In today’s world, sharing and posting videos on social media channels is an effective way to promote your message and to attract your audience by videos that have the ability to go viral. Billion of users are


watching hundreds of million hours of online videos on YouTube and Facebook. And it seems as a fast-growing trend for the future.

According to the social media experts, more than 70 % traffic in 2017 will grow from video posting. But before sharing your fabulous videos, you need to learn the most effective steps to create standard videos on social media.


Step No. 1: Plan An Emotive Storytelling

Emotive storytelling is one of the best ways to create a video that inspires your audience.

Try to write a script close to reality and everyday life. People always inspired by real stories because they are easy to understand. Take care of chronological sequence in your stories such as the start, middle, and end.


Step No. 2: The Steady Standard Camera Work

A good video footage is shot with stable handheld. So keep the camera steady while making a video. For making a stable video you need to use a tripod. You can find out the immense difference between your mobile video with a shaky hand and a video by using a Tripod.
You can get more attention of your audience if you share the steady standard video with them.


Step No. 3: Consider An External Mic, If The Audio Is Key to The Story

An External Mic can help the narrator to record the story bit extra clear than the ordinary cam recording. If your video is full of action and effects, but it lacks the clear sound of the narrator… your story won’t pack extra punch if the viewer cannot clearly hear all the action.
Ultimately the built-in microphones on many smartphones leave the better sound quality that to be desired. You can easily find inexpensive external microphones from the market.


Step No. 4: Good Lighting Brings Better Video Results

Most smartphone cameras have low image sensors, so if you shoot a video in a dark and shady environment, it provides you low-quality and grainy video. So, it’s better to arrange some lights to increase the video quality.

Step No.5: Learn to Use Video editor

Most of the social media platforms are full of direct videos from mobile to the social media channel and this is awful. Before presenting anything to your audience, you need to trim a few errors and scenes from your recorded video.

A video editor also helps you to join the clips then add some titles and sub-titles in your video.

You can use the video editing software like iMovie, Windows Movie Make and the YouTube video editor.

Step No. 6: How to Catch The Quick Attention of Your Audience

You know, what matters a lot for social content such as a video? The answer is, the first thirty seconds of a social video are the most important part that decides whether the viewers are going to watch the whole video or they will shift to another video. So, make an exciting start in your video which develops interest in the viewers and the video will hook them for the first thirty seconds.

Once you start acting on these effective steps, you can create and share your own standard videos on social media.

Is oxygen necessary for a living? Well, let me answer this question, it definitely is and surviving without this natural resource is literally impossible.

Similarly, leads are like oxygen for your online marketing and sales campaigns without genuine leads it’s highly unlikely that you will get much out of your fortune cookie in terms of adequate traffic and sales.

The Majority of the people reading this content must be from the marketing fraternity and would be well aware of the different techniques used to grab email leads like extracting leads from yellow pages or buying huge email lists to name a few.

These methods of grabbing email leads do gel up nicely but there are also a lot of complications involved like the leads extracted from yellow pages are going to be more beneficial for (B2B) business-to-business on the other hand buying email lists is by no means walk in the park either.

There are a lot of fraud companies that cheat you and provide you with irrelevant email ids most of the times, resulting in damaging your reputation and wasting your valuable time and money.

If pop ups, buying email ids and scraping yellow pages are the only sources that are building up your email lists then you are definitely missing out on a lot.

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Step 8: Select from a range of options such as gate option, schedule and autoresponder you can also skip these and post a direct post as well by clicking the post button.

Shedding some more light on the gate, schedule and autoresponder options, if you select the gate option, it will enable an email gate on your post means anyone who wants to access the content of your post must first pass through the email gate by adding his or her email id.

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People mostly asked frequent questions about promoting their business by using countless social media marketing tools but entrepreneurs highly recommend LinkedIn.

They suggest LinkedIn marketing because it has the capability to accelerate your brand building potential, but it is totally up to the users to use LinkedIn on a daily basis and present themselves in front of the target audience.

If you want to get maximum approach to your target audience, then you need to take the following most important steps to enhance your business with LinkedIn marketing.

1: You need to get maximum recommendations from all the contacts you are connected with. But mostly people do not bother to make recommendations, so the key to getting their recommendations to ask the people you have worked with. Surely, you will get maximum testimonials.

2: You need to promote your profile to reflect your business in a better way. To promote your LinkedIn profile you should leave your mark everywhere by including your Email signatures, by cross- promotion on other social media platforms, by connecting with new contacts, by sending business cards etc.

3: You need to create a daily schedule to post content and to engage with people, which eventually increase your followers.

4: You need to publish fresh content to get traffic back to you. Again at this point, you have to publish your content directly to LinkedIn.

5: You need to launch a community of your own, which provides important discussions related to your business. Sooner or later, it provides an effective place to your target audience to join your group and it also grows your business and adds an overall punch to your LinkedIn marketing strategy.