Facebook has become a very important area for promoting business awareness. It is the hub of business social media where a firm maintains its interactions with the customers and it tries to reach out for the additional potential customers. Facebook provides businesses a platform of more than a billion of active accounts. The first step for the businesses is to capture as many Facebook users as possible. It is done either to spread awareness, promotions, social media marketing, feedbacks, interactions with the customers, etc. The purpose could be anything, but for the beginners, it is mostly done for awareness and promotions. I have laid out a few tips and techniques for the beginners to follow in order to achieve best marketing results on Facebook.

Setup an Official Business Page

It is important for the businesses to have a good presentable company page. The layout and the tone used for customers reach out should be friendly and convenient. The profile image is the most important feature of the firm’s Facebook page. The cover photo is secondary, but the profile picture must be attractive and compelling. It displays the first impression to the Facebook users.


It is very important for the business to post on its page at least once every day. The consistency should not exceed three to four times a day because otherwise it is possible that the customers might get annoyed with over flooding by the company’s posts on their newsfeed. But the regularity must be maintained to keep reminding the customers about its existence on the Facebook social media.

Post Timings

Since, it has been established that regular posts are required to keep active on the social media; the timings of these posts also play a vital role on its daily activities. The timing entirely depends upon the target market of the business. If the target market is the working class, posts should be done before the working hours and after the off time of the employees. If the target market is student, then it is said that posts should be made before 6pm. The main aim is to post before the peak time of the users.

Facebook Plugins

For any business to start it must have its own website or at least a blog maintained. Although Facebook page is effective enough, it needs to be backed up by an authentic source. The existence of the business should not be limited to the Facebook page solely. On the website or blog, its Facebook plugin must be available and scheduled Facebook Posts must be active. Whenever a blog post is generated, its link is automatically shared on its Facebook official page. All the notifications are automatically shared with all the Facebook fans or followers.

Quick Response Time

The response time must be conveyed on the official page and the minimum amount of response time is preferred. People prefer quick responses as opposed to slow reply time. Being active is everything! Nobody has time to wait for anyone, if the response time is slow, it is possible that the potential customers may run away or they lose interest. An active inbox and quick commenting activity is required.

Engage with Facebook users

Facebook is a Social Media which means an active engagement with the users is necessary. The posts should be made in such a way that encourages customer participation. Introduction of various games and contests increase customer involvement. An offer can be made like “if you share this promotional post to five different pages, you can enter a contest for wining a mobile phone”. This is just an example, but various offers can be made in order to increase customer interest.

Sharing pictures or videos on the page increases customer traffic. It creates more attraction than an ordinary written post. Images and videos are also shared frequently or rather regularly by the users. Winning customer interest is the highest goal in order to generate customer involvement.

Product Offering

A complete product or service information disclosure increases customer awareness and reduces any discrepancies there may be. Many restaurants fail to provide their complete menu on the Facebook page; it becomes a strong reason for not being able to attract their customers well. A little effort is required to provide comprehensive information regarding to what the company is actually offering to its customers.

Verified Page

There is a difference between a normal Facebook page and a “Verified Facebook Page”. A verified page is more professional to display to the customers. It requires at least a million likes to the page to get it to verify without any cash fee. But the company can also verify it by paying a specified amount as required by the Facebook management.

Call to Action

The official page has to indicate the customers to actually like the page on visiting. A big arrow sign that says “Like Us!” provides a clear direction to the users to like the page in order to follow up with the future posts. This is just a reminder to the users to follow the page if they find it interesting. It is better to cover all the directions required to provide to the customers. Leave no room for any obliviousness.

Encourage Customer Feedback

It is one way of looking at the company success through the company’s end, but it is very important to take the customer’s perspective into consideration as well. Many firms encourage customers to put up check-in status for their promotions and reviews and in return give various discounts for their feedbacks. It helps to build up the beginners’ reputation to the outside world. This is how promotions take place.

All of these techniques are just a few of many about how the beginners can go big only through Facebook Marketing. These techniques result in increase in customer portfolio and future customer retention. Facebook can become a perfect platform for promotions, but the right techniques are required by the individual businesses themselves.

To cope up with the rapidly changing world, marketing has become a vital need for the businesses to keep themselves alive in the active market for maintaining customers. Various mediums are used to attract people towards the product, service or a cause. Advertising, print ads and various others are just a few methods of marketing, but what the current market demands is going for the innovative ways of attracting a vast customer base in an efficient and effective manner. Cross promotion is considered a new prevailing Marketing Technique that is used in various forms according to the needs by specific businesses. It is marketing a product or services to the customers of other related products. Cross promotions are usually done with firms having a common goal or values so that it can be ensured that both the firms are striving for a common benefit. Due to its cost effective nature, it is best suited for small businesses, but large firms can always make the best from cross promotions. Following are some of the ways how you can make the cross promotions actually work for boosting up your business.


Co-promotion is done when your business collaborates with another related business to execute a promotional plan with a combined input from both the firms in order to gain a common benefit. Running a marketing campaign alone can be effective, but not quite entirely efficient. Joint promotion helps a firm to increase its existing customer base by including in the customer exposure of the partner marketing firm as well. With the increased customer exposure, the future sales are bound to increase for a business to keep its roots to a greater market base. For example, a toothbrush brand collaborates its promotional activities with a toothpaste brand. They can execute a combined promotional campaign for healthier and better teeth if people adopt the perfect combination of that precise toothpaste with the specific toothbrush brand. Now, the toothbrush business has gotten a hand over the customers of the toothpaste and similarly vice versa. This technique can be taken as a mass media marketing practice for smaller firms and a strong partnership for larger firms in the market. But the choice of the perfect candidate for the joint promotional campaigns should be made wisely, because it greatly effects the business’ professional reputation with the customers.

Combined Advertisements

Advertisements are highly effective but they incur a lot of cost to the firm. Another form of cross marketing technique is combined advertisements for two or more firms. This technique is a cost effective solution for firms who wants to have a strong customer base by putting in less money but requiring greater attraction. Firms can come into agreement by producing a joint advertisement and complementing each other’s products in order to create a combined and cost effective marketing tool that is appealing to the customers. In case of the commercial ads, each firm shares the costs and produces an ad that attracts people from both the firm’s customer pool. For example, breakfast Cereal Company collaborates its ad with a milk company. Both the firms are enhancing each other and in the process, are producing a combined cost effective ad, catering both its customers, i.e. cereal customers and the milk customers. Now, in case of the combined print ads, two or more companies buy an ad portion in the newspaper or a magazine and share the ad space together.

Join Referrals

Joint referrals in cross promotional marketing can be defined in simple words as “word of mouth through businesses”. Two or more businesses can collaborate together and establish a relationship of providing reference of another firm to its customers. This gives credentials to the customers that the firm referred to them has the good enough capability required. It is just an authenticated word of mouth. The main risk that arises in this marketing technique is that the reputation of the firm comes at stake. If the company does not prove itself to the expectations of the customers, the repute of the firm providing the reference comes into jeopardy. For example, a gym refers its customers some supplements for their healthier exercises. If those supplement brands do not provide the promised result, the reputation of that gym also becomes doubtful. But the right fit benefits both the firms in terms of increasing sales and maintaining long term customers. Also, an element of encouragements can also be added to joint referrals. A company gives special benefits to the customers who reference the company’s partner. This helps in creating a good network of strong customers.

Joint Events and Contests

Businesses can increase their exposure by launching joint events and contests in collaboration with other firms. Sponsoring events helps firms in creating goodwill to the society or a group of people. Joint sponsorship helps in executing a successful event cost effectively. Customers acknowledge businesses during the events launched by the businesses. They can also launch educational seminars or promote CSR together. With greater goodwill created, greater are the chances that customer retention shall be maintained effectively. Effectiveness is obtained by the joint expertise by the firms and efficiency is attained by the cost sharing and greater customer exposure. An educational institute can collaborate with a few firms from different industries in promoting joint events and contests for cost effective marketing.

Sum up: How to make it Work

These were only four of the many innovative techniques that cross promotions offer. Many firms testify that their theoretical marketing plan is always different from the execution phase in which the actual collaborated marketing is done. There are many aspects that needs to be analyzed before actually commencing a successful campaign. Your job is to identify the key strength factors of your business and look for the enhancing features that your partnering firm has to offer. It is very important that both of your strengths must complement each other if you want your business to get a boost from cross promotions. Once the strengths are analyzed, the customer portfolio is next in line to assess whether the partnering firm is offering your potential future customers or not. The customers must have similar demographics, mind-set, taste, or any quality that is important for making them your future clients. Cross promotions are definitely effective and efficient, but a perfect fit has to be identified for a successful cross promotional marketing.

Every business starts with the ultimate goal of becoming a huge success one day. You want your local to become national, national to international and international to multinational. Everyone dreams of that but very few are able to achieve that dream. Not everyone can be an owner of a multimillion dollar corporations.

The corporations that turn into big businesses follow certain strategies and adopt the marketing models that work the best in given conditions. To convert your business into a brand, following some social media strategies are crucial. Some of these are listed below.

Audience Segmentation

It is really important to know your audience well. Everyone is unique even when they might share same features like gender, age, location, education and so on. To succeed via social media marketing, you must be able to reach your audience personally.

Divide and conquer should be the rule. Remember that customers are different from potential customers, so focus on both with different perspectives. Instead of targeting mass audience, small groups of people who share the most are healthier and better approach. In the words of Fairfax M. Cone, “There is no such thing as a Mass Mind. The Mass Audience is made up of individuals, and good advertising is written always from one person to another. When it is aimed at millions, it rarely moves anyone.”

This pretty much sums up how segmentation and audience optimization can lead to making a huge difference for your business. It allows you to see people as individuals and not just enablers of boost in business, which directly helps in building credibility and trust between the audience and business.

Email Marketing

Building mail lists while promoting your business on social media is one of the key jobs for a social media manager. Without a list you cannot promote a business through emails, which means the personal and one-on-one communication is impossible.

With a simple opt in form landing page, you can easily collect personal data from the target audience that is otherwise hard to find. To get people to fill in these forms you need to provide an incentive or a motivation at the end like a coupon or free e-book that can be worthy to the user.

With email marketing campaigns, you can grow your business professionally and sell your product easily. The message in email body can be specific and is without the distraction of other stories, statuses or pictures unlike Facebook or Twitter timelines.

One thing to consider while building email lists is to make sure that you have the consent of the audience. Add a page in the start that clearly states the permission for your business to use the email id in promoting any type of ads or newsletters. This ensures privacy concerns and all parties involved can get their business done in a clean way.

If you want your business to really grow and become a brand, creating lists from scratch can be handy. In that case you can get services from vendors and buy the lists within the price range of your budget. Do not spam your target audience by sending bots and click baits because that can backfire and compromise your business considerably.

Website and Blog

If you are actually invested in getting your business to a step up, you need to understand the importance of visibility. Your online presence is everything. Make sure you are everywhere. You must be familiar with every social media website and app even when you are not using them.

A professional website with user friendly interface can open doors to new opportunities, if it is optimized properly. The content uploaded must be worthy and provide value to the visitor. Use automated Softwares and tools to keep the website updated and make sure that the content is getting shared on official social media profiles and blogs.

Digital presence is important because people need to be aware of your brand even if they are not target audience. Awareness will get your small business into a huge corporation and without that you will be stuck. Make yourself as much present as possible so that business partners and clients come to you and not the other way round.

Use Facebook tabs to promote controlled content while landing pages can prove extremely helpful in collecting leads from users. These leads and insights can help you create more personalized ads and campaigns with the ability to go viral and anything viral is better than a goldmine in today’s digital world.

When you are trying to achieve bigger goals, smaller ones need extra special attention. It is the little steps and the process that accounts before you get to anything, which is why you should forget about the brand. Invest yourself in meeting daily and weekly objectives, pay attention and finish your tasks according to plan.

Brand is not just a product or a business idea. It requires your feelings and emotions. Your customer is not just buying a bottle of coke. They are rather sharing love and happiness. If you want to succeed, give your customers an experience. Take them on a trip so they feel emotionally invested in you brand. This is the strategy that will not only bring you success but also ensure customer loyalty.

Taking risks is also critical as you cannot stick with one successful model. Innovate yourself every once in a while so the customers stay curious. You cannot become billionaire in a day so be patient and learn from your mistakes for future purposes.

As a social media marketer or a new business owner, you will spend a lot of time making sure that your content is ready and reaching the right people. You create compelling content so you can convince your target audience that they need you and you are the answer to one of their needs. Social media content also opens door for new business ventures, potential clients and future customers if the strategy is solid and you have creative sense.

While social media is highly effective for fully established business that have millions of likes and followers on their Facebook and Twitter/ Instagram profiles respectively, research shows that for beginners and entrepreneurs, it does not produce as successful or promising results. 

This is the reason; businesses cannot rely on just social media or Facebook to secure a standing in the market amongst the competitors. For your content to prove effective, you need strategy and other ways to boost your sales. You are present on social media but the question is do you understand it and do you have what it takes to spread your business in the digital world?

To take social media promotion one step ahead, you need to be flexible so you can augment the effectiveness of your Social Media Strategy across multiple platforms and channels.

Use Your Competitors

When starting a business, it is really important to understand who you are working against. This helps you define your competitive advantage and gives you a selling point that no one else has. You will come across dozens of other businesses who offer the same product as you, who target the same people as you and who are working with the same strategy as you. Your task is to change the story. Build your own narrative and make that the big idea.

When you know who you are fighting against you can learn their weaknesses and strengths. Monitor their websites, social media engagements and blogs to see what works and what does not. Do not try to imitate but rather learn and then work in your own cloud with your own original creative ideas.

Knowing your competitors can also lead you to perspective clients and customers. Talk to people in the comments section and engage with them. Inbox their targeted audience and extract email lists to promote what they want. It is up to you, your advertising and your strategy placement whether you are able to sell your product or not. Be direct and tell them the catch, the competitive advantage that will get them to terminate their trustworthy relationship with the opposition and build one with yours.

Build Landing Pages

Social media and online presence is everything. You have to be everywhere to get the attention of people. No one will want to know you if they only see one Facebook page with a few number of followers. However, landing pages allow you to get people do what you want. With a call to action approach, you can build individualized cause specific landing pages all over the internet.

The purpose of landing pages is to capture leads so you can understand your target audience better and use the lead insights for future campaigns. Landing pages aim to not only build awareness about the brand and its products, they send the visitors and curious users of digital media into your sales funnel, making your profits higher than before.

Customize for Other Channels

If you want to use your social media strategy to get a boost in business, you need to make it flexible. A flexible strategy can be easily customized for any channel. Use visuals mostly as they attract any kind of the audience and bring in more engagements.

Embrace your inner graphic designer and create multiple visuals of same idea using infographics, charts and tables for facts. Labels like ‘picture of the day’ for Instagram or ‘featured image’ can be used on daily and weekly basis to promote one picture with the big idea and persuasion element.

Keep the story same but change your headline or body of the post based on channel. On Twitter, you cannot post more than 140 characters which is why you need to be precise. Instead of dividing the message in two tweets, use your brain and make it more comprehensive to fit it in one.

When posting on LinkedIn, you have to be professional and use formal language when talking about serious business. Check and double check your headlines and titles. The title of an article or blog gives away the sense of what reader should expect to find inside the body. Use keywords and make the titles attractive and promotable so they are worthy of attention.

Do not Ignore the Feedback or Analytics

Most companies are so busy in planning their perfect strategies and new advertising campaigns that they forget to check at the data gathered from previous ones. It is absolutely vital to check the analytics and data provided over the progress of marketing campaigns. Use Google analytics or third party softwares to determine which kind of posts your target audience liked, which ones they engaged with the most, where you were not able to get any emotional response and so on.

While extensive data sheets and hard core facts, tables and graphs are critical to the progress of a business, you must also be able to listen to your customers. Give them a chance to speak and do not be afraid to listen. It is guaranteed that will not always have nicer things to say about you and sometimes it will all be just the complaints, do not take that personal. It might feel like a punch to your face but without such criticism and thoughtful questions, you cannot move forward.

To make progress you have to be an open thinker. Pay attention to any opinions or creative contributions by users on social media and other platforms. When you respond, the person on the other side knows that you value them and do not take them just for granted. While you might be on the opposite side of argument, this practice will allow the customer or potential client to respect you, which leads to a healthy and mature growth for the business.

It is all about the emotions. Care about people as much as your care about making your business a success. Such attitude will not only result in your brand’s positive perception but also attracts more customers and investors.

The most effective digital marketing technique these days is viral marketing. This marketing technique empowers marketers and small businesses to promote and spread out their services and products like big brands. Viral marketing techniques enables marketers to reach out more potential leads and speed up the development of small brands to unrestricted volumes of prospective leads for business. Viral marketing techniques are developed through word-of-mouth and digital marketing while leveraging on different kinds of social media online. Viral interaction is finest turned on through social networks to enhance web traffic to a site. Sharing audio, videos, and text medium details might make use of reliable viral interaction throughout the web.

Execution of Viral Marketing

Due to simplicity and efficiency of viral internet marketing numerous online marketers and businesses try to begin their own viral marketing campaigns. To execute viral marketing campaign a little technical proficiency is required. Good quality and engaging content is one of the major elements in viral marketing that can drifts easily throughout web to impress numerous web customers all at once to set off the best call-to-action.  Impressive and breaking news contents are effective execution of viral marketing campaign. Successful viral marketing campaign is highly depended on the psychological effects of contents that force the reader to forwarding and sharing. A few of the very best viral marketing strategies consist of videos, social networks, newsletter and material marketing.

Video Marketing for Viral

Now in with the modern inventions in information technology video marketing is one of the easiest sources to make something viral. Videos are well liked by every type of peoples as videos provide easy understanding of anything.  Visual promotions are much easier to draw in a record possible leads interest. People like discussion of contents in a funny or informing way that showcases professionalism or enjoyable. To make your videos more viral you can place Viral Gates on your video. You may also use squeeze pages and share gates when you are going to post it on social media platforms. YouTube shows to be another vibrant social networks platform that is extensively made use of to produce a viral result on video contents. Businesses have actually effectively enjoyed their promotion videos going viral on YouTube.

Social Network for Viral

Now you can share everything on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc. On these kinds of websites you are able to use different kinds of social media viral marketing software’s. These software’s are able to make your content more attractive and convincing. You can also capture new leads for your marketing campaigns. With the help of these software’s you can offer discount and something free to share, like and comment on your posts.

Newsletters for Viral

Newsletters are outstanding in helping online businesses regarding keeping in touch with new leads and on-going clients.  In newsletters you can compel readers to visit your website through powerful content. These kinds of letters are much easier to Go viral on corporate brands and provides as web consumers might forward the current info with an easy click of the button. Consumers and prospective company leads get the most recent info to delight in higher take advantage of the brand and company.

Above are the some very simple viral marketing techniques that everyone can adopt without paying extra cost for marketing. There are several viral marketing softwares you can use in your marketing campaigns, these softwares can help you a lot in making something viral and they also provide other different services like, email gates, discount coupons, fully customizable templates for your posts and many other things. It depends on your marketing company or company owner to choose and determine the best suitable viral marketing techniques and softwares. Some viral marketing strategies might be simple to turn on while others need some marketing devices and elements. When targeted specific niche markets are determined ahead of time, the best marketing method might prompt a viral result on the proposed promo.