Facebook uses hundreds of thousands of factors to decide which posts show in your News Feed.
Who you interact with, the type of media & the popularity of the post are all used as position signals.
According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook now prioritizes posts that spark meaningful interactions and posts from friends & family.

Did you notice?
• How recently the post was published.
• How frequently the publisher posts content.
• The number of comments, likes and shares on the post.
• How often user has interacted with the Facebook page posting the update.
• Past user interaction with the similar post type.
• Negative response on the post.
• How valuable the post is.

Things you must avoid.

• Don’t automate everything.
• Don’t just promote products and services.
• Don’t build a fanbase you can’t sustain.
• Don’t try to cheat the Facebook ecosystem.

Strategies to Boost Facebook Reach

• Build your presence & authority.
• Attract the right people to tour Facebook page.
• Must have a strong brand presence.
• Target demographic when you promote your posts.
• Make sure your campaigns are targeted.
• Add customizations to your page.
• Cross-promote popular social media platforms with Facebook.
• Drive Facebook reach via publishing evergreen content.

Media marketing has become relatively easy in 2016. Technology and softwares have changed the way marketers used to promote and advertise their products. With all the advancement, digital advertising and promotional tools do all the work for you.

While choosing a suitable software, always make a list of your needs vs what the software offers. The list with most common factors will let you know which software to use. However, when it comes to Facebook marketing, you do not need any lists or second-guessing yourself.

I am here to talk about the most effective and exceptional Facebook marketing tool that will guarantee the success of your business any day of the year. The software has been used and recommended by our clients. The videos by Todd Lamb will explain how you can use it to build pages and expand your business just one click away.


With Bleupage, you can start a business without having to worry about building an audience and reaching out to people. The software lets you to build a fan page of over 50000 followers within a month.

You can capitalize on such a huge following right from the start by creating content that is interesting and drives engagements from audience. Using the features that increase viral aspect of the post help, you monetize the page. The key goal of every business is to convert their reach to engagements, and engagements in to leads and sale that generate revenues. Ad strategy of Bleupage and using penny clicks, your business on Facebook will start generating thrilling outcomes.



The software offers a 7-day trial period so you can download it free, in the start. All the features are included in the trial version. With the help of video tutorials and instructions, get started on moving towards a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

The opt-in feature lets you create email-marketing posts using pre-built templates included in software. Similarly, you can create new fan pages, video marketing posts, custom posts and many more.

Custom post feature helps you generate more than 10 leads per hour for zero dollars which is a very high conversion rate compared to other softwares. The posts with Call-to-action instructions generate the most engagements so you use boost them further by targeting only the customized audience using software.

Opt-in pages in video marketing and e-mail marketing work best when you are making a post that answers the top problems for your audience. People want the information, and to get there, they would have either to put in e-mail address or share it further with friends. This type of advertising strategy guarantees to make posts viral and generates more leads than normal posts.

Within an hour, you can produce 50 percent conversion rate using Bleupage. Either you can use Facebook ads to promote posts directly from Facebook or you can go to ad manager creator and create a custom audience to promote the post via Bleupage, which is not economical but also more effective.

I would highly recommend the custom posts and opt-ins if you are looking to increase your reach and want to interact directly with your customers. From one simple post, you can triple your interaction and communication with the followers. You can convert leads from your fan pages using the “Email Marketing” promotional post feature in the software. Learn about it more here.


What is Image Stacking?
Bleupage advertising strategy is highly effective when it comes to promoting your brand via image advertising. Full album stacking tactic aids in increasing engagement and share of particular post that has pictures in it.

The approach works best when you upload any new picture within the album. Every like or share received on one picture gets added to overall album. The cumulative likes and shares create a psychological effect for audience, since more likes and shares mean the post is interesting and relevant. Uploading nine photos into a stack will create a collage appearance and a pattern interrupt will appear in fans’ newsfeeds, giving you advantage over other pictures. The herd psychology gives way to social proof; hence, posts are bound to generate engagements and leads.

You can use all these features just from one dashboard and would not need to use Facebook separately. One of the best thing about Bleupage is that it offers 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of buying the software, if you are not satisfied with the results.


Every brand has one goal at the end of the day. Increase brand awareness to monetize the business. Facebook is the primary channel to achieve that goal. Instead of spending on Facebook ads that are widely general and unable to reach the right audience, use Bleupage to not only increase the engagement on your page but also to get return on the resources spent.

I knew I had to start blogging to grow my business, but I didn’t know how, so in this post, I’ll show you how to write a great blog post that people actually want to read in five easy steps. You can plan your blog posts by selecting a topic, creating a draft, and researching.

Create a headline that is informative and attracts the attention of your readers, such as a title, description, and link to your website. Blog titles are the first part of your blog post that readers will see, the part that makes them most likely to click through and read the rest. This is what people use when they share blog posts, which means that if readers like your content before sharing it on their social networks, it will be on the blog their followers have seen.

In other words, the success of your post depends entirely on your ability to find a good blog title, not on the quality of the content itself.

To strengthen your title writing game, here are a few tips to help you create great blog titles. If you have a memorable blog title, but the topic is not related to the title, you lose the trust of your readers. In case you’re wondering, here’s a great headline formula that works brilliantly when writing titles, which is the case here.

Below I have listed a few tips on how to integrate this into your article writing, as well as some of the best blog title writing tips and tricks.

Although it will take a while for Google to start ranking your new blog, it’s not too late to start incorporating these things. You probably won’t need it at first, but if you have a decent amount of content, it would be wise to start here.

Joanna Penn is doing a good job with her blog, encouraging readers to download their e-books and then choose the topics that interest them. The explicit mission of your blog – to highlight your best work – is that your readers recognize the value of the blog without having to wade through posts for months or years.

If you are using your new blog to sell your writing services, this site is essential because it is the first step in the marketing process.

You will discover content that already exists, and you can work to refine new perspectives and perspectives that make your blog original and worth reading. A great way to get into the blogging zone is to read other blogs, but be smart with your tactics by reading blogs that take a different view. If you don’t agree with me, then you probably shouldn’t read another blog you’re reading.

Start by striving to write in-depth blog posts filled with interesting and engaging content. Then write a piece from the opposite perspective and really engage with your readers.

Ask yourself questions that your customers have that you can ideally answer and solve. Read Indigoextra’s guide to writing a business blog to identify your target audience and how to structure your blog posts. Want to learn more about how blogging and other forms of content marketing apply to your business and start blogging there?

Before you write your first blog post, you should get a clear picture of your target audience. If you are thinking up a topic for your blog posts, you should know the buyer’s personality and interests. How do people get to your blogs, and do you have the story that everyone wants to hear?

In fact, the way you format your posts is one of the most important factors for the success of your blog posts and your company.

Readers may not even recognize their formatting nuances, but a well-organized and designed post can help them continue to read and share. Research what your audience wants and needs and write the best blog posts you can write. Start with high-quality content that your readers want to read and share, and start in the right order.

You can use it in a variety of ways to build trust with potential customers, generate leads, educate loyal consumers and, most importantly, build brand awareness. You share what you write with your friends and acquaintances who share it with the markets you serve.

Having a great blog post makes a huge difference in how your visitors see your business. If you are the best company you can be, it is a must to have high-quality blog articles and posts.

If you want your article to be good, you need to think about whether your readers are interested in a particular niche. Your blog article must not only be engaging to your audience, but also natural and easy to read. This result gives you a good idea of what the title of your blog article should look like.

In today’s world, sharing and posting videos on social media channels is an effective way to promote your message and to attract your audience by videos that have the ability to go viral. Billion of users are


watching hundreds of million hours of online videos on YouTube and Facebook. And it seems as a fast-growing trend for the future.

According to the social media experts, more than 70 % traffic in 2017 will grow from video posting. But before sharing your fabulous videos, you need to learn the most effective steps to create standard videos on social media.


Step No. 1: Plan An Emotive Storytelling

Emotive storytelling is one of the best ways to create a video that inspires your audience.

Try to write a script close to reality and everyday life. People always inspired by real stories because they are easy to understand. Take care of chronological sequence in your stories such as the start, middle, and end.


Step No. 2: The Steady Standard Camera Work

A good video footage is shot with stable handheld. So keep the camera steady while making a video. For making a stable video you need to use a tripod. You can find out the immense difference between your mobile video with a shaky hand and a video by using a Tripod.
You can get more attention of your audience if you share the steady standard video with them.


Step No. 3: Consider An External Mic, If The Audio Is Key to The Story

An External Mic can help the narrator to record the story bit extra clear than the ordinary cam recording. If your video is full of action and effects, but it lacks the clear sound of the narrator… your story won’t pack extra punch if the viewer cannot clearly hear all the action.
Ultimately the built-in microphones on many smartphones leave the better sound quality that to be desired. You can easily find inexpensive external microphones from the market.


Step No. 4: Good Lighting Brings Better Video Results

Most smartphone cameras have low image sensors, so if you shoot a video in a dark and shady environment, it provides you low-quality and grainy video. So, it’s better to arrange some lights to increase the video quality.

Step No.5: Learn to Use Video editor

Most of the social media platforms are full of direct videos from mobile to the social media channel and this is awful. Before presenting anything to your audience, you need to trim a few errors and scenes from your recorded video.

A video editor also helps you to join the clips then add some titles and sub-titles in your video.

You can use the video editing software like iMovie, Windows Movie Make and the YouTube video editor.

Step No. 6: How to Catch The Quick Attention of Your Audience

You know, what matters a lot for social content such as a video? The answer is, the first thirty seconds of a social video are the most important part that decides whether the viewers are going to watch the whole video or they will shift to another video. So, make an exciting start in your video which develops interest in the viewers and the video will hook them for the first thirty seconds.

Once you start acting on these effective steps, you can create and share your own standard videos on social media.

Is oxygen necessary for a living? Well, let me answer this question, it definitely is and surviving without this natural resource is literally impossible.

Similarly, leads are like oxygen for your online marketing and sales campaigns without genuine leads it’s highly unlikely that you will get much out of your fortune cookie in terms of adequate traffic and sales.

The Majority of the people reading this content must be from the marketing fraternity and would be well aware of the different techniques used to grab email leads like extracting leads from yellow pages or buying huge email lists to name a few.

These methods of grabbing email leads do gel up nicely but there are also a lot of complications involved like the leads extracted from yellow pages are going to be more beneficial for (B2B) business-to-business on the other hand buying email lists is by no means walk in the park either.

There are a lot of fraud companies that cheat you and provide you with irrelevant email ids most of the times, resulting in damaging your reputation and wasting your valuable time and money.

If pop ups, buying email ids and scraping yellow pages are the only sources that are building up your email lists then you are definitely missing out on a lot.

Have you ever tried grabbing email ids from social media? Well, if not it’s high time that you start practicing it right away with BleuPagePro the best social media marketing software to grab email leads.

Not sure how to get started? Well, you don’t need to worry at all the below video will guide you on how you can build a high quality and a relevant list that will take your business to the next level.

Step 1: Login with BleuPagePro and merge your social media accounts with a single click.

Step 2: Click on create a post.

Step 3: Click on Email Marketing.

Step 4: Choose a template.

Step 5: Edit design change the content according to your preference upload an image and a URL of the subscribe page and click next.

Step 6: Enter the status message and image with title caption and description of your image and click next.

Step 7: Preview your post and click next.

Step 8: Select from a range of options such as gate option, schedule and autoresponder you can also skip these and post a direct post as well by clicking the post button.

Shedding some more light on the gate, schedule and autoresponder options, if you select the gate option, it will enable an email gate on your post means anyone who wants to access the content of your post must first pass through the email gate by adding his or her email id.

The scheduling option will allow you to schedule your post and the autoresponder option will allow you to integrate your autoresponder service.

BleuPagePro can post to your Facebook profiles, pages, groups and also supports LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, G+ and Word-Press.

If you are curious about what are the offers that you should come up with for getting maximum engagement. There are tons of ideas that you can try out. You can give discounts, like please enter your email id if you want to get discount on this product. You can run contests, like please enter your email id if you want to be a part of this contest.

Many renowned companies are using this great software to grab a colossal amount of high quality leads get started right now and start piling up your email list with high quality leads.

People mostly asked frequent questions about promoting their business by using countless social media marketing tools but entrepreneurs highly recommend LinkedIn.

They suggest LinkedIn marketing because it has the capability to accelerate your brand building potential, but it is totally up to the users to use LinkedIn on a daily basis and present themselves in front of the target audience.

If you want to get maximum approach to your target audience, then you need to take the following most important steps to enhance your business with LinkedIn marketing.

1: You need to get maximum recommendations from all the contacts you are connected with. But mostly people do not bother to make recommendations, so the key to getting their recommendations to ask the people you have worked with. Surely, you will get maximum testimonials.

2: You need to promote your profile to reflect your business in a better way. To promote your LinkedIn profile you should leave your mark everywhere by including your Email signatures, by cross- promotion on other social media platforms, by connecting with new contacts, by sending business cards etc.

3: You need to create a daily schedule to post content and to engage with people, which eventually increase your followers.

4: You need to publish fresh content to get traffic back to you. Again at this point, you have to publish your content directly to LinkedIn.

5: You need to launch a community of your own, which provides important discussions related to your business. Sooner or later, it provides an effective place to your target audience to join your group and it also grows your business and adds an overall punch to your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Facebook Groups are the real goldmines when it comes to marketing a product or building a noteworthy brand name, but require a lot of time and effort.

Many fail to sustain groups, just because it’s too demanding to post content on a regular basis. Now quitters need to find better reasons, because BleuPage PRO has covered all of the concerns related to group marketing, this immaculate software has laid out firm solutions that will revolutionize the way groups are managed.

Now you can set up all of your groups on auto posting using this great software, just hit the auto posting button, select your category and timing and see the magic unfold. BleuPage PRO fetches content from world renowned content producers and auto posts that content in your groups.

Apart from auto posting, you can also set up your desired RSS feeds of popular websites that you like and post them autonomously or by scheduling in your groups.

You can also post status updates, discount coupons, utilize email marketing, post designer and video marketing features as well.

Means you can grab lots of quality leads and for the first time ever carry out full fledged marketing techniques for your groups.

Everyone knows that content is the heart and the prime need of social media marketing without content all social media marketing endeavors  are as futile as a firearm without ammunition. Do you know a vast majority of businesses fail to a make a prominent mark at social media because of inadequate flow of content?


Many citing lack of resources and time the reason for insufficient content, are you also facing the same problem? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore the magic bullet for all of your problems has arrived and it’s called Bleupage PRO.

Just think how much your business will grow when you have an autonomous tool posting content on your social media accounts and pages 24/7 without any hassle. To top it all, this software doesn’t require any sort of administration.

How Bleupage PRO Works:

It’s so simple to setup that even a 10 years old kid can do it.

Step 1: Just login to your Bleupage PRO account and merge your social media marketing accounts with a single click.

Step 2: Just select your related category day and timing and you are good to go.
Now you must be wondering how all of this content is going to help you gain fans, likes, re-tweets, pins, followers and targeted traffic to your website that will eventually result in massive sales?

Have you ever come across the popular quote of Bill Gates “Content is King” although the quote comes from January 1996 but it’s still pretty much relevant in the current era of marketing.

No matter if it’s SEO, SMM or any other marketing channel content is still pretty much the king and a crucial factor used by all the social media networks algorithms to boost organic reach.

The super edge that you will have over your competitors such as 24/7 content posting and posting critical updates to your related industry before your opponents will result in boosting your overall organic reach.

Advantage concept. One green character has a definite advantage before group of white characters. Isolated on white background with soft shadows. XXXL 3D rendered image.
Meaning more chances of your page or account popping up in the search results of social media search bars more organic reach for your posts resulting in grabbing a colossal amount of fans, likes, followers, pins, re-tweets and targeted traffic.

Several businesses have already climbed up the ladder of success and also gathered millions of likes, followers and targeted traffic resulting in massive sales utilizing this great software.

Hurry up and catch up with all the other businesses that are utilizing Bleupage PRO and give your social media marketing and business a much needed innovation boost that it richly deserves.

With the respect of time digital marketing took a new turn with the entry of social media marketing especially on the entry of biggest social networking website Facebook which has billions of active users now. It is the most powerful social media marketing platform for all kind of businesses. Due to its simplicity and unique features of marketing its popularity is increasing day by day. Facebook provide an opportunity to businesses to create and run effectively brand awareness campaigns among the millions of active users and to target such audience that can become potential customer.

Facebook Marketing Tools

Here is list of Facebook marketing tools that are playing key role in making your marketing efforts fruitful.

Fan Page

Fan Page

Facebook fan page of your business works as an extension of your website. If your website is not getting good enough clicks than creating fan page is good idea to increase clicks. You can make your fan page more interesting by different ways. Facebook fan page also called landing page where visitors interact with your business. Here you get an opportunity to drive more traffic on your website.


Facebook engagement purely focused on like button if anyone like your post he will appreciate you by liking your post and this like will be appeared in your newsfeed. The Like button helps people show their appreciation of a post or a Page with just one quick click. This wonderful way of appreciation and ultimately leads to get more interactions. Facebook marketing depends on Like, for effective Fb marketing you need to understand that how to get right clicks by better understanding of you target audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads provide amazing features for marketers such as you can narrow your audience by specifying age, gender, location, interests, education and many more. You can set your own budget and limitations and can test as many campaigns as you need.

Effective Content Posting Platform

Facebook is one of the most effective content posting platform. You content can reach out by your friends and friends of friends. Anybody can share your content on other groups and pages they like. In this way you get more chances of going viral on world wide web. You can get opportunity to directly interact with visitors through content posting on Facebook.

Facebook Apps

Facebook provides different types of applications for marketing purpose. You can conduct contests, import your blogs, gather emails, sell products through ecommerce and you can also give customer support services on Facebook. In this regard no one can compete Facebook as it is providing complete set of viral marketing solutions.

Facebook Marketing Software’s

There are many digital marketing companies who are offering their services to assist you in Facebook viral marketing. With these kind of software, you can manage and run your marketing campaigns very effectively. For example, Tabfu provides its services in creation of different types of tabs, with the help of this software you can create tabs with few clicks. On the same lines these kind of companies provides different solutions for your each and every problem in FB marketing such as schedule of posting, placing of viral gates, email marketing, discounts and coupons and many more. Some software provides fully automated viral marketing software’s which can post your business relevant and interesting content on your Fan page to engage your visitors. You can also source content through RSS feed URLs. With these kind of software’s, you can manage multiple campaigns with few clicks at almost zero cost. Some viral marketing offers their services for other social networking websites simultaneously, you can manage all of your social media marketing in one dashboard.


With ever changing digital marketing nowadays Facebook is providing a complete set of solution for viral marketing to small and large business. Every type of businesses can avail different situations just according to their needs. They can set their own budget and limitations for their digital marketing campaign.

As we all know that nowadays social media marketing is widely used in marketing of your business. Socialization of your business becomes integral part of marketing strategy. But it is not enough to create some pages and accounts on different social media forums and leave them alone. You have to do a lot of things to socialize your business effectively. Efficient marketers know that how to socialize your product by creating viral posts of your business. They use most engaging and convincing content to make your posts viral. The most appreciated and easy technique to socialize your business on different platforms is video marketing. Un-suspiciously video is great convincing and engaging medium of viral marketing. Videos attracts the visitor’s attentions and give you more chances to directly interact with them. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t know how to produce such type of video content that can go viral on social media. In underline discussion some key rules of creating and making your video post viral Is described. By applying these techniques, you can make your video viral easily. There is no magic trick. There is a clear formula and plenty of tips and tricks to make videos, gifs, Tumblr accounts, or pretty much anything go viral.

Make Video Share-Able

Regardless of the nature of content you are posting, what matters most is how frequently it is shared throughout the marketing campaign. The first and foremost important signal and tip of virality is share-able content. Virality depends on shares, and if visitors have to struggle to spread the word, you are seriously hampering your content’s viral chances. You must have to make it more and more easy to spread your video across the web by inserting share buttons under your video. You should have to encourage shares immediately after the video finishes.

Make Video Like-Able

If you are following our first tip than you may also following this tip. The question is that what is like-able content. Perfect answer is that video content that are eye-catching about a topic your viewers care about. This means that you need to identify target audience and their interests and then you have to create these types of videos. Like if your target audience is teenager interested in pop-songs, then make a video with top singers to catch their eyes. Remember, to go viral your video needs to appeal to the people you want it to go viral with… and it needs to do it fast.

Shorter is Sweeter

If you really want to make your video viral on the web world, you need to make it appropriate by any means. You have to take care about several factors such as timing, attention spans and message tone etc. within initial seconds of your video you need to place something awesome that will make your visitors not want to click away. Keep your momentum clear and concise. Don’t include anything unnecessary. Avoid repetitions to sustain the visitor’s attention.

Reel your viewers in with a story

Stories can be used in many different types of videos. Even if it’s only a short clip – a video asking viewers to help sick dogs in your hometown – framing it as a story helps make it digestible. Don’t just spit out facts and reasons why they should help – show sick Fido getting better as a result of caring donations from community members. Or, if you are an HR rep and want to encourage your company to join in on more social activities, spread a video around through email that shows people having fun on the most recent weekend trip with a call to action asking them to join, and telling them about the next event. Clearly, videos have the power to communicate – it’s just about finding the right balance and communicating the message in an appropriate form.

Last but not least… make it easy to be publicized

If we didn’t drill it in enough, make your video easy for viewers who like it to share with others. This is hands down the most powerful way to increase virality: and it’s easy! After you have made a concise, compelling video with a great story, share it with people who would care about what you have to say. Encourage them to share it with others (and make it easy for them), and you have started the ripples of virality!