While Facebook marketing might look easy in theory, it is not always the easiest job. The small business struggle even more because of limited resources, money, work force and connections with social media influencers.

Marketers need to have very extensive knowledge about social media, its trends, its users and their needs. That knowledge comes from experience, continuous effort and passion for the field.

If we see at the statistics, more than 40 percent of small business in U.S uses social media as part of their advertising and marketing campaigns. With this widespread use of the internet for business purposes, it is reported that these efforts are not as effective as they are when used by large companies, organizations and MNCs like BuzzFeed, Huffington Post and CNN etc.

For this reason, being a beginner you need to fully understand your goals and objectives, your strategy, competitive advantage and your target audience. This knowledge evidently helps in bringing positive return on investment.

There are many tips and steps that you can find on internet and use them for effective marketing strategy as a beginner. A great number of softwares are also available which do most of the work for your business in a handy amount of money. I will mention some of these softwares and other tips in the blog later.

Getting traffic for the website (if you have one) should be the goal of your social media strategy, but if your business is set up on social media only, you would need to have relevant likes and followers on your page. Active followers and relevant likes are the key to reaching more potential customers and increasing conversions.

Firstly, focus only on getting handful of followers and then change the strategy to bringing more engagements and getting your information across to most of the targeted users.

Buy Likes

Buying likes is not a very good idea because it takes away the genuineness from your business. It also makes you look less trustworthy, but that will only happen if you have a considerable sum of fans on your page. For a beginner, there are no followers and you need some to get attention.

It is simple psychology… no one will pay attention to you if you have 100 likes and you will stay stagnant, but research shows that social media users are more likely to trust you even if you are remotely relevant to their interests when they see you have huge following. You only need build your own community as soon as you can then you can move on other steps of scial media marketing.

About Section

The about section is your primary selling point. You can consider it a pitch in text form. This would make audience stay or leave your page.

Be accurate with your description. Keep in mind the following points (these may not be standard or universal but they work for most business, since this is what a page visitor looks for).

  • What your business is about (Clothing, Marketing, Softwares etc.).
  • Why should it matter to your audience (Which customer needs will be fulfilled if they use your product or service).
  • What do you have to offer.
  • Include a URL of your website or blog.
  • Use keywords that are highly used in your relevant industry and incorporate them while writing about above mentioned pointers.

Cover and Profile Picture

If about section is your text form pitch, cover photo is your storyboard that gives away the general idea about your brand, brand theme and color scheme.

Similarly, in the case of profile picture, you have a logo involved. The design should be interactive and the pictures must have professional quality.

Design them with optimal size, so your text or picture is not cut off from the sides. For profile picture 160 x 160 pixels work the best while, cover photo must have 851 x 315 pixel sizes.

While about section and pictures are important for the first time visitors of the page, your end goal is to get these visitors to like your page. Most followers do not open the pages they have liked because once liked, you can get all the posts in your newsfeed.

An individual visit to timeline rarely happens so make the cover photo and about section so influencing that whoever visits it, is forced to follow you.

Landing Page

Every business needs landing pages apart from main Facebook page. Landing pages have the basic objective of increasing leads and getting higher conversions.

There are different kinds of landing pages and it is not a rocket science to build them even if you do not possess any coding, programming or web design skills. One of the most important form of landing pages is a ‘lead page’.

As the name suggests, lead page helps your business get leads so you can build on them for future Facebook marketing or any other type of social media campaign.

As a beginner, you must be wondering what a lead is. Any type of personal information about your target audience and potential customers that can give insight into their interest, demographics, education, age, income, email, date of birth or any other such small but important detail for the marketing use is considered a lead.

The lead page have information about your business just like about section. It will also have a form where user can fill information asked by the business, and after filling it, the user will be able to access further information valuable to them.

Opt in forms for building email lists can also be used in the lead page for email marketing campaigns.

Follow the competition

It is very easy to stay in touch with industry trends by joining your community groups and following your competition. This is an important Facebook marketing technique because you can see what your potential customer needs and analyze their opinions about the products.

Use that feedback to change or modify your strategy and stay at top of your game.

Participation in these groups and interaction with users professionally but on a personal level gives you advantage to increase your reach. It also shows your authority and activeness in the field. The more interesting interaction is between you and another user, the more curious will people be to find about you.

Keep things interested and use humor so you become a valued member of the industry.

Other than these techniques, there are also few softwares available in market to make Facebook marketing extremely easy for you, since they offer all in one business solution. Bleupage is a highly recommended software because of its wide range of feature. You can get more genuine followers through the software because it helps you to get viral, increase your leads, build Facebook pages, create mailing lists and get analytics all at one dashboard.

Through BleuPage, people can interact with your content, more that plays a huge role in sales.

Despite the fact that most marketers think social media might not be highly effective for small business, you should never give up. Having a creative team and clear objectives you can overcome anything so keep believing in yourself.

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