Media marketing has become relatively easy in 2016. Technology and softwares have changed the way marketers used to promote and advertise their products. With all the advancement, digital advertising and promotional tools do all the work for you.

While choosing a suitable software, always make a list of your needs vs what the software offers. The list with most common factors will let you know which software to use. However, when it comes to Facebook marketing, you do not need any lists or second-guessing yourself.

I am here to talk about the most effective and exceptional Facebook marketing tool that will guarantee the success of your business any day of the year. The software has been used and recommended by our clients. The videos by Todd Lamb will explain how you can use it to build pages and expand your business just one click away.


With Bleupage, you can start a business without having to worry about building an audience and reaching out to people. The software lets you to build a fan page of over 50000 followers within a month.

You can capitalize on such a huge following right from the start by creating content that is interesting and drives engagements from audience. Using the features that increase viral aspect of the post help, you monetize the page. The key goal of every business is to convert their reach to engagements, and engagements in to leads and sale that generate revenues. Ad strategy of Bleupage and using penny clicks, your business on Facebook will start generating thrilling outcomes.


The software offers a 7-day trial period so you can download it free, in the start. All the features are included in the trial version. With the help of video tutorials and instructions, get started on moving towards a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

The opt-in feature lets you create email-marketing posts using pre-built templates included in software. Similarly, you can create new fan pages, video marketing posts, custom posts and many more.

Custom post feature helps you generate more than 10 leads per hour for zero dollars which is a very high conversion rate compared to other softwares. The posts with Call-to-action instructions generate the most engagements so you use boost them further by targeting only the customized audience using software.

Opt-in pages in video marketing and e-mail marketing work best when you are making a post that answers the top problems for your audience. People want the information, and to get there, they would have either to put in e-mail address or share it further with friends. This type of advertising strategy guarantees to make posts viral and generates more leads than normal posts.

Within an hour, you can produce 50 percent conversion rate using Bleupage. Either you can use Facebook ads to promote posts directly from Facebook or you can go to ad manager creator and create a custom audience to promote the post via Bleupage, which is not economical but also more effective.

I would highly recommend the custom posts and opt-ins if you are looking to increase your reach and want to interact directly with your customers. From one simple post, you can triple your interaction and communication with the followers. You can convert leads from your fan pages using the “Email Marketing” promotional post feature in the software. Learn about it more here.

What is Image Stacking?

Bleupage advertising strategy is highly effective when it comes to promoting your brand via image advertising. Full album stacking tactic aids in increasing engagement and share of particular post that has pictures in it.

The approach works best when you upload any new picture within the album. Every like or share received on one picture gets added to overall album. The cumulative likes and shares create a psychological effect for audience, since more likes and shares mean the post is interesting and relevant. Uploading nine photos into a stack will create a collage appearance and a pattern interrupt will appear in fans’ newsfeeds, giving you advantage over other pictures. The herd psychology gives way to social proof; hence, posts are bound to generate engagements and leads.


You can use all these features just from one dashboard and would not need to use Facebook separately. One of the best thing about Bleupage is that it offers 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of buying the software, if you are not satisfied with the results.

  • You will get double return on advertising done through BleuPage
  • In a month, you are able to increase your fan base to 500 %
  • Higher click through rates via content posted directly in news feed


Every brand has one goal at the end of the day. Increase brand awareness to monetize the business. Facebook is the primary channel to achieve that goal. Instead of spending on Facebook ads that are widely general and unable to reach the right audience, use Bleupage to not only increase the engagement on your page but also to get return on the resources spent.

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