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Expand Your Social Media Reach With Our Feature-Packed Platform

BleuPage was designed with exploration in mind, and our features are here to help you take your social media accounts to the next level. We’re constantly introducing new tools and capabilities to assist our users in improving their online presence


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Our Main Features

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User Management Made Easy

Introducing Our New Bulk Scheduling Feature say goodbye to the tedious task of scheduling posts one by one. With our new bulk scheduling feature, you can schedule thousands of posts in minutes with just a few clicks. This simple and efficient solution eliminates the need for traditional scheduling patterns and saves you valuable time.


Streamlined Client Approvals

Keep Your Clients in the Loop with Dedicated Access and Approval Workflows with our streamlined client approvals process, you can ensure that your clients are always in the loop and have final approval over their social media content. Our dedicated access feature allows clients to easily review and analyze the structure and performance of their campaigns, so they can feel confident in the content being published on their behalf.


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Automated Content Posting

Post Relevant and Trending Content to Your Clients’ Social Media Assets with Ease say goodbye to the hassle of researching, writing, and designing social media content. Our automated content posting feature makes it easy to post relevant and trending content to your clients’ social media accounts, all with just a few clicks.


Analyze Your Clients' Competitors and Identify Growth Opportunities

With our competitor research feature, you can gain valuable insights into your clients’ competitors and identify key growth factors that they may be missing out on. By staying on top of your clients’ competition, you can help them make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.


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Effortless E-commerce Promotions

Manage Your Clients’ eCommerce Promotions with Ease our eCommerce promoter feature makes it easy to manage your clients’ promotions on popular platforms like Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, and Amazon. With our seamless integration and user-friendly interface, you can create and manage promotions with ease, helping your clients drive sales and increase their online presence.


Streamlined Posts Management

Easily Manage and Review Your Scheduled and Posted Posts our posts calendar feature provides a single dashboard where you can view all of your scheduled and posted social media content. This streamlined management solution makes it easy to review the work you’ve completed and to plan for the future, all from one convenient location.


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Track and Analyze Your Campaign Performance with Ease

Our Pro Analytics feature offers a wide range of analytics tools, including daily, weekly, and monthly tracking of key metrics like page views, impressions, and online activity. With gender and likes analysis and many other advanced capabilities, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your social media campaigns, helping you optimize your strategy and improve your ROI.


Simplified Client Reporting

Create Comprehensive Reports of Your Services with one click our client report generator feature simplifies the reporting process, allowing you to create detailed weekly reports of the services you’ve provided your clients with just one click. These comprehensive reports showcase your achievements and progress, and can be easily downloaded and shared. Additionally, our built-in email functionality enables you to communicate with your clients directly from within the Bleupage system.


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Efficient Multi-Platform Posting

Post to Multiple Social Media Networks with a single click our single click multi-poster feature allows you to post a single update to multiple social media networks with ease. This streamlined approach saves you time and boosts your productivity, enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business.


Real-Time Campaign Tracking With "Timelines"

Discover the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Campaigns in Real Time our timelines feature provides real-time tracking of your social media campaigns, allowing you to monitor and analyze your posts and gain valuable insights into your performance. By checking all of your social media posts on a single timeline, you can easily track the effectiveness of your content and optimize your strategy to improve your results.


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Simplified WordPress Blog Management

Effortlessly Manage Your Clients’ Blogs or Offer Them as a service our WordPress blog management feature makes it easy to manage your clients’ blogs and offer them as an added value service to retain them for the long-term. With viral and relevant content posted to your clients’ blogs without any manual labor or resources, you can enhance their online presence and increase their visibility in search engine results. Our streamlined management solution makes it easy to keep your clients’ blogs up-to-date and engaging, helping you drive traffic and grow their online community.


Efficient YouTube Channel Management

Manage Your Clients’ YouTube Channels with Ease
Our YouTube channel management feature streamlines the process of managing your clients’ YouTube channels. With the ability to upload or schedule their videos, monitor stats, and reply to comments, you can manage all aspects of their channel from a single screen. This efficient management solution saves you time and helps you keep your clients’ YouTube channels up-to-date and engaging.


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Built-In Graphic Design Tool "Pissaro"

Create Stunning Posts, Images, and Landing Pages with ease our Pissaro Designer feature includes a built-in drag-and-drop dashboard that allows design novices to easily create professional-quality social media posts, images, and landing pages. With a variety of pre-made templates and the ability to customize your designs with stylish fonts, images, and text, you can create stunning content that will capture your audience’s attention.


Real-Time Engagement With Bleupage Live Stream

Easily Engage with Your Audience Using Live Video Feed our Bleupage Live Stream feature enables you to engage with your audience in real-time using a live video feed. With our easy-to-use drag-and-drop dashboard, you can upload your video and start live streaming with just a few clicks. This real-time engagement solution helps you build stronger connections with your audience and increase your brand’s visibility


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