About Us

Bobby Walker, Sam Finlay, Dave Guidon were the founders of BleuPage.

We took over, Mark Hartmann & Shelby Rhodes were the owners too.

We assure you that you have made a GOOD CALL and have invested in something that will pay you back with BREATH TAKING RESULTS.

Using this software you can achieve what your clients are striving for, you can get Mega Box, Automation, Reporting, & Complete Social Media Management, which will ultimately lead you to grab even more clients and make big bucks using this startling marketing system.

That’s why we are offering free CUSTOMER SUPPORT if you run into any problem or at any particular moment you feel that you need help in extracting the maximum value out of your purchase, all you have to do is open up a support ticket and we will be right by your side guiding you to achieve mutual success.


BleuPage.com was founded by two internet marketers and entrepreneurs i.e. Bobby Walker & Dave GuindonBleuPage.com was originally launched as a Facebook publisher and as a downloadable software. The concept of publishing multiple posts with a few clicks on Facebook was welcomed by many marketers. Within a few months of the  launch of BleuPage over 6000 businesses subscribed. This became one of the most popular software products in the market.

Dave Guindon
Bobby Walker
Bobby Walker
Dave Guindon
Salman Mahmood

In 2015 Bleupage.com was acquired by Salman Mahmood an IT entrepreneur with working experience from the world’s top corporations such as Lucent Technologies, Samsung Electronics, Siemens AG, Cap Gemini & Ernst & Young. Salman a graduate in computer sciences brought his technical and market knowledge in the system and re developed the entire bleupage system from scratch as a SaaS product. 

Salman Mahmood

Salman decided to add other social media platforms in addition to Facebook to make it a 7 in 1 solution and successfully integrated YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and WordPress. The concept of multiple social media platforms management with many other features such as content generation, post designing, social inbox for FB and Twitter messages excited the social media agencies and marketers. Within seven days of its launch over 6500 new businesses subscribed to BleuPage’s newer version called Ultimate.  Salman continued to invest money and time in BleuPage to make it the world’s top solution. 

BleuPage.com became so much popular that other major social media management apps started following BleuPage technology and its features. At one stage BleuPage became a trend setter and others started following BleuPage new inventions. The world’s largest company in social media management followed BleuPage social inbox design and concept and most recently they published a report claiming that majority of their users are extremely happy with the social inbox feature. 

Shelby & Mark

In 2020 BleuPage was acquired by Mark Hartmann and Shelby Rhodes who invested in new features and product development. Mark and Shelby introduced agency and many other features in BleuPage, however, with the market conditions and the focus on multiple businesses Mark and Shelby decided to sell BleuPage to Averox in 2022, a company owned by Salman

Shelby & Mark

After taking over Averox has heavily invested in a complete new concept and decided to re invent social media management, therefore, after a lot of brainstorming, research and hard work from the BleuPage team, a new concept has been finalised. 

The BleuPage.com has introduced a complete new concept in social media management. Three points have been kept in mind 

1)     Ease of  use so that no formal training is required and anyone can become an expert within a few hours and not in days. The user interface looks almost like real social media platforms so that the  new user is not confused with the new system. 

2)    Powerful features in order to make BleuPage such a valuable investment that with a nominal subscription fee a major functionality is provided to marketers. All of social media platforms with timelines can be visible from one single dashboard and drag and drop functionality makes it so easy to manage 100’s of profiles with a few clicks or drag and drops. 

3)    Make social media management a fun and enjoyable experience. We have introduced timelines, drag and drop, multiple platforms look and many more powerful yet enjoyable features. 

Today, with all the above changes and progress, BleuPage is enjoying 25000 plus customers. We are committed to make BleuPage a platform which saves money, time and increase revenue. 

Happy socialising,

Yours truly, 

Salman Mahmood