Every brand, company, organization needs audience and clients, which are the key to survival of business. Without any awareness and public acceptance, businesses can easily go down no matter how unique the product being offered is.

Social media optimization is one way to let people know about you and your brand resulting in increased followers and traffic on blog. Optimization simply is a way to enhance your content and marketing strategy through different social media profiles like Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile and so on.

The optimized content plays a vital role in deciding where the content will be ranked on search engines when people search for it through keywords. Content is considered optimized when it directly helps in increasing your online visibility by appearing in trending news, relevant posts and blogs etc.

Just like search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization works on same core principles. The objective is drive traffic to your Facebook page and ultimately the website, expand social media network and maximize the online visibility.

Why is SMO important?

In order to build social media connections and networks, you need to update your Facebook page and other profiles with information consistently. Uploading content and hoping it will make you millionaire in a day is just wishful thinking but if you need to convert those dreams into reality, what you can do is understand the importance of social media optimization.

There is always something more you can do to reach out to people, have deeper interaction with them and increase organic visitors on website. Staying active and maintaining a noticeable presence can help a lot when you want to add more people to your sales funnel.

The potential that any social media channel can offer for branding and publicity of a company can be huge. Add in social media optimization tactics and your company is set to make a name for itself in the industry amongst fierce competitors.

To improve and simplify social media optimization, here are some tips that can vitally improve your strategy.

1. Automation

Social media’s evolution in recent years has made it difficult to handle it efficiently in a limited time. The number of apps and websites is increasing for people and companies to connect on along with the number of accounts on one channel.

Designing new plans and strategies, evaluating the ones that are already implemented, staying active, communication with clients and customers are the few pointers in a list of unending tasks for a social media manager. To save time and get things done quickly, marketers need to handle their activities using automation softwares like Bleupage or TabFu.

Through automation services, content can be uploaded automatically at any specified interval, messages can be scheduled and tweets can be posted in advance. Automation is an optimization strategy that is effective, time saving and does not require an individual or team to sit in front of a laptop or desktop whole day.


2. Mobile friendly

Most of the social media websites are available in the form of apps for android, iOS and windows. Considering that more than half the population of this planet owns and actively uses smart phones, the best way to optimize content and social media is by making it mobile friendly.

Use share buttons that allow people to share your blog on any social media with just one tap. For Facebook, use instant article publishers which makes content loading faster and more presentable. While scrolling through newsfeed, users do not want to waste time waiting for content to load, which is why with instant articles the chances of your content actually viewed, read and interacted with become higher.


3. Build networks

Use Facebook groups as a way to self-promote and find any potential clients who share the same interests as you to get them to invest in your company. Networking is important for social media optimization because it gives you a chance to mature and grow with more exposure. Influencers, social media personalities and experts can have a positive effect on your brand if they know about you personally.

You can also leverage influencers to market you on their profiles and networks. Given their authority and credibility in the market, your social media can blow up after getting positive reviews from them. This directly results in increased visibility and huge traffic on the website.

Audience is as important as the influencers and networking with them is not enough. You need to have a personal deep connection of trust and understanding. Attention towards audience depicts your brand values as well as the fact that you care about your customers. When customer input is valued, people are more likely to interact with you and recommend you to their friends even if they do not fall in your primary target audience.

This is helpful because it expands your followers from just niche to more general, giving you the opportunity to build newer campaigns. The more the follower count is, the higher is the probability of your sales funnel growing.


4. Primary channel

For social media optimization, multiple channels of marketing are crucial but it is impossible to use all of them to their full potential at the same time. Different apps and networks have different features making them suitable for variety of content. For example, you cannot post hilarious cat videos on LinkedIn and expect to meet professionals and industry experts who will take you serious. To generate discussions and understand opinions, you need Twitter and Facebook while to initiate business oriented discussion, LinkedIn provides an ideal platform.

Considering these features, look at your content and social media marketing strategy to decide where you fit. You cannot get everything out of a Facebook page or Facebook marketing but with data and analytics, you can decide whether it should be the channel to put most focus on. If most of your target audience actively use it to interact with your content and share, make it your priority but if the analytics show Twitter to be the one bringing the most outcome in form of visitors on website and sales funnel, shift your strategy to that.

Use other platforms alongside for other purposes, such as you can use periscope to broadcast a live event, or use Snapchat to share stories that are interactive and informal.

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