Facebook uses hundreds of thousands of factors to decide which posts show in your News Feed.
Who you interact with, the type of media & the popularity of the post are all used as position signals.
According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook now prioritizes posts that spark meaningful interactions and posts from friends & family.

Did you notice?
• How recently the post was published.
• How frequently the publisher posts content.
• The number of comments, likes and shares on the post.
• How often user has interacted with the Facebook page posting the update.
• Past user interaction with the similar post type.
• Negative response on the post.
• How valuable the post is.

Things you must avoid.

• Don’t automate everything.
• Don’t just promote products and services.
• Don’t build a fanbase you can’t sustain.
• Don’t try to cheat the Facebook ecosystem.

Strategies to Boost Facebook Reach

• Build your presence & authority.
• Attract the right people to tour Facebook page.
• Must have a strong brand presence.
• Target demographic when you promote your posts.
• Make sure your campaigns are targeted.
• Add customizations to your page.
• Cross-promote popular social media platforms with Facebook.
• Drive Facebook reach via publishing evergreen content.

Media marketing has become relatively easy in 2016. Technology and softwares have changed the way marketers used to promote and advertise their products. With all the advancement, digital advertising and promotional tools do all the work for you.

While choosing a suitable software, always make a list of your needs vs what the software offers. The list with most common factors will let you know which software to use. However, when it comes to Facebook marketing, you do not need any lists or second-guessing yourself.

I am here to talk about the most effective and exceptional Facebook marketing tool that will guarantee the success of your business any day of the year. The software has been used and recommended by our clients. The videos by Todd Lamb will explain how you can use it to build pages and expand your business just one click away.


With Bleupage, you can start a business without having to worry about building an audience and reaching out to people. The software lets you to build a fan page of over 50000 followers within a month.

You can capitalize on such a huge following right from the start by creating content that is interesting and drives engagements from audience. Using the features that increase viral aspect of the post help, you monetize the page. The key goal of every business is to convert their reach to engagements, and engagements in to leads and sale that generate revenues. Ad strategy of Bleupage and using penny clicks, your business on Facebook will start generating thrilling outcomes.



The software offers a 7-day trial period so you can download it free, in the start. All the features are included in the trial version. With the help of video tutorials and instructions, get started on moving towards a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

The opt-in feature lets you create email-marketing posts using pre-built templates included in software. Similarly, you can create new fan pages, video marketing posts, custom posts and many more.

Custom post feature helps you generate more than 10 leads per hour for zero dollars which is a very high conversion rate compared to other softwares. The posts with Call-to-action instructions generate the most engagements so you use boost them further by targeting only the customized audience using software.

Opt-in pages in video marketing and e-mail marketing work best when you are making a post that answers the top problems for your audience. People want the information, and to get there, they would have either to put in e-mail address or share it further with friends. This type of advertising strategy guarantees to make posts viral and generates more leads than normal posts.

Within an hour, you can produce 50 percent conversion rate using Bleupage. Either you can use Facebook ads to promote posts directly from Facebook or you can go to ad manager creator and create a custom audience to promote the post via Bleupage, which is not economical but also more effective.

I would highly recommend the custom posts and opt-ins if you are looking to increase your reach and want to interact directly with your customers. From one simple post, you can triple your interaction and communication with the followers. You can convert leads from your fan pages using the “Email Marketing” promotional post feature in the software. Learn about it more here.


What is Image Stacking?
Bleupage advertising strategy is highly effective when it comes to promoting your brand via image advertising. Full album stacking tactic aids in increasing engagement and share of particular post that has pictures in it.

The approach works best when you upload any new picture within the album. Every like or share received on one picture gets added to overall album. The cumulative likes and shares create a psychological effect for audience, since more likes and shares mean the post is interesting and relevant. Uploading nine photos into a stack will create a collage appearance and a pattern interrupt will appear in fans’ newsfeeds, giving you advantage over other pictures. The herd psychology gives way to social proof; hence, posts are bound to generate engagements and leads.

You can use all these features just from one dashboard and would not need to use Facebook separately. One of the best thing about Bleupage is that it offers 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of buying the software, if you are not satisfied with the results.


Every brand has one goal at the end of the day. Increase brand awareness to monetize the business. Facebook is the primary channel to achieve that goal. Instead of spending on Facebook ads that are widely general and unable to reach the right audience, use Bleupage to not only increase the engagement on your page but also to get return on the resources spent.

Facebook Groups are the real goldmines when it comes to marketing a product or building a noteworthy brand name, but require a lot of time and effort.

Many fail to sustain groups, just because it’s too demanding to post content on a regular basis. Now quitters need to find better reasons, because BleuPage PRO has covered all of the concerns related to group marketing, this immaculate software has laid out firm solutions that will revolutionize the way groups are managed.

Now you can set up all of your groups on auto posting using this great software, just hit the auto posting button, select your category and timing and see the magic unfold. BleuPage PRO fetches content from world renowned content producers and auto posts that content in your groups.

Apart from auto posting, you can also set up your desired RSS feeds of popular websites that you like and post them autonomously or by scheduling in your groups.

You can also post status updates, discount coupons, utilize email marketing, post designer and video marketing features as well.

Means you can grab lots of quality leads and for the first time ever carry out full fledged marketing techniques for your groups.

With the respect of time digital marketing took a new turn with the entry of social media marketing especially on the entry of biggest social networking website Facebook which has billions of active users now. It is the most powerful social media marketing platform for all kind of businesses. Due to its simplicity and unique features of marketing its popularity is increasing day by day. Facebook provide an opportunity to businesses to create and run effectively brand awareness campaigns among the millions of active users and to target such audience that can become potential customer.

Facebook Marketing Tools

Here is list of Facebook marketing tools that are playing key role in making your marketing efforts fruitful.

Fan Page

Fan Page

Facebook fan page of your business works as an extension of your website. If your website is not getting good enough clicks than creating fan page is good idea to increase clicks. You can make your fan page more interesting by different ways. Facebook fan page also called landing page where visitors interact with your business. Here you get an opportunity to drive more traffic on your website.


Facebook engagement purely focused on like button if anyone like your post he will appreciate you by liking your post and this like will be appeared in your newsfeed. The Like button helps people show their appreciation of a post or a Page with just one quick click. This wonderful way of appreciation and ultimately leads to get more interactions. Facebook marketing depends on Like, for effective Fb marketing you need to understand that how to get right clicks by better understanding of you target audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads provide amazing features for marketers such as you can narrow your audience by specifying age, gender, location, interests, education and many more. You can set your own budget and limitations and can test as many campaigns as you need.

Effective Content Posting Platform

Facebook is one of the most effective content posting platform. You content can reach out by your friends and friends of friends. Anybody can share your content on other groups and pages they like. In this way you get more chances of going viral on world wide web. You can get opportunity to directly interact with visitors through content posting on Facebook.

Facebook Apps

Facebook provides different types of applications for marketing purpose. You can conduct contests, import your blogs, gather emails, sell products through ecommerce and you can also give customer support services on Facebook. In this regard no one can compete Facebook as it is providing complete set of viral marketing solutions.

Facebook Marketing Software’s

There are many digital marketing companies who are offering their services to assist you in Facebook viral marketing. With these kind of software, you can manage and run your marketing campaigns very effectively. For example, Tabfu provides its services in creation of different types of tabs, with the help of this software you can create tabs with few clicks. On the same lines these kind of companies provides different solutions for your each and every problem in FB marketing such as schedule of posting, placing of viral gates, email marketing, discounts and coupons and many more. Some software provides fully automated viral marketing software’s which can post your business relevant and interesting content on your Fan page to engage your visitors. You can also source content through RSS feed URLs. With these kind of software’s, you can manage multiple campaigns with few clicks at almost zero cost. Some viral marketing offers their services for other social networking websites simultaneously, you can manage all of your social media marketing in one dashboard.


With ever changing digital marketing nowadays Facebook is providing a complete set of solution for viral marketing to small and large business. Every type of businesses can avail different situations just according to their needs. They can set their own budget and limitations for their digital marketing campaign.

You must have to make your content more informative and interesting, provide such content that readers would like to read. It not enough for active marketers to caught the visitor’s attentions, they tend to captivate visitors interest and make ask for more. For more traffic you should have to include more topics that are related with your topic by any means.  Always seek for new things. This way, you earned not only site visitor but also a subscriber of your products and services or whatever you provide.

It is not enough for continuous sales to have an awesome website. Let the people know about it. If you are spending most of your budget on your advertisement, it may be fully wrong strategy. Now almost every marketing tools are free of cost on internet or may be available for a very little amount. Below are some best ways to advertise your website.

The best to generate massive traffic from social media is article or blog posting on social media websites.  Highly informative content can convert visitors into buyers.

Write high quality press release and submit it on a huge press release distribution website on internet and let journalist and writers read your story for possible inclusion on their papers.

Send text base emails to your visitors and new leads and advise to visit your website. This is also highly appreciated way of generating massive traffic. In your marketing mail campaign, you need to send them very interesting and effective content for high open and conversion rate.

Now modern techniques have been developed for every kind of marketing such as print media marketing, traditional and of course digital marketing. Nowadays digital marketing is most appreciated and adopted marketing technique around the globe. But mostly businesses and organizations fails to know the worth of digital marketing. One successful marketing medium is social networking websites. If you know how to represent your brand on social media and how to generate massive traffic on your posts and how to start debates with visitors and how to convert them into buyers, then probably you don’t need any other marketing techniques for your business advertisement. Now there are several types of social media marketing software’s are available in market which can help you greatly in managing your social media campaigns.

Although it is true that mostly marketing tools are free but somehow for fruitful marketing campaigns you also need to use some paid marketing services like Google Ads, backlinks or some social media marketing software’s. They enable you to reach out everywhere on the internet and give you more professional look in managing your marketing campaigns.

You must know how to deal with your customers or readers. They are there to provide revenue in your business. One key to have a successful business is to have an excellent customer service. Loyal customers stay not only because of services or products they get from your business but also because of the service quality.

If your livelihood is fully depended on web business, then it is as necessary as blood in veins to offer full solutions to customer’s problems. If you offer a complete set of solutions to visitor’s problems or needs, then you are building a sound market. It is also quite helpful for generating massive traffic.

It is important to know all things about your business market deeply. You have to keep keen eyes on others, what they are doing and what kind of marketing techniques they are using to generate traffic on their web. In this regard you can conduct market research by hiring any firm if your business has deep pockets, but in most cases it is more suitable to discover your web market from the inside out.

Above seven techniques are proven strategies of successful marketers, especially social media marketers are using all these techniques to generate massive traffic on their website.

Facebook has become a very important area for promoting business awareness. It is the hub of business social media where a firm maintains its interactions with the customers and it tries to reach out for the additional potential customers. Facebook provides businesses a platform of more than a billion of active accounts. The first step for the businesses is to capture as many Facebook users as possible. It is done either to spread awareness, promotions, social media marketing, feedbacks, interactions with the customers, etc. The purpose could be anything, but for the beginners, it is mostly done for awareness and promotions. I have laid out a few tips and techniques for the beginners to follow in order to achieve best marketing results on Facebook.

Setup an Official Business Page

It is important for the businesses to have a good presentable company page. The layout and the tone used for customers reach out should be friendly and convenient. The profile image is the most important feature of the firm’s Facebook page. The cover photo is secondary, but the profile picture must be attractive and compelling. It displays the first impression to the Facebook users.


It is very important for the business to post on its page at least once every day. The consistency should not exceed three to four times a day because otherwise it is possible that the customers might get annoyed with over flooding by the company’s posts on their newsfeed. But the regularity must be maintained to keep reminding the customers about its existence on the Facebook social media.

Post Timings


Since, it has been established that regular posts are required to keep active on the social media; the timings of these posts also play a vital role on its daily activities. The timing entirely depends upon the target market of the business. If the target market is the working class, posts should be done before the working hours and after the off time of the employees. If the target market is student, then it is said that posts should be made before 6pm. The main aim is to post before the peak time of the users.

Facebook Plugins

For any business to start it must have its own website or at least a blog maintained. Although Facebook page is effective enough, it needs to be backed up by an authentic source. The existence of the business should not be limited to the Facebook page solely. On the website or blog, its Facebook plugin must be available and scheduled Facebook posts must be active. Whenever a blog post is generated, its link is automatically shared on its Facebook official page. All the notifications are automatically shared with all the Facebook fans or followers.

Quick Response Time

The response time must be conveyed on the official page and the minimum amount of response time is preferred. People prefer quick responses as opposed to slow reply time. Being active is everything! Nobody has time to wait for anyone, if the response time is slow, it is possible that the potential customers may run away or they lose interest. An active inbox and quick commenting activity is required.

Engage with Facebook users

User Engagement

Facebook is a social media which means an active engagement with the users is necessary. The posts should be made in such a way that encourages customer participation. Introduction of various games and contests increase customer involvement. An offer can be made like “if you share this promotional post to five different pages, you can enter a contest for wining a mobile phone”. This is just an example, but various offers can be made in order to increase customer interest.

Sharing pictures or videos on the page increases customer traffic. It creates more attraction than an ordinary written post. Images and videos are also shared frequently or rather regularly by the users. Winning customer interest is the highest goal in order to generate customer involvement.

Product Offering

A complete product or service information disclosure increases customer awareness and reduces any discrepancies there may be. Many restaurants fail to provide their complete menu on the Facebook page; it becomes a strong reason for not being able to attract their customers well. A little effort is required to provide comprehensive information regarding to what the company is actually offering to its customers.

Verified Page

There is a difference between a normal Facebook page and a “Verified Facebook Page”. A verified page is more professional to display to the customers. It requires at least a million likes to the page to get it to verify without any cash fee. But the company can also verify it by paying a specified amount as required by the Facebook management.

Call to Action

Call to Action

The official page has to indicate the customers to actually like the page on visiting. A big arrow sign that says “Like Us!” provides a clear direction to the users to like the page in order to follow up with the future posts. This is just a reminder to the users to follow the page if they find it interesting. It is better to cover all the directions required to provide to the customers. Leave no room for any obliviousness.

Encourage Customer Feedback

It is one way of looking at the company success through the company’s end, but it is very important to take the customer’s perspective into consideration as well. Many firms encourage customers to put up check-in status for their promotions and reviews and in return give various discounts for their feedbacks. It helps to build up the beginners’ reputation to the outside world. This is how promotions take place.

All of these techniques are just a few of many about how the beginners can go big only through Facebook marketing. These techniques result in increase in customer portfolio and future customer retention. Facebook can become a perfect platform for promotions, but the right techniques are required by the individual businesses themselves.

As a social media marketer or a new business owner, you will spend a lot of time making sure that your content is ready and reaching the right people. You create compelling content so you can convince your target audience that they need you and you are the answer to one of their needs. Social media content also opens door for new business ventures, potential clients and future customers if the strategy is solid and you have creative sense.

While social media is highly effective for fully established business that have millions of likes and followers on their Facebook and Twitter/ Instagram profiles respectively, research shows that for beginners and entrepreneurs, it does not produce as successful or promising results. This is the reason; businesses cannot rely on just social media or Facebook to secure a standing in the market amongst the competitors. For your content to prove effective, you need strategy and other ways to boost your sales. You are present on social media but the question is do you understand it and do you have what it takes to spread your business in the digital world?

To take social media promotion one step ahead, you need to be flexible so you can augment the effectiveness of your social media strategy across multiple platforms and channels.


Use your competitors

When starting a business, it is really important to understand who you are working against. This helps you define your competitive advantage and gives you a selling point that no one else has. You will come across dozens of other businesses who offer the same product as you, who target the same people as you and who are working with the same strategy as you. Your task is to change the story. Build your own narrative and make that the big idea.

When you know who you are fighting against you can learn their weaknesses and strengths. Monitor their websites, social media engagements and blogs to see what works and what does not. Do not try to imitate but rather learn and then work in your own cloud with your own original creative ideas.

Knowing your competitors can also lead you to perspective clients and customers. Talk to people in the comments section and engage with them. Inbox their targeted audience and extract email lists to promote what they want. It is up to you, your advertising and your strategy placement whether you are able to sell your product or not. Be direct and tell them the catch, the competitive advantage that will get them to terminate their trustworthy relationship with the opposition and build one with yours.

Build landing pages

Social media and online presence is everything. You have to be everywhere to get the attention of people. No one will want to know you if they only see one Facebook page with a few number of followers. However, landing pages allow you to get people do what you want. With a call to action approach, you can build individualized cause specific landing pages all over the internet.

The purpose of landing pages is to capture leads so you can understand your target audience better and use the lead insights for future campaigns. Landing pages aim to not only build awareness about the brand and its products, they send the visitors and curious users of digital media into your sales funnel, making your profits higher than before.

Customize for other channels

If you want to use your social media strategy to get a boost in business, you need to make it flexible. A flexible strategy can be easily customized for any channel. Use visuals mostly as they attract any kind of the audience and bring in more engagements.

Embrace your inner graphic designer and create multiple visuals of same idea using infographics, charts and tables for facts. Labels like ‘picture of the day’ for Instagram or ‘featured image’ can be used on daily and weekly basis to promote one picture with the big idea and persuasion element.

Keep the story same but change your headline or body of the post based on channel. On Twitter, you cannot post more than 140 characters which is why you need to be precise. Instead of dividing the message in two tweets, use your brain and make it more comprehensive to fit it in one.

When posting on LinkedIn, you have to be professional and use formal language when talking about serious business. Check and double check your headlines and titles. The title of an article or blog gives away the sense of what reader should expect to find inside the body. Use keywords and make the titles attractive and promotable so they are worthy of attention.

feedback or analytics
feedback or analytics

Do not ignore the feedback or analytics

Most companies are so busy in planning their perfect strategies and new advertising campaigns that they forget to check at the data gathered from previous ones. It is absolutely vital to check the analytics and data provided over the progress of marketing campaigns. Use Google analytics or third party softwares to determine which kind of posts your target audience liked, which ones they engaged with the most, where you were not able to get any emotional response and so on.

While extensive data sheets and hard core facts, tables and graphs are critical to the progress of a business, you must also be able to listen to your customers. Give them a chance to speak and do not be afraid to listen. It is guaranteed that will not always have nicer things to say about you and sometimes it will all be just the complaints, do not take that personal. It might feel like a punch to your face but without such criticism and thoughtful questions, you cannot move forward.

To make progress you have to be an open thinker. Pay attention to any opinions or creative contributions by users on social media and other platforms. When you respond, the person on the other side knows that you value them and do not take them just for granted. While you might be on the opposite side of argument, this practice will allow the customer or potential client to respect you, which leads to a healthy and mature growth for the business.

It is all about the emotions. Care about people as much as your care about making your business a success. Such attitude will not only result in your brand’s positive perception but also attracts more customers and investors.

Writing Facebook post is not a time consuming task if you are sharing something general in nature or some kind of entertaining content but if you are promoting your business on Facebook then it may be one of the most difficult part of your whole marketing campaign. Although Facebook was not invented for marketing or to make something viral but now it is biggest platform to market your product and engage users by simply creating effective content and utilization of some marketing tools with very low investment. To be successful in your Facebook marketing campaigns nothing is more important than making your content viral, and when it catches like wildfire, not only exciting the fans you have but also attracting the other users. In fact it is too hard to do. Few marketing agencies have learnt that how to make their posts viral.  It’s much easier when you’re a significantly wealthy and established agency, of course. But it’s not guaranteed. It’s not something you can just order, like your lunch. There are some simple ways to make your post viral or considerably more likely. Tactics that have worked before, work currently, and will probably always work to a degree. In underneath discussion we will talk about those simple tactics that can make you viral on Facebook and other social media websites. These techniques are not crucial and expensive; it is so simple to apply even if you are not a well experienced and established digital marketer.

Facebook Viral Marketing
Facebook Viral Marketing


Be Ready to Newsjack

Whenever something happens and something important or something scandalous, something newsworthy people like to read, share and comment on it.  If something like that happens on Facebook users will notice posts that mention it and they will pay more attention to them. So you need to pay attention on these kinds of stuffs. Stay current on things and when something happens, think about that how you can relate the post with your brand and what you are selling.  When a newsworthy content is shared, your branding will be there. You can also place Facebook viral gates on your post.  Viral gates make your post more viral as everyone must have to share your post to read your complete post.

Offer Discount Coupons


 You can offer discount coupons for your fans if they share and like or comment on your post. This technique is widely used to generate new potential leads also. To offer discount coupons you need to use Facebook viral marketing software. This kind of software make it easy to offer discount coupons for readers otherwise you must have to bear development and hosting expensive. Nowadays there are several kinds of Facebook marketing software. You can create and post any type of content like motion posts, Fb ads video posts and can directly post on your fan page.

Contests work

Contests are not only best way to engage your fans but also great way to invite new users. It is important to decide what kind of contest will give you maximum exposure. Sometimes by running contest that is not related to your business provide great exposure to your brand. There are, of course, a few ways to do it right. And that’s important not only for virality, but making sure you don’t have any logistical problems with running the actual contest as well. On Facebook very few kind of contests options are available, you can use them effectively.

Use CTA Buttons

Make your Facebook posts be actionable, ask a question, issue a challenge, ask your fan to tag their fans or something like that which invite a response from visitor. It is always good idea to ask your audience to do something. It is often critical. Try to create posts that can encourage your audience to do something for you. When your visitors responded, you need to reply them as soon as possible. With the passage of time it becomes really untenable, you’re already viral-so it’s no longer a problem.  Call to action buttons are not only used for engagement, but for virality also.

Promote Your Post on Different Platforms

The last and proven technique to make your Facebook post viral is self-promotion on different platforms. You really need to promote your posts on other social media websites like Google, LinkedIn and etc. Promote your Facebook Fan Page posts as many platforms as possible. Sharing Facebook posts on other social media network has great impact on increasing traffic.  You can try different social media management programs. There’s quite few a few to choose from.  Always remember that you may never produce viral content but still you can do it by adopting different strategies and by solid viral marketing plans.

Promote Yourself

You can also customize your posts by using available Facebook viral marketing software. You can use fully customized templates and designs for your posts that make your post more attractive. If you have to engage your audience on regular basis but you don’t have time to post regularly then you can use schedule posting options to post your content timely. More importantly these kinds of softwares provide analytics for each and every post separately.  We always recommend promoting as much as possible, of course, but your audience might be more receptive to newsworthy content than contests. You’ll be the one to know that – it’s your audience.


We have all heard the phrase that ‘content is the king’. In order to survive in the digital world, we live in, knowledge and information are everything. People need more information to advance while businesses need to produce more content to stay alive and grow in a competitive environment. Needless to say, every brand needs a plan, a strategy that will give them authority and allow them to stand out in the market.

Using social media to connect with people around, friends and family sounds very easy and entertaining, and is when used for those purposes. Organizations and companies however use it for completely different reasons. They need traffic for their website, engagements on the posts and better leads from audience, which is not at all easy.

To use social media to its full potential in a business environment needs tactics and smarts. You really need to understand your targeted audience and what they want to hear from you. Once you know them, their behaviors and perceptions, you will be able to get the engagements you want on the content.



Brands that focus more on having actual connection with target audience and consumers rather than filling news feeds with advertisements achieve more success. The growth of these companies is fast as their customers trust them more. There are different ways to interact with users on social media. Some brands go with sass and a little bit of unconventional humor when responding back to comments, while others are super nice or neutral. An entertainment company cannot be serious in their conversations as their job is to provide a good time. A Facebook page focused on providing breaking news from all over the world has to state facts and figures hence they need to be formal and professional in their interactions.

The goal should be to let audience know that you are there for them. Trust is the most essential component of a healthy relationship between business and its customers. Credibility and trust get the company loyal customers which serve as the brand ambassadors and face of the brand to other users on Facebook. Reviews from these audiences are most important as their recommendations carry a lot of weight in front of general public.

As a marketer, your focus should also be on networking with influencers and industry professionals. Experts have a power in defining trends and shaping the way of news stories or campaigns, which is keeping them close can give you upper hand.

Social media influencers have the power that can either shoot your business to the sky or make it disappear in the matter of weeks. You need these people on your sides because they are most trustworthy among audience. They work independently so their opinions carry weight and are considered reliable. Influencers partner up with the businesses they admire and share same ideology with. In search for a reliable influencer, you must consider the fact that they share the same opinions and views as your brand, so you do not compromise the image.

Stay Active

To make an impression in the digital world, you need to be present all the time. Online presence and visibility are the key components in giving your company a considerable standing in the competitive market when starting the business. Use all available social channels that can be managed in the allocated budget to promote the content and products and services you offer.

Building awareness is the focus of every new business in the market as without awareness no one will notice you amongst the sea of established competitors.

Posting on Facebook in the form of status updates, photos and videos is pivotal to the social media growth. Posting statuses and website blog links on the page give users an opportunity to view, share and interact with your content. Through comments and reply section, deepen the relationship with audience and potential customers.

Reply to all everyone and acknowledge the opinions of users. If anyone has a query, try to answer it immediately and keep the conversation going as long as you can. It is understandable that you cannot sit in front of a laptop of use smartphone to access social media all day and it is possible to miss few comments made in that time. To avoid leaving anyone out, set a time to go through whole comments section. It can be in the evening or morning depending on when your day ends. In that time, check your inbox and make your presence visible in comments thread.



How can you make sure that your campaign is on the right track and is actually reaching the target audience? Too often, marketers build whole campaigns and invest a lot in them without realizing that they are failing and bringing zero to nothing return on investment.

With modern technology and advancements, the chances of complete failures are slim as you can find out the results as the campaign is in progress. Google analytics and other third party softwares can fetch analytics and data from the websites to let you know which campaigns are working and which ones are not.

Analytics are crucial not only for ongoing campaigns but also for shaping the future campaigns. You can even find out which format works and which does not. Between visuals and live stream videos, if video gathers more engagements and shares it will be sensible to plan the future live streams instead of focusing on graphics. Similarly, analytics can also find out the type of people the campaign has had most effect on. With one graph or table, you can see whether your content resonates better with youngsters and teens or elders.

Social media strategy has no one typical design standard. Every company and every brand has different approach and it is totally possible that two opposite types of campaigns work perfectly fine for two competitors. In social media, you need creativity and the ability to be unique. If you have those talents, you can pull anything off when planned right and executed perfectly.

Marketers are faced with a number of options to promote their businesses and when strategies are executed right, they can reach to hundreds and thousands of people through multiple channels available in the digital world. Social media out of all the channels is most efficient and cost effective way to reach the right customers and increase client database. Marketing on social media means creating content that is unique and valuable for the audience. That content must resonate with audience and provide them with new knowledge so it can go viral.

Producing viral content and being viral on social media is one of the fastest ways to make a name for your company. Going viral means your content will get more views, engagements and shares, which will subsequently result in higher number of conversions, maximized organic visitors on websites and better leads.

Exposure and heightened awareness about your brand in people is good for business for so many reasons . Apart from the great return on investment (ROI), viral content gets people to take interest in you even if they are not categorized as your target audience. To go viral, you need to strategize and make sure that your campaign reaches right users and is able to catch on with trends. Some of the marketing strategies that can be used in the content promotion to make sure it goes viral are listed below.


Pictures and graphics work the best in any type of marketing contain, be it traditional, digital or social media. Content that is appealing to the eyes automatically receives better attention than a status update or tweet in text form. Use pictures and images to promote your campaign message or big idea. Even if the message is in text form you can always put it on a picture with faded background. Delivering message in the form of animated or short video also appeals to the audience.

Images being used must be coherent with brand theme and the main message should be highlighted. Amateur marketers usually pick images up from Google without considering whether or not they go well with the brand perception and appearance. The purpose of this article is to warn and stop you from making that mistake. Do not compromise your company and its image and when using third party graphics, make sure you give credit to the owner of visual.

Memes and humorous content have the tendency to go viral more often than a straight forward serious message so be creative and convert the solid content into light jokes that can be understood easily without altering the meaning of message.


Big Idea

Every campaign needs a message to deliver and behind that message is an idea. While most viral content is accidental and can happen to anyone, businesses cannot rely on that chance and therefore must plan their message carefully. There are no guarantees that the content is bound to go viral but if the message is strong, novel and clear, audience will pay attention to it.

You must have a deep understanding of your customer behaviors and audiences’ preferences to know what they like and what they want. These insights will help in curating and delivering the message in a much better way.

Appeal to Emotions

Viral content is not about self-promotion or hard core advertising. It is about the connection it is able to make between the reader and the message creator. Social media users respond better to the content they can relate to. Sentiments and humor are the easier tools that can be used in the message to get to the audience. When your goal is getting virality the facts and figures are not enough. You must be able to get an emotional response from the audience and for that you need to get personal. Appeal to the fears and hopes. Talk about controversial topics that spark conversations and only then your message is likely to go viral.

Do not Overdo It

Most business try too hard when launching campaigns. A lot of money, time and man power is spent on distributing the message. For a viral campaign, the technique is to let it happen by itself instead of forcing it on to the audience. If you notice, viral content becomes viral when diversified users share it and not when the company does. This means that focus on quality of the message, channel and customers present on it. Launch from one medium and let the audience do the rest.

Quality content will automatically get shared. Screenshots are the quickest way for users to spread the message on social media. Engage your employees in the process and ask them to share it with their friends so the flow continues.



While making connections and interacting with target audience is the basic rule in social media marketing 101, it pays off even more in generating viral campaigns. People trust you more when you are active and responsive on social media. It increases your online visibility and presence in the digital world giving you more authority amongst the competitors.

This authority is helpful when you are sharing the content with the intention of it going viral. The community of these niche users might look small but play the most essential role in sharing content on multiple social media outlets.

Social media marketing and especially viral marketing can make small business successful in the matter of hours. When you know the people you are addressing and understand their needs, creating viral content is not that difficult. It might take its time but it will eventually happen if you use the data and analytics properly and to your advantage. In some cases, it is possible that you do everything right but the campaign does not achieve its goal. This is the thing with social media. It is unpredictable and ever changing so you can never know the right answer. Just keep your objectives clear and focus sharp and you will get what you want one day.