything right but the campaign does not achieve its goal. This is the thing with social media. It is unpredictable and ever changing so you can never know the right answer. Just keep your objectives clear and focus sharp and you will get what you want one day.

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