Facebook uses hundreds of thousands of factors to decide which posts show in your News Feed.
Who you interact with, the type of media & the popularity of the post are all used as position signals.
According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook now prioritizes posts that spark meaningful interactions and posts from friends & family.

Did you notice?

• How recently the post was published.
• How frequently the publisher posts content.
• The number of comments, likes and shares on the post.
• How often user has interacted with the Facebook page posting the update.
• Past user interaction with the similar post type.
• Negative response on the post.
• How valuable the post is.

Things you must avoid.

• Don’t automate everything.
• Don’t just promote products and services.
• Don’t build a fanbase you can’t sustain.
• Don’t try to cheat the Facebook ecosystem.

Strategies to Boost Facebook Reach

• Build your presence & authority.
• Attract the right people to tour Facebook page.
• Must have a strong brand presence.
• Target demographic when you promote your posts.
• Make sure your campaigns are targeted.
• Add customizations to your page.
• Cross-promote popular social media platforms with Facebook.
• Drive Facebook reach via publishing evergreen content.

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