People trust and talk about brands when they interact with them personally. Social media provides businesses the incredible opportunity of connecting with customers and any potential clients present on the network.

Digital marketing and online exposure have become the part of core objectives in a marketing strategy. In order to stay ahead of competition, marketers need to learn and thoroughly understand social media tactics. Without a plan or strategy, advertising and promotion on social media is bound to fail, even when done in front of the right audience.

Research has shown that certain techniques and tools on social media directly help in maximizing the exposure of brand to the target audience as well as increase the reach and overall authority of the organization. In order to use social media to its full potential for your own benefit, your business managers and media marketers need to know these following amazing tactics.

Worthy Content

Content is the king in social media. When a user opens your company’s official Facebook page, he/ she is looking for new and useful information. This information should be worthy of their time and must offer value. Using old posts, pictures and articles is not the way to encourage interactions from viewers as they have already seen it.

To establish a name and standing for your brand in the industry, your social media team needs to be creative. Novel ideas and quality content is central to the success and bringing in leads and conversions.

Using keywords, trending hashtags, backlinks and visuals in articles is incredibly helpful in actively staying the part trending discussions and news stories.

Multichannel Strategy

Social media is more than just a Facebook page or a Twitter profile. Smart phones have enabled developers to create social media apps that have user friendly interface, so it is easy for people to use and understand them. These new apps also offer more features that are advanced in nature. This has allowed business to expand their networks beyond typical networks like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google + and Facebook. Whether you are looking for all in one features app or a one specific feature app, you are just one tap away.

Take periscope as example. Talking to people in real time without any barriers and censorship is highly interactive for brands. Properly shot and edited videos have their own charm but trusting people with whatever comes the way is the fastest way for a business to build its credibility and deep personal connection with its customers and target audience.

Creating multichannel strategy also gives the marketers a chance to be more creative in building narratives. Promoting the same idea through 140 characters’ tweet or 10 second Snapchat story, through an Instagram visual or Tumblr thread eventually helps in artistic journey of social media managers. Using multiple channels in social media promotions means more visibility to more audience which is important in brand’s growth and success.

Timeliness and Frequency

While content and its right promotion on right channels is crucial, you cannot forget the vitality of uploading it on right time. Different target audience use social media networks differently. It depends on your locality and other basic demographics of customers. If you are targeting teenagers in New York, the ideal time to post on Facebook might be around 6-8 PM while for Twitter, this time can be 10PM to 12AM.

It all depends on who your target users are, how they interact with social media apps and websites and when they do it. Establishing prime time for publishing most important content of the day is essential to ensure the viral capabilities of content.

With timeliness, frequency of the content is a key player as well. You cannot just rely on one post for the day and be done with it. Keeping social media active is first step of the successful online presence strategy and for that you need to post multiple things throughout the day. The magic is to not overdo it while making sure that enough content is being posted. With the amount of content thrown at users in their newsfeed, it is very easy for a post to get lost once it is published. Frequent content posts help in overcoming that problem as they all cannot be ignored. Users are bound to see few of them and interact with them so explore your options and use automation softwares to schedule them for preplanned time slots.

Two-way Communication

Social media is not a one-way street. Posting content and getting responses from target audience does not mean that the job is complete. People will respond to one ad one time but how can you make sure that they come back next time? The answer is to follow-up and respond to the community participating in the discussion through comments section.

Making people feel important and worthy of your time is essential for your brand to move forward in a mature way. User interaction can be enhanced when both the business and customer are actively participating. The point is to keep going. Even if you cannot start a new dialogue, just respond with acknowledged notes to the comments with opinions and personal views.

Comments are also a way of collecting feedback and letting the users know that you care about what they think.

Be Personal

While many consider social media a shallow platform for friends, families and businesses to interact, it is not always true. A website or a blog are a place of one-way communication but social media offers the chance to users to know their favorite brands personally.

Professional networks like LinkedIn, which are meant to be a place for business and formal interactions are not part of this strategy, but Facebook and Twitter can be used to put a face value to the brand. Take portraits of your team and upload them. Candid shots of employees and CEO working can also play a role in getting users to know you better. People become more interested when they see a face behind a product instead of just a logo.

The focus should be on the narrative and telling the story instead of selling. Once you have the connection, customers will automatically be more prone to buy your product while visitors can be easily converted into future clients.

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