Internet marketers always try to find new ways to get the word out about their business and new potential leads. For effective social media marketing it is essential to have lead capture pages on your posts. For those who may not familiar with what is lead capture pages, they accomplish these essential things.

  • Lead capture pages allow you to offer newsletter, reports, or any other information which visitors can “opt in” to receive
  • Lead capture pages allow you to gather some information about visitors, for example email address, phone number etc. You can use this information to stay in touch with your visitors.

Facebook is now the biggest source of getting potential traffic for your business. Usually for marketers it is difficult to place lead capture pages on posts. You have to develop lead caption pages in html or any other. Using of lead capture pages on Facebook is also difficult and involves many development tricks. To place a lead capture page on your Facebook posts involve paying of webhosting, designing, development and a domain name, but it is not recommended for marketers as they can’t wait long for this length and expensive process.

Now there are other ways to design, develop and place lead capture page on your Facebook. I use to create lead capture pages. It is one of the awesome and cheap Software for Facebook Marketing. You can create a post and can directly post it in news feed. There is no need to spend your money and time on designing, developing and hosting. Tabfu will it for you. You can select a design from number of available designs; you are able to create your custom design for your posts with few clicks. Each and every option of lead capture pages is provided in this software. You can create tabs, motion post, Facebook Ads and many other things without using any development procedure. Tabfu will post it for you directly in news feed. You can edit and design lead capture page also.

You can create your lead capture page at very low cost or you can say almost free of cost. Tabfu will make it attractive and beautiful. If you want to add some more things in your page, it is very easy with Tabfu. You can store you leads directly into your lists. Following are the steps involve in creating lead capture. You can see how it is easy.

Step -1

Go to tab and open templates, you will see a button of category, select squeeze page option to open squeeze page templates.


When you choose the squeeze page template for your post, now it’s time to edit the page, put all the information of your post in squeeze page, then click on the lock button. A new tab will be opened, containing different gates you want to place on your post.


Now you can select gates according to your own will, in this example we choose email gate option for our squeeze page. When you select the gate, you will see different options off  and o, custom codes, coupons etc. When you push the save button it will be automatically integrated with your storage platforms. After saving the squeeze page you can post it directly into the newsfeed of your fans.

Working in social media marketing means that a handsome amount of your time as a marketer will be spent looking at new trends and new stories developing every minute.

For any brand, social media and Facebook business pages are crucial as they bring traffic to the website and blogs on the marketer’s part while for audience; they help them in engaging with new information, other customers and the company itself.

It is true that Social Media Campaigns and Marketing on Facebook pages takes up a huge amount of time, money and effort, but when the resources are invested properly with a plan, all the effort is worth it.

Sometimes, creating a Facebook fan page and updating it timely can be solely responsible for bringing leads and sales for your business. Therefore, you cannot rely on old information or take Facebook page for granted in doing your business.

There are multiple reasons why keeping you informed and active all the times on social media is important. A few of them are listed below.

  • Informed Audience

A Facebook business page can only survive if it has the right audience who are genuinely interested in your brand and actively participate with the content posted on the page.

A symbiotic relationship exists between the active participation of audience and the content you post. If there is no content, your audience will consider you unworthy and will stop following you, and if there are no audiences, no matter how valuable the content is, it will be useless as it is not consumed by anyone.

The reason social media marketers need to be informed all the time regarding industry related news is that new content brings not only new followers but also keeps the previous ones interested and involved.

Higher engagements and reach of posts directly results in high rankings of your content in search engines and on Facebook newsfeed.

  • Establishing Credibility

Small businesses are usually at a disadvantage when it comes to having a credible standing in the industry. As a beginner, it takes time for you to establish the trust between yourself and targeted audience.

Generally, people prefer those companies that are already selling products with good reviews and enough mentions. However, starting as a beginner if you keep your focus and show commitment to your brand, people will eventually start noticing and who knows, you might be the next BuzzFeed or Huffington Post.

  • To Keep Authority in Industry

While having a credibility and making a name for yourself is important to kick things off, what should be done next to keep it working? The answer is to never stop. Your credibility will only be good enough as long as you are producing content to consume for the audience.

Once you have stopped producing the valuable posts for Facebook, or worthy tweets with information and news on Twitter, no matter how good the products, people will start to forget you.

In order to keep your name up and running, be active. Know about the tools that will help you be more efficient and fast in communicating and interacting with followers.

  • Better content and campaigns

Constantly checking on new stories and keeping track of follow ups help you stay at the top of your game. The new trends and news play a crucial part in the way you can build a social media campaign.

It is quite possible that you have considered an altogether different strategy but a new trend or a viral video show up out of nowhere. The viral content gets people to engage and interact. Based on that, you can shift the plan and agenda of your campaign. You can sell your product differently, by getting it to relate to the newer trends, so when people look for that, they find you.

This not only helps in producing great content from the spur of the moment, but also makes you ready for creating flexible campaigns that can be adjusted in any culture and at any place or any time.

  • Expert power

Staying in the loop and keeping yourself and the team updated is more than about just building authority. It is about becoming the authority.

Here is one example. If you take technology or marketing related news, you would check out websites like ‘verge’ or ‘business insider’ and other such big names. The reason they are your first priority is because you know they are not only credible but also they will be the first ones to know it and you can rely on the information provided by them since they have a team of experts working with them.

You cannot become expert in one day, but with enough learning passion and understanding your interest properly, you can soon become the company who has real influence in the industry.

  • Facebook campaigns pay off

Some marketers think that Facebook advertising is not as effective as it is marketed to the businesses. That is not true.

The optimized ads can easily get you near your goal. The reach of your posts can increase and people liking your Facebook fan page can easily double, if you are smart about it. Understand your audience and you will start getting the outcome that increases leads, sales and revenue.

The key is to get people to notice you through the ads and considering the amount of promotional content users see on their Facebook page, it is likely that you will get ignored just like hundred and millions others.

Do not push the viewer to make a purchase. Instead use a copy that is personal and builds a connection between you and the audience. You can use a call-to-action approach with playing with words a little if you are trying to get an emotional response.

The other thing that works great is use of visuals like images, charts, tables, graphs pictures, infographics etc., depending on the type of content in your campaign.

These pointers are the keystone to building a successful business as a beginner. Not just these tips but as I mentioned earlier, tools make your Facebook / social media manager’s life easy. They help in making the business more effective and smooth. So, keep an eye out for new softwares and apps that are being built on daily basis and make sure to benefit from them (of course if your budget allows you to).

Facebook, as you know has become the king of social media, thanks to the now reaching near 2 billion number of users that include individual profiles, businesses, companies, multinational organizations and all types of professionals.

The F8 conference, 2016 was conducted last week in San Francisco on April 12 and April 13. The company announced a number of new features as the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg put down a 10 year’s road map in his hour and a half keynote speech.

Deb Liu, leader of Facebook’s developer platform group; Ime Archibong, director strategic partnerships; David Marcus, leader of Facebook Messenger group; and Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer were the other keynote speakers present.

Over 2500 people attended the conference while thousands watched on their devices from home as the event was live streamed on Facebook. In the years, Facebook has become a high end technology product developer rather than just a social media that facilitates the process of two-way communication.

Here are all the huge announcements made at the conference.

  • Live API for Developers

Seeing the success Facebook has had with live streaming, it announced that developers can now plug into Facebook live using the new API. It will allow them to create new designs for live streaming so people can interact and share in different ways.

BuzzFeed, Vidpresso, Livestream and DJI, a drone making company would be the first partners for this project.

  • Profile Expression Kit

Users have now option to introduce themselves in the form of small videos which will be supported by third part apps that include;

  • Boomerang by Instagram
  • Lollicam
  • BeautyPlus
  • Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel
  • Lollicam
  • MSQRD and
  • Vine

Last year Facebook launched an update for supporting seven second profile videos instead of a picture, but now since it is supported by third party apps, users will have option to send the videos directly to Facebook from these apps.

Any new selfie camera apps will be able to support this as well in future.

  • Messenger bots

Developers can now build bots for Facebook messenger, that will bring new functions to the app, allowing businesses to communicate with customers more freely and effortlessly.

The bots will officially replace 1-800, making Facebook the perfect channel to conduct business by allowing ecommerce, customer support and media. This will let companies to send information directly to the subscribers whenever there is new information.

The chat bots will only be available for messenger while the web Facebook will have chat widgets. On messenger, the options range from automated subscription to getting updates about weather, traffic, shipping details for ecommerce to live messages that are basically automated to stay active and communicative with the customers.

  • Account Kit

Mobile phones have a big role in advancing the technology and world. By introducing account kit feature, Facebook has shown that it understands the rapid growth, which can be achieved if users are able to login to their accounts using just a phone number.

Users would not have to remember multiple passwords for apps anymore as they can login using their phone numbers and the code sent to that number.

Around 80 percent of the apps in USA use the option to ‘login with Facebook’ instead of making a new account. This saves time and app developers are able to extract information about users easily, but surveys showed that people hate passwords. This might be the reason that when phone numbers were tested the login numbers improved and Facebook formally introduced account kits.

  • Save Button

The save button was introduced on Facebook about four years ago where users have option to save any link, status, article or anything on Facebook for later, so they can read it when they have time.

Up until this point, 250 million people had been using the feature but Facebook has found a way to increase that number. For any article, publishers can add the button to the templates and when readers tap the button, the link will be automatically saved to the Facebook queue.

  • Share Quotes

Screenshots are considered one of the best ways to share text or pictures posted by someone else or somewhere else. The source of the post becomes obvious too and the process is convenient as well.

Facebook has found a more convenient way of sharing text by introducing a ‘share quote’ button. When reading and article or news story where developer has added the button, if the reader highlights a part of text, the share quote button will appear, clicking on which will result in the highlighted text posted directly to Facebook.

Readers will no longer have to copy and paste stuff that they like or find worth sharing onto Facebook.

  • 360 Degree Video Camera

The gorgeous new product called ‘Facebook surround 360’ has 17 cameras that capture the surroundings in the form of a 3D video and renders them automatically. The device is seamless and produces sharp images without any visible footage flaws like showing the holding pole in the captured shots. This also lessens the effort and time put in post-production and editing of the footage.

The project is open sourced and will be available on GitHub in the summers.


  • Social Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is evolving into a crucial computing platform and with the increase in sharing of text and photos on the social media; Facebook introduced a virtual reality selfie stick. The first VR selfie was taken by Oculus during the demonstration of feature.

Zuckerberg said that Facebook is working towards building “a whole new set of social experiences” so users can feel like they are right there with the other person.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Facebook’s research into artificial intelligence will pave a way for people to connect in a better way and with new abilities like language translation, image understanding that allows photos to be searched for and classified by the image context rather than tags, and classifying videos in real time.

  • Analytics Update

Facebook analytics feature helps businesses understand their audience, their interests and demographics more easily. At F8 conference, Facebook introduced that new update to the analytics app will further help marketers to get insights and communicate with audience more deeply.

The beta version update will also support in-app notifications as well.

For any business social media holds a very important place in deciding advertising or marketing strategy. Companies have separate departments dedicated to social media marketing because it serves as a sales hub for products.

The sales only happen on social media when you have established your authority in the industry with competitors and a trustworthy relationship with your customer. All the content posted on social media is created with objectives like

  • Reaching target audience
  • Getting audience to engage with the content
  • Using that content to get users on the website, and
  • Turning those visitors into customers

When as a marketer, you build social media campaign strategy or a Facebook Ad, how can you make sure that it will resonate with audience and you will be able to achieve the above mentioned goals? The answer to that is called ‘analytics’.

The two ways through which marketers and advertisers do business on the social media are:

  • Direct- Facebook ads, posts, pictures etc. which encourage audience to buy the product directly from the newly introduced ‘buy’ button on platform or by visiting website, as done in past.
  • Indirect- Building content and promoting it through landing pages, Facebook tabs and plain posts based on the data collected from analytics, feedback of audience and social media intelligence. This helps in building brand awareness and getting people to notice you.

If social media intelligence and analytics are so important, one finds themselves asking the question- what are they and why they have such crucial importance in business promotion.

Social Media Intelligence

The technical definition of intelligence is “The ability to learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations.” If we add the social media part it converts into “The ability to learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations- on social media during an advertising campaign.

However, that is not quite it. Social media intelligence has completely different meaning and yes it is directly related with analytics and data collected from the multiple channels. When a marketer uses the data like Google analytics or Facebook analytics and use it to modify, change or improve their campaign strategy, only then it becomes intelligence.

This might include looking at a graph that shows the ratio between male and female followers. If you see that more male users have liked your page but the campaign strategy was built keeping in mind female customers, you would want to know the reason behind this spike in male users and using that reason you would be able to change the campaign and focus on male customers and their needs.

Intelligence can be added to other analytics as well. These would include data such as comparing the engagements on a text update to a live stream video or seeing the which format is more shared- images and visuals or embedded links with one-line description.

Analytics and How Are They Different from Social Media Intelligence

Tons of data is generated on Facebook and other social media platforms every second for every page and profile. Most of this data is highly valuable like looking at the sentiments of customers and users about your brand or the mentions about it and it also is being monitored by social media managers. All this data falls under the category of analytics.

The thing that makes analytics different from intelligence is that a piece of data that has intelligence has the ability to translate into further information. Let’s say, you found out that for this particular week your followers increased by 20%. Now this is an information that will serve as a great data point but it will not have any further meaning. On the other hand, if your data shows that in this 20 percent increase, only 5 percent users were between the age range of 15-25 years (more than half the users of social media falls under this category, which is let say. your primary target audience as well) while, 15% followers are in the category of 35-45 years’ age.

This type of information has further meaning and you can find the reasons of skewness in graph. You can look at the content or ads posted recently an study the differences from usual. This will help you understand the content that is preferred by older audience and hence you will be able to create campaigns accordingly in future.

Using Analytics and Intelligence for Brand Promotion

Your business can achieve great things once you learn to use all this data for future business promotions. These uses include,

  • Predict the networks where most of the target audience exist and actively participate.
  • Recognize the format type that gets more shares, like and interactions.
  • Understand the behavior of followers to see what leads them into becoming your customers.
  • Figure out the customers that are more beneficial in terms of sales and which ones are not because of their debts or slow payments.
  • Track campaigns and compare them to see which ones are most profitable.
  • Based on sales of products, decide the inventory that should go into production.

Gathering Data, Analytics and Social Media Intelligence

Collecting analytics and monitoring social media through tools and apps is a common practice for marketers and business owners. One of these tools is TabFu. The seamless analytics feature in TabFu is a big help in deciding the way you should be shaping your social media strategy. Marketers and beginners sometimes waste their time in creating campaigns that do not bring ROI and that costs not only money but time and effort as well.

With TabFu’s analytics feature, you will be able to see which posts are getting the most shares, likes, comments etc. so you can follow the same strategy in future.

With the new information map created by the social media campaigns, marketers have options to not only build competitor’s analysis more efficiently but identifying users, their behaviors and dispositions of conversations in social spaces has also become easier. Professionals no longer need to look in traditional databases and extensive research methods to find out information about users, in order to curate the content that will resonate and shape the path towards building conversations.

The data on social media is as authentic as any other, collected from various advertising channels. Infect, it plays a more crucial part in marketing the brand and ignoring it might result in substantial damage to the company.

With the demand and use of social intelligence in competitive analysis and overall decision for finalizing camping strategy, it is time for all businesses to create profiles of the intelligence analysts in their departments.

Internet and technology has changed our lives in huge ways. From our communication patterns to the way companies used to conduct businesses, they have made an impact on everything that came near them.

Further advancement in technology is inevitable since humans are struggling towards inventing new things while making the old ones better and better day by day.

Starting from mechanical, we moved to electronic technology in the form of radio and TV and then in late 1950s digital revolution happened. Digital computers and digital record keepers were a huge thing in US in the cold war era. In early 1980s, internet was invented and ever since nothing has been the same. The whole scenario of digital world changed.

Digital revolution introduced computers, digital mobile phones and internet which are now the three most crucial components in any individual’s or business’ life.

When was digital marketing introduced and what it is?

After internet became available to public, it was matter of time that people got to the digital marketing. The term was first introduced in 1990s but its actual usage started in 2000s when the technology became more sophisticated and widely available.

Digital marketing is a way of connecting with consumers and target audience in an effective way that has depth and application. Internet has created unlimited number of opportunities for advertisers and digital marketers to promote their brands and products through a number of channels.

The exponential growth of digital marketing is also supported by the technology and devices it can be accessed on. Consumers no longer need to take time out and sit in front of a digital computer or desktop. Instead, they just use devices that are handy and can be easily carried anywhere like smart phone, laptops and notebooks etc.

These internet users are the primary targets of any digital advertising or online marketing. It is highly prevalent in advanced countries like US, UK, New Zealand, Canada etc. Although third world countries that are still advancing regarding technology and business also use the platform to a considerable high amount compared to TV and radio.


Why digital marketing or online marketing is important?

As I mentioned the accessibility of technology anywhere and anytime in the form of smart device such as mobile phones, digital marketing holds crucial importance for businesses. The obvious reason is the number of people that can be reached through the channel.

The days when you had to find a slot on TV to advertise your product and at a great cost are gone. To access digital media, the two things you need are 1) a device that has an internet connection and access to web content 2) an internet connection, which is not hard to find no matter where you are, and does not cost much as well.

Another reason you cannot overlook the benefits of digital media is because along with information, it provides entertainment, news, a chance to link and interact with friends, family and anyone you want without having them present in front of you.

Digital media marketing is not only effective but it is also much more credible as you are able to reach to the audience who might not directly know you but will trust you and consume your product based on reviews of your loyal customers and influencers.

Advertising directly is significant- there is no doubt in that, but when a third party jumps in whom people trust and find relevant, an automatic connection builds between you and the audience.


Role of social media in digital marketing?

Social media is such a huge part of digital media that most of the time, the terms are used interchangeably. Social media is a sub category of digital media so when we talk about digital marketing it includes social media marketing through blogs, websites, marketing hubs, Facebook pages, landing pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google plus profiles etc.

Social media has multiple channels under it but the most important and widely used is Facebook. Facebook pages are the best ways for businesses to establish a professional setup on the media and reach to audience. There are multiple Facebook marketing softwares available that help in utilizing the platform to its full potential.

Another way to use social media marketing is by establishing landing pages on websites and blogs or Facebook page. Landing pages are used to spread information to the users and they help in building awareness about the brand. You can add text, pictures, videos, visuals in infographic form like charts and tables etc.

Another way to promote your business through Facebook marketing is by introducing Facebook tabs inside your page. Facebook tabs serve as mini websites that help your page stand out from the crowd by offering users a unique way of accessing information. If you are a business that relies heavily on social networking and arranging meet ups, conferences, seminars you can add an ‘events’ Facebook tab that will help users find events hosted by you without any hassle.

Now, if we look at the way digital media marketing changed because of social media, we can say that it brought a huge improvement to the digital world. Before social media, people could only access information through web pages and there was not much place for entertainment and real-time interaction. However, now with social media, anyone is able to stay up to dated about the activities happening round the world.

You can be sitting in one corner of the world and you can know about the events, places, conferences happening in the other corner by just one tap. E-commerce has also made shopping easier for people who are unable to take time out of their busy routines and go shopping. Not only one is able to shop in their local outlets based on the content advertised on social media like Facebook page and Instagram profile but you can also buy stuff from other countries through international shipping and obtain the product within few days without any issues.

Before social media, digital advertising was not as successful as it is now because of the way social media supports two-way communication but digital media did not. Different options such as to comment, like, retweet, reply, favorite, reposting and many others pave a way for the viewer to let the content curator know how they feel about it. Businesses can use this feature to collect feedback, get people’s opinion within seconds and modify or change their social media strategy accordingly. This lessens the possibility of running a campaign that does not resonate with people. The platforms can also be used as social customer service as well so when you are getting feedback instantly, customers also have a chance to get the solution to their problems and answer to their questions within moments unlike waiting for days to hear back in newspaper or for hours on phone.

This has all been possible because of social media. If Facebook and Instagram did not exist we would not be able to view content, see pictures and videos or interact with the world in real-time through live streaming videos and talk shows.

Creating marketing campaigns on Facebook is easy. With few tactics and understanding of the platform you can create the best social media marketing campaigns but so can your competitors and millions of other businesses present on the platform.

What can you do that others cannot, or better yet… how can you compete with your competitors in a way that not only you make a name for your business but are also able to improve your conversions.

The conversion means getting your competitor’s followers’ attention and capitalization on that attention so they visit your social media profiles like Facebook page, twitter handle and so on or look into your blog, your website and turning these visitors into customers,

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook flaunts the most audience in about a number of 1.5 billion people. This means that the platform is most diverse, most used and most accessible throughout the world. These statistics make it the marketers and beginners’ first choice when they are setting up a new business.

While you are setting up a business on Facebook, it should be safe to guess that you will be in need of followers, whom you can deliver your content to. The best way to generate followers and collect leads is by setting up landing pages, like lead capture page or coupon page. 

Different types of landing pages help you achieve different goals and are a great way to drive people into your sales funnel. A lead capture page will help you get insight into your audience by collecting personal information like email address, date of birth, age and more.

A coupon landing page is a good way to get the visitors’ attention by offering them coupons and special offers for your businesses’ products and services.

Another way to launch a Facebook page and an ultimate marketing campaign is by creating a targeted Facebook ad. Facebook ads reach the right audience if you optimize your leading pages and the ad itself the proper way.

An interesting optimized ad is good enough for people to get them persuaded since they are already bored with multiple number of promotions and sales pitch flowing through their timelines. By being creative and unique, you can get users’ attention. The right kind of image, the right kind of information on the ad tab will get the users to click on it and that is all you need, when starting.

There are plenty other tips that will get you set right into social media frenzy which are explained below.

  • Read your Audience

Your audience are your biggest asset as you start a marketing campaign on Facebook. Who will you campaign to and who will see you advertisements if you do not have any followers on your page.

You will need to go through rigorous research to understand the needs and wants of your audience. Study their demographics, their interests, geo location and whatever you need to optimize your campaign.

No matter where you start or you start a social media marketing campaign, the most important thing is to get your target audience and potential clients / customers figured out right.

This will take you time and resources but I can assure you that it will all be worth your money in the end.

  • Richer Content

When designing a marketing campaign, you will need content to put in it. The type of content you decide to add in a Facebook ad or overall campaign is dependent on your audience and how they respond to this content, or responded to it in past.

Studying your competitors is a good idea and you can always research which type of campaigns worked for them and which failed. Social media is open and accessible that researching has become very easy and you should use that to your advantage.

With that information you can focus on one format type of the content like images, infographics, motion posts, polls or questions, video and so on. While you can prefer one format and produce more content in that format, it not forbidden to produce other type of content in the form of simple status updates or links from your website.

  • Interest Targeted Campaigns

Facebook offers a wide variety of options when you are creating an ad on it. From age to gender, education to interests, relationship status to income, you can narrow your audience and create multiple campaigns in a slightly different way to attract more people.

In the current scenario of social media, there is no place for generalized ads and creative campaigns. If you are offering a sports related product that is both for males and females, but your sales funnel includes more males, you can create new campaigns to target females.

This way Facebook will target females of a certain age range (the one you decided) who take interests in sports and sports products.

In a short period of time, you will see that your female customers and website visitors will increase by a significant percent.

  • Opt in Facebook Ads

When creating an advertising tab or lead page, you have to offer something to the audience in exchange of their information. If you are trying to build an email list, you can create an email opt in form in exchange for the worthy content that the audience is trying to access.

The valuable and unique content helps since it is something users cannot find on other Facebook pages so they will want to see the content by giving you what you want.

Another way is to bribe users by giving them exclusive deals, offers, discount codes and other such things when they fill your forms needing personal information on lead page or normal Facebook page.

The other things and services you can offer include e-books, video tutorials, free templates and tools, guide books, future course and much more.

  • Authority and Credibility

It is important to build your standing in the industry and that could only happen when there are credible users and influencers who can vouch for you. This needs linking and connection building, which is done by having an active role in your community.

Join groups on Facebook, communities on Google plus and connect fellow marketers on hangout. Reach out to influencers and invite them to your page for a takeover where they can live stream videos or share their personal thoughts about your business.

The other way around it is by getting the most trusted influencers in your industry to promote you on their Facebook page and other social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Instagram etc.

To pull that off, of course you need to be interesting enough and your content must be striking enough for influencers to pay attention to you.

Your credibility will also be higher if you have experience and qualification for what you are doing but that is not necessarily a requirement. We have seen startups and entrepreneurs succeed and we have also seen doctors and engineers running social media campaign with as much success as experienced marketers.

To sum it all up, the main points include content strategy, landing pages like lead pages and promotional pages, having a name for yourself in the market and most important of all knowing your audience in terms of their needs and wants better than they understand themselves.

The process is simple. Get them to know about you by setting up landing pages. Build awareness, create Facebook ads that are specific-interest-based to get the targeted audience on your Facebook page. The Facebook page will eventually lead them to the website and you will have visitors, high conversions, leads and sales.

Social media is an ever-evolving phenomenon, which sometime proves very hard to keep up. In the internet and advertising business, it works in your favor if you are updated and ahead of everyone else on the curve.

With new trends come new customer expectations, needs and wants. It is of an absolute importance to keep up with those. A disappointed audience is the fastest way to get wiped out by the competition and completely forgotten by customers.

There are multiple things to consider in social media and especially right now, in 2016, when hundreds of new Facebook and multiple social media softwares are debuting in the market. Apart from Facebook softwares, new social media apps have completely taken over and more than half the population of internet users (teenagers and youth in early twenties) never get tired of using them all.

These apps have the most diverse audience and hence it is becoming difficult for businesses to create campaigns that resonate with majority of their target audience. It is of high priority for businesses to keep their social media strategies flexible and ready to change any time so they can meet the demands of social media users’ base.

This year has already seen some major revolutionary changes and is expected to have some game-changing shifts that will in true meaning, change the face and meaning of social media.

We have entered a highly advanced and modern world of super-functional robots and virtual reality, where anything is possible anywhere and at any time.

If you want to keep yourself relevant from the perspective of clients, stakeholders and customers, we have got you covered. This blog will list major changes in social media for this year so far and the changes that are expected to happen soon.

In order to survive, you will need to get a hold of them and adapt to them to keep your authority in the business. Another reason is that you do not have a choice otherwise!

  • Advanced Campaigns for selective target audience

Targeted advertising is becoming one the biggest concern for marketers and advertisers. To enhance brand effectiveness, it has become inevitable for companies to build Facebook campaigns and social media ads that target a large number of audience.

With the new information and social media culture, people are more informed, have diverse interests and need content that resonates with them.

To provide such content, brands will now have to focus on creating multiple campaigns that have same theme and same message but in a different style as per the needs of that niche audience.

  • Accessibility feature of Twitter

A huge part of internet and social media is composed of users who are visually impaired. That makes it hard for them to see more than half the content uploaded on internet i.e. pictures.

To provide a solution, Twitter recently introduced accessibility feature for Twitter, where the users have option to add a caption like image description up to 420 characters. This will help visually impaired individuals to get an idea about the picture in front of them on the screen through screen reader.

The update was added for Android and iOS on 29th of the March. The feature can be used in mobile Twitter but for, it is currently not available.


  • E-Commerce

Last year, Facebook introduced a buy section for the business pages that have products or services to offer. Instead of visiting websites to buy something, users can open, buy and pay in a Facebook tab without any other requirements.

It is expected that soon Instagram, the biggest hub for businesses like makeup, food bloggers, fashion and others will follow in Facebook steps and people will hopefully be able to buy a product as soon as they see them.

  • Live Reactions For Video Streams and Discover Section

Last year Facebook introduced a feature that allowed pages to broadcast live videos. This was one of the way to give people real time experience of their favorite brands on the moment.

The feature, as anticipated caught attention and proved to be a big hit on social media marketing industry. To make ‘Facebook Live’ more interactive and fun, Facebook introduced live reactions, live filters and replaying comments.

This makes it easy for people to express their emotions without having to actually write down a response. It also gives producers and the hosts of live video an opportunity to get feedback in the instant. The reactions appear for the moment and then disappear quickly. As Facebook explained it, “it’s like hearing the crowd applaud and cheer”.

The Facebook’s statistics have shown that the engagement rate in the form of comments is 10 times more on Facebook live videos compared to other types of posts. The comments replay for users who watch the video later to give them an experience of being present in the moment.

Seeing the success, earlier this week Facebook introduced live video in Facebook groups and events, so you have the ability to choose specific audience that exclusively belongs to the group. For live events, you can broadcast the event and let people join in who could not make to actual location.

The aim of these new launches is enabling users to connect more deeply with their friends and family.

In the next few weeks, Facebook will also introduce the discover section for mobile app, sectioned as “Live Video Destinations” on mobile. It is dedicated to streams and live video from friends, pages and topics users might take have an interest in. For, the section will be called “Facebook Live Map,” through which you can instantly find live streams broadcasted around the world.


  • Virtual Reality

2016 has showed us that virtual reality is going to be the way of future. What more can you want when you have the ability to go any place in the world at any time, while sitting in your bed with a wire and box strapped to your head.

Facebook already has released its Oculus Rift set, which is available in market for $600 and works with only high tech computers, which cost somewhere, around thousand dollars.

Apart from Facebook, HTC and Valve are also releasing their Vive headset while Sony is working on a PlayStation VR headset.

  • Live Streaming of Virtual Reality

By now, we know what virtual reality is and how it works (not in technical way). Seeing the state-of-the-art technology that is being introduced every day in our lives, it should not feel novel to be able to live stream your virtual reality on the social media.

Yes, it is happening and developers are experimenting with technology that will allow virtual reality and live streaming to co-exist.

VideoStitch team launched the camera Orah 4i that will record and stream 360-degree video.

Twitch is also working on streaming games on mobile for the gamers’ community. Streaming from smart phone is a little tacky and needs multiple wires and webcam, but Twitch is focused on making this happen. “Users on Twitch can use BlueStacks to play mobile games on their desktop and then stream the footage with a click. That lets them keep the same setup that they have for their PC streaming sessions, not smartphone needed.”


  • Mobile friendly content

Recently, Google announced that starting from May; website that is mobile friendly would be ranked higher in Google’s search engine. This means that website developers and business owners only have one month to update their websites and make them optimized for mobile use.

If a webpage is fully optimized to be accessed from a smart phone and the content can be easily read or accessed, it will automatically be placed on top of the search results.

The website should have the standard readability font, so it does not need any double tapping or zooming.

One of the major factors in Google’s algorithm to get ranked higher in the search engine is quality content. Regarding the change Google has reassured that “even if a page with high-quality content is not mobile-friendly, it could still rank well if it has great, relevant content.”

Social media campaigns are designed by marketers with very specific goals in mind. Although, the basic purpose of social media is to communicate and interact with friends and family, with the advancement it has also become a serious part of any advertising or marketing campaign.

Facebook is one platform out of many social media apps and it alone has over one and a half billion active users. This shows the diversity and high usage Facebook boasts around the world.

For business and official use, Facebook has always been marketer’s top choice and the end goal of every marketer is get their brand and their business out in the market… to get it recognized and increase awareness amongst target audience, potential customers and clients.

Any type of content can be delivered through social media at any instant and in any format of your choice. Some messages get spread across faster than the others. The factor that makes the difference is how you optimize the content you are putting up on social media.

The better the optimization of content, the greater are the chances that,

  • More people will view your content (not only just targeted audience but potential customers and rest of the community as well)
  • The higher reach will result in higher engagement and interaction on the post, which will make it rank higher in Google analytics and the post will also appear on the top of news feed of audience
  • The posts that are more famous amongst users are also shared the most, creating a free flow of content to multiple social medias in the form of screenshots, memes, funny rip-off tweets and more
  • When content is recognized across multiple types of social media, it eventually means more traffic to the website which consequently results in higher sales, lead and revenue

Viral content is a vital part of any social media campaign and although it is short term most of the time, it still has profound effect on any business. Any article, blog, video, picture, tweet or status update can go viral when it has all the right aspects in it such as.


  • Right Time (When the topic is hot and there are debates going on about it)
  • Right People (If the content is introduced to the community that can actually relate with it and feel the same as you, it means you have done your job)
  • Right Platform (Each social media app and website reacts to content differently. The same content mipageght not get great feedback when it is in the text form on a blog but if you convert it into an infographic or GIF, it is possible that the reaction is completely different.)

Now, this might look easy in writing but most of the time it is not. Out of 100 percent, in 90% of the instances, the content that goes viral might be simple and ordinary but has the ability to resonate with people. Either this content on social media is produced by completely normal people who are trying to get a message across their limited number of friends and family, or they want to entertain the Facebook audience in form of vines and funny videos.

Going viral may not be the intention at all and it is still possible that content goes viral. Other times, no matter how hard you try or do everything right, you would still not be able to achieve your goal.

However, market researchers and viral scientists believe that there are specific traits that help the content become viral. Jonah Berger, a University of Pennsylvania professor explained the five indispensable factors involved in making a content viral. According to these factors, the content must be,

  • Surprising
  • Interesting
  • Intense
  • Positive and
  • Actionable

While these are the essential components of creating a viral campaign, originality and keeping a unique perspective is also important. The content that has novelty in it will attract more people and not all these people might necessarily be your target audience.

The whole point of creating viral content is reach much larger audience than just your followers and fan base. The message needs to resonate with everyone without the limitation of interests, border or race etc.

Once you get successful in going viral, the first and foremost thing to remember is that you capitalize on this opportunity and make every minute count, even if it is just a short-lived fame.

Make a plan:

Always keep a plan for the way you will handle PR once your content goes viral. This way, you will be able to handle media’s attention and would be able to promote the cause and services that really matter.

Keep your web developers on standby because sometimes websites go down and become unavailable due to heavy traffic, which might prove disastrous for the viral campaign.

Find new opportunities:

In a viral marketing campaign, accept the attention of media as much as possible and stay extra active on social media platforms. Set up alerts for your campaign with keywords so when someone mentions it, you can find them and respond to them.

Viral content is usually considered something that audience drools over while the creators sit afar and enjoy. In my opinion, you should be more active than ever. The simple reason is that if you are actively involved in your campaign and interact with users, there is a chance that they will remember you better and for future Facebook and social media campaigns, that might come in handy.

Keep up with trends:

Once you get the recognition, do not let it go to waste. Keep working towards making yourself better and more of the content that is up-to-date and trending with people.

Do not be afraid to try new things and try out new themes. It is important to be bold and risky if it is a calculated risk. Business needs a lot of sacrifices and one of those is to stay flexible and adapt to changes and trends.

In the current social media scenario, there is a high probability that if you produce something unusual, you will get attention. Marketers and advertisers also love controversy because you do not have to hope or beg for interaction from followers. Controversial topics automatically create opposite sides and spark instant engagement, however be careful in choosing the topic as it should not be culturally inappropriate or something that hurts people’s feelings.

Keep wanting more and never stop:

For as long as social media will exist, your job to keep up with and adjust with new trends will go on. One good break might be the thing you need to power start, but you should know how to convert that start into a successful social standing in the industry.

Read analytics. Ask people questions, opinions and feedback. Listen to them and the kind of content they want to see and then create that content.

The analytics are important because they show you what worked in the past and where you should be focusing your energy on in the future.

Keeping all this in mind, we can conclude that a viral content is something relatable, shareable and most importantly unique. It is an effective way to make quick money but it also serves as an opportunity to make difference by promoting a real cause and not just your own business and products. You can decide your future campaigns based on it and derive maximum advantage in the form of revenue and social standing.


Facebook is top used social media platform that operates worldwide. If you need to deliver information or connect with your audience, the website is a great way to do so.

Your content can easily be amplified using Facebook and other social media. However, for that you need to consider a number of factors such as,

  • Reach of Facebook posts.
  • Engagement on Facebook promotions and status updates.
  • Timings of the posts.

These three are the most important aspects for your Facebook postings and rest of the social media success. Producing and posting content on social media pages takes time and strategy. Without strategy, your Facebook promotions and social media campaigns might end up in failure. The first and foremost part for any social media campaign is content and its optimization. Any content that has the ability to reach the most number of targeted users on social media is the content that gets listed higher on Google search and in SEO.

Of course, to get most people to view your Facebook postings, tweets and blog posts you need to understand the social media usage patterns of your followers.

This means that you will have to find a time when most of your followers are on their social media profiles and actively participating in the content being updated on their timelines.

For every social media and for every business the perfect posting time varies. As I said earlier, it completely depends on.

  • The platform you are posting on (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress etc.)
  • Your audience and their preferred timings of scrolling through the stories of that platform
  • Your business / organization / company type (Clothing, makeup, IT, Softwares etc.)
  • Geo-graphical location of your audience (Local /National / International)
  • The content you are posting (Links, Pictures, Videos, Live Video, Hashtags etc.)
  • Your objectives and goals (Likes, Retweets, Shares, Favorites, Shares from website to social media websites, getting a hashtag to trend in top ten etc.)

The savvy and heavy social media users and marketers understand that there is a strategy and technique to getting a hang of these prime times of posting on social media. Although, there is no universal or standard time for making Facebook posts or tweets, there surely are some time slots, which overall see a spike in user engagement on social media posts.

Following these slots not only gets you great engagements but the share ration for the content also increases, resulting in your Facebook posts going viral and tweets being retweeted and favorite in numbers higher than average.

Since Facebook, Twitter and website or WordPress blogs are three completely different platforms, the science to post on them is also different. This blog post will focus on each of these mediums of communication so you can learn what makes these platforms unique from each other.

Before that, remember that half the population of US lies in Eastern Time zone and if we consider Eastern and Central Time (have one hour difference) almost same, it will constitute around three by four population of the country. Therefore, unless you have targeted audience, which is highly localized and based in areas like Hawaii, Midway Island, Alaska, Pacific and Arizona, you should follow Eastern / Central Time for national users.

Also, consider that if you are posting four to five times on your social media account, post in either of these times

  • Morning
  • Noon
  • Evening
  • Night
  • Late night

But, if you have to make posts throughout the day, upload less important stuff in the rest of the hours and most important in morning, noon or night (based on your audience’s usage predilections).


Smart phone owners and people who use Facebook through mobile apps usually check their Facebook in the morning before getting out of the bed.

Now, for most offices the official work timing starts around 9 am so people wake up between 7am to 8 am. Make some entertaining and interactive posts so the information is easy to digest and not too heavy on the sleepy mind. This is also a great time to share your agenda for the day in a form of visual like picture or infographic.

Noon is one of the preferred times for your Facebook posts because most working employees are taking a coffee break and need the motivation to get through the rest of the day. Of course, what best way to pass the time than scroll through the newsfeed and check out what friends and their favorite pages are up to?

11:30 to 12 am is as good time as 1 pm to 3 pm. The reason is that 1- 3PM is lunch hour, so people are completely free of distraction other than smart phones. This time sees the highest rate in number of click per post.

In the evening, start posting around 5 PM and keep posting until 8 PM. Although noon, is considered optimal time for Facebook postings, evenings slot also works because people are travelling in metro or meeting a friend, so between getting from office to meet up place or home. They are bound to take their phones out and get themselves updated.

Research shows that a great number of working people, despite their best efforts to sleep early ends up wasting time on social media endlessly scrolling through newsfeed. Post after 11 PM, so 12 AM to 3 AM should work the best.

Again, your audience and their preference play the most important part in this so do not take my word for it. Do your own little research and make customized optimal schedule.

Upload the content most on Fridays and give weekends a rest for Facebook postings.


Twitter is more of an instant platform where people share news stories in a limited 140 characters. These stories are commonly known as tweets and have a minimum one hashtag, making it easy for people to find the related tweets and updates regarding the specific hashtag.

These hashtags frequently change but if you get enough engagements in the form of retweets and favorites, the hashtag stays trending for a comparatively longer time.

The best way to promote content on Facebook is by following the trending hashtags. Through the trends, you can change your tweets’ schedule and adjust them accordingly.

This means that if a hashtag related to your industry / product / business is trending, you should definitely jump on the trend right then and there and make some tweets. The tweets made around top trending hashtags get seen more and bring in more engagement because the active Twitter user base is responsible for those trends and that means your unique tweets will be seen by even those people who have never heard of you before.

Apart from this strategy, the ideal timings refereed by marketers and social media researchers include;

  • Weekdays: Twitter is mostly used for b2b and b2c interaction so keep in mind that factor while scheduling tweets. Start posting at 11 or 12 PM until 3 PM and then in the evening you can experiment with time slot of 5 to 7 PM, when people want to catch up on the whole day’s happenings before getting home.

Tweet again at night after 8 PM and keep tweeting till midnight or even after that depending on the interaction you get on previous tweets. Use trending hashtags and you can always make and use your own hashtags for all the tweets.

  • Friday to Weekend: On Fridays, 12 to 3 PM is the optimal time but after that Twitter updates usually slows down since users are getting ready for the weekend, finishing work and wrapping up their workstations.

On weekends, schedule tweets for the evening starting around 6 PM and you can go on till midnight or even after that. Apart from the scheduled tweets, make sure that you keep an eye on the trends and try to post some humorous and interactive content, using the trending hashtags.

For other engagement tricks on Twitter, use visuals, GIFs and short videos of five to ten seconds. Images and Infographics bring in the most engagements in the form of retweets and favorites. Use high quality pictures that load quickly and are not heavy in size.

Blog Posts

Writing a daily blog is important to keep your audience interested and your website active. The standard word length for a blog is 1000 to 2000 words, which is manageable, so find new topic and write on them for your blog. However, the posting time for blogs is not as crucial as it is for social media handles.

Blog posts are immediately shared across all social media either in the form of link or embedding the post. This means that you will have to keep up the posting time of your social media. Post the blog in the day around 12 to 2 PM, so you have the chance to share it around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google plus before the day ends.

If you are not a daily blogger, then you can just post on weekends but at least make two blog posts on the weekend, so people do not forget about you.

These time slots are mostly ideal in theory and have been researched in actual. The research showed that when a Facebook posts, tweet or blog is posted during the mentioned times for each, businesses saw a high engagement and reach level compared to when posted at other times.

Of course, nothing is perfect and ideal in real life and different days and different time works for different businesses. If you have a high following and most of them are active, no matter at what time you post, you will be able to reach users, while companies with small following and less exposure struggle to reach their target audience even if they post in model time slots.

Share your experience and tell us about the time slots that you prefer to share stuff on different social media accounts and which time slot works the best for you.

In the past few years, in the world of online or digital marketing change is only one thing which remains constant. Channels and tools marketers use to engage their audience is completely changed. The continuous increase in the use of these modern tools such as social media and digital channels make the marketers’ job easier than ever, now almost every efficient marketer leave the traditional promotional. We know that social media strategies dominate the traditional marketing; the only one thing we know with certainty is that traditional marketing is dead now.

The Death of Traditional Marketing:

You may observe that advertising pages in magazines and ads on newspapers or advertisement on television ads is continuously reducing.  There are two major cause for the almost death of traditional marketing. At first, you can never measure the return on investment. Both print media and television channels can’t facilitate you with mathematical and statistical measurements. Secondly if you are using traditional marketing channels, they are quite expensive and you can never measure the impact of your marketing campaigns. For these two reasons marketers tend to use other medium of advertisement as they can measure both ROI and Impact easily in modern mode of social media marketing.

The Social Media Revolution:

Social media is now biggest source to target your audience. Infect with the revolution of social media you can target your precise audience. You can choose your audience with respect to area, age, gender and most amazingly you can select your target audience with respect to their hobbies. Different audience target generators are available.   Survey of Social Media Examiner reveals that, more than 90% of marketers said that social media marketing is best for their product promotion.  Social media revolution compels the businesses to adopt social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many others. With these kinds of websites marketers are able to broadcast their message and communicate with their potential visitors very easily. Marketers can measure the ROI and impact of their marketing campaign. Modern campaign launching and tracking systems makes marketers job more easy and effective as social media is all about creating and participating in genuine dialogues.

Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing:

First of all keep in mind that social media websites were not built for marketing purpose, they were designed to build vibrant online communities. With the passage of time as these websites especially Facebook and Twitter largely integrated with marketing use, very often they are now referred as marketing tools. The reason behind the success of social media marketing is its effectiveness. Now small brands are competing with big brands just because of they are using social media platforms effectively.  Active marketers know that how much time people are spending on these social networking websites. They cleverly avail this opportunity to market their product. With the passage of time these websites introduce different online marketing mechanism to promote businesses, for example if you review Facebook deeply you will find that it is not only biggest social networking website but also one of the biggest platform of marketing. You can create your Sale Page, and can post anything there. You can use different Facebook marketing software, these softwares will enable you interact with your visitors beyond the limits of Facebook. These softwares can create landing pages, lead capture pages and more importantly you can get viral on social media by placing a sharing gate on your post. All these and many other factors enhance the effectiveness of social media marketing as compare to traditional marketing.

Engagement with Audience:

This is very important and crucial point, in every kind of marketing you have to engage your audience on regular basis. With traditional media it is expensive, even large size organization sometimes can’t afford it.  Social media fill this gap. You can engage your audience regularly without spending a single dollar.  Social media marketing is all about taking your product to market instead of sitting back and waiting for the market to arrive on your door step. . Effective social media marketing requires a proactive approach – and success depends upon personality and genuine interaction.

Once businesses break the barrier between brand and consumer and start to interact with their customers on a natural and equal level, they’ll stand a chance of building a reputable online brand. Once the engagement is there, brand awareness will snowball and profits will skyrocket.