As we all know that nowadays social media marketing is widely used in marketing of your business. Socialization of your business becomes integral part of marketing strategy. But it is not enough to create some pages and accounts on different social media forums and leave them alone. You have to do a lot of things to socialize your business effectively. Efficient marketers know that how to socialize your product by Creating Viral Posts of your business. They use most engaging and convincing content to make your posts viral. The most appreciated and easy technique to socialize your business on different platforms is video marketing. Un-suspiciously video is great convincing and engaging medium of viral marketing. Videos attracts the visitor’s attentions and give you more chances to directly interact with them. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t know how to produce such type of video content that can go viral on social media. In underline discussion some key rules of creating and making your video post viral Is described. By applying these techniques, you can make your video viral easily. There is no magic trick. There is a clear formula and plenty of tips and tricks to make videos, gifs, Tumblr accounts, or pretty much anything go viral.

Make Video Share-Able

Regardless of the nature of content you are posting, what matters most is how frequently it is shared throughout the marketing campaign. The first and foremost important signal and tip of virality is share-able content. Virality depends on shares, and if visitors have to struggle to spread the word, you are seriously hampering your content’s viral chances. You must have to make it more and more easy to spread your video across the web by inserting share buttons under your video. You should have to encourage shares immediately after the video finishes.

Make Video Like-Able

If you are following our first tip than you may also following this tip. The question is that what is like-able content. Perfect answer is that video content that are eye-catching about a topic your viewers care about. This means that you need to identify target audience and their interests and then you have to create these types of videos. Like if your target audience is teenager interested in pop-songs, then make a video with top singers to catch their eyes. Remember, to go viral your video needs to appeal to the people you want it to go viral with… and it needs to do it fast.

Shorter is Sweeter

If you really want to make your video viral on the web world, you need to make it appropriate by any means. You have to take care about several factors such as timing, attention spans and message tone etc. within initial seconds of your video you need to place something awesome that will make your visitors not want to click away. Keep your momentum clear and concise. Don’t include anything unnecessary. Avoid repetitions to sustain the visitor’s attention.

Reel your viewers in with a story

Stories can be used in many different types of videos. Even if it’s only a short clip – a video asking viewers to help sick dogs in your hometown – framing it as a story helps make it digestible. Don’t just spit out facts and reasons why they should help – show sick Fido getting better as a result of caring donations from community members. Or, if you are an HR rep and want to encourage your company to join in on more social activities, spread a video around through email that shows people having fun on the most recent weekend trip with a call to action asking them to join, and telling them about the next event. Clearly, videos have the power to communicate – it’s just about finding the right balance and communicating the message in an appropriate form.

Last but not least… make it easy to be publicized

If we didn’t drill it in enough, make your video easy for viewers who like it to share with others. This is hands down the most powerful way to increase virality: and it’s easy! After you have made a concise, compelling video with a great story, share it with people who would care about what you have to say. Encourage them to share it with others (and make it easy for them), and you have started the ripples of virality!

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