With the respect of time digital marketing took a new turn with the entry of social media marketing especially on the entry of biggest social networking website Facebook which has billions of active users now. It is the most powerful social media marketing platform for all kind of businesses. Due to its simplicity and unique features of marketing its popularity is increasing day by day. Facebook provide an opportunity to businesses to create and run effectively brand awareness campaigns among the millions of active users and to target such audience that can become potential customer.

Facebook Marketing Tools

Here is list of Facebook Marketing Tools that are playing key role in making your marketing efforts fruitful.

Fan Page

Facebook fan page of your business works as an extension of your website. If your website is not getting good enough clicks than creating fan page is good idea to increase clicks. You can make your fan page more interesting by different ways. Facebook fan page also called landing page where visitors interact with your business. Here you get an opportunity to drive more traffic on your website.


Facebook engagement purely focused on like button if anyone like your post he will appreciate you by liking your post and this like will be appeared in your newsfeed. The Like button helps people show their appreciation of a post or a Page with just one quick click. This wonderful way of appreciation and ultimately leads to get more interactions. Facebook marketing depends on Like, for effective Fb marketing you need to understand that how to get right clicks by better understanding of you target audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads provide amazing features for marketers such as you can narrow your audience by specifying age, gender, location, interests, education and many more. You can set your own budget and limitations and can test as many campaigns as you need.

Effective Content Posting Platform

Facebook is one of the most effective content posting platform. You content can reach out by your friends and friends of friends. Anybody can share your content on other groups and pages they like. In this way you get more chances of going viral on world wide web. You can get opportunity to directly interact with visitors through content posting on Facebook.

Facebook Apps

Facebook provides different types of applications for marketing purpose. You can conduct contests, import your blogs, gather emails, sell products through ecommerce and you can also give customer support services on Facebook. In this regard no one can compete Facebook as it is providing complete set of viral marketing solutions.

Facebook Marketing Software’s

There are many digital marketing companies who are offering their services to assist you in Facebook viral marketing. With these kind of software, you can manage and run your marketing campaigns very effectively. For example, Tabfu provides its services in creation of different types of tabs, with the help of this software you can create tabs with few clicks. On the same lines these kind of companies provides different solutions for your each and every problem in FB Marketing such as schedule of posting, placing of viral gates, email marketing, discounts and coupons and many more. Some software provides fully automated viral marketing software’s which can post your business relevant and interesting content on your Fan page to engage your visitors. You can also source content through RSS feed URLs. With these kind of software’s, you can manage multiple campaigns with few clicks at almost zero cost. Some Viral Marketing offers their services for other social networking websites simultaneously, you can manage all of your social media marketing in one dashboard.


With ever changing digital marketing nowadays Facebook is providing a complete set of solution for viral marketing to small and large business. Every type of businesses can avail different situations just according to their needs. They can set their own budget and limitations for their digital marketing campaign.

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