Facebook has become the top used platform for communication and information distribution in recent years, despite the innovative apps and websites that are daily jumping in the pool of social media. The reason for Facebook’s huge audience is its friendly interface and multiple options that not only allow individuals to enjoy and benefit from it, but also the businesses. Brands and Industries have become particularly interested in what the platform has to offer for expanding or building a business.

The process to grow a business on Facebook has become so much easy that according to research, more than 90 percent of the businesses rely on social media to connect with audience and generate sales and leads for their products, and again, in most cases Facebook remains the primary platform for advertising and promotion purposes.

With diverse and countless features, businesses can meet their specific goals. To start from scratch, the first task is to create a page for your business on your previously registered profile. Once that has been done, using market research it is important to identify your consumers and target audience, and start creating content accordingly. The focus of this article is to provide you with tools that come in handy, once you have devised and created your content and content strategy. Advertising the content in a right way is the key to get customers pay attention to your brand or product.

Companies and organizations have come up with different radical and cutting-edge softwares / tools that help your business stay organized, up to date and well-adjusted, according to your needs. The softwares provide every basic function like creating a page for you to providing analytics and automation tools that not only monitor and analyze but also keep your posts in order.

Currently, the top three such softwares available in market are listed below:


An innovative software that provides an easy way to create page and Facebook tabs without getting into the complications of doing it separately on Facebook. This is one of the best and “Ultimate Marketing Page Creation System for Facebook Pages.” It allows you to generate powerful motions posts and high converting images used for advertising on Facebook on just one dashboard. The content posted through TabFu pulls in huge viral traffic, which results in the increase sales for business using it.

It offers the options to create different types of pages like Sales Pages, About Us Pages, Launch Pages, App Feature Pages and so on according to the requirements of your business. The pages are highly customizable, so you can edit them to incorporate your brand ideas and add copy. To keep your page in line with your brand theme, it also allows you tailor the color scheme.

Market research has proven repeatedly that email marketing is the best way to not only connect with your audience, but also understand and have a long-term relationship with them. TabFu, being the best allows you to do exactly that by offering viewers and consumers a chance to put their emails in the built-in tabs of Facebook as well as share it before they are able to view it for themselves.


The software is the most direct and easiest way to generate fans, sales and leads on Facebook, using its in-built features. Instead of waiting for audience to come visit your page and interact with it, Bleupage does all the hard work by posting directly inside Facebook fans’ news feed, where they can view it, being in their line of sight. Like TabFu, it has the option of email-marketing as well as automation tools to schedule posts. The software gives you easy access to monitor and analyze your posts by identifying the best performing posts that allows you to modify or extend your marketing strategies.


It is another great tool to manage your promotions on Facebook or your website. Using Tabsite, you can promote businesses along with posts that have coupon offers and deals, hold contests and set in email sign-up from onto your own page. Most of its features are already used by and are a part of Bleupage and Tabfu.

It is important for businesses to use these tools if they want to grow and build an audience on social media and Facebook. If you know your audience and have created the content accordingly, then you can sit back and relax (even sleep) while these softwares do all the work for you.

Social media and Facebook marketing is developing and expanding on daily basis, as companies are working with better and new technology to satisfy the needs of businesses and customers at the same time. Thousands of softwares and tools are already available in market. If you need to know more about these tools, follow us and write back to us at @BleuPage.

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