Every business, small or large is trying to make most out of their Facebook pages, so they do not lose their loyal customers while still keeping the control over content. A home to more than a one and a half billion people, it is important to sort out your strategy before posting anything on it.

The need to be smart, unique and original come directly from the need to bring in higher engagements. If you have a nice page with a considerable fan base, but you are not actively posting content or your content is not at par with your competitors, there is a very chance that you no one will notice you and your fan base might get stuck at that point, even worse, reduce.

The first thing to keep yourself afloat and to make sure that your page does not go down is devising a strategy. A content and content marketing strategy along with some pro tips can help you promote your business better and far.

1. Lead Pages

Creating lead pages to get people like your actual Facebook business page and turn visitors into loyal followers is one of the best techniques to promote yourself.

With new softwares and innovative tools, it is no longer difficult to create lead pages even if you do not have any programming or coding experience. In one of my earlier posts, I explained in detail on how to create a perfect lead page so lets not get into that, but remember a lead page with right amount of information and images can go a long way in establishing your business. A short 30-second video also helps visiting users to get a better understanding at what your business is and what you have to offer to your customers.

2. Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the only thing that your customer is interested in while visiting your Facebook page. A good content is of no use unless you have a sound content and content marketing strategy to go with it.

Facebook content ranges from status updates to videos, pictures notes, polls and what not. But, as you must have seen, Facebook pages do not use all types of content all the time. This is why a strategy needs to be in placed so you can understand what type of content brings most engagements and reaches people in higher number.

Facebook Promotion Posts

Facebook promotion posts are an effective way to get more exposure on your content. Boost the posts right from the Facebook page in a minimum amount of money and for as long as you want.

Video Marketing

Video marketing can be tricky since you have to keep your content short, yet cover everything in minimal amount of time. These marketing posts usually range from 20 to 40 seconds so you need a perfect script with filler shots that not only explain the story and increase the sales of your product but also keep the audience interested and wanting more.

Coupon Marketing

Promotional offers and coupons are a great way to get people engage with your content. People are more likely to visit your page if you are offering something via coupons or limited offers. Coupon marketing has a very high psychological effect on users.

Email Marketing

Using Facebook posts with opt-ins, you can collect personal email ids of users and use them to promote newsletters as well as design attractive email campaigns. Email marketing is also a great way to stay in contact with your customers and keep them updated about future promotions and new product launches.

3. Profile Picture and Cover Photo

For any Facebook user, the most fascinating things are profile and cover photo. These two things are also the ones we see on top of a timeline when opened a page.

Never keep either of them blank, since the pictures send out a great deal of information about you and your brand. Keep them personal so your audience feels connected and stay intrigued.

4. Optimized ‘About Us’ Section

When you open any Facebook page, the first thing after cover and profile photo is the ‘About Us’ section on your left. This section is the key to make a visiting user believe in you.

If your about section is truthful and covers all the W’s and H in the most precise manner, there is no way a user would leave without exploring further.

Most of the time users come across a new page when it is shared by their friends or when its content is shared and they are interested to see Facebook posts that are more similar. In this case, you have the opportunity to make a first impression and a unique ‘About Us’ section is the right way to start off.

5. Use Influencer Marketing

You must have heard of influencer marketing by now. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is practicing it and those who are not, are considered one-step behind by their fellow marketers.

I highly reckon that your business would want to fall in the latter category, considered as yesterday’s news. That is why it is time for you to up your game and start networking.

Building connections and networking with right influencers is as important to your business as your content is.

Use the contacts and influencers to get yourself promoted. This gives you a chance to market yourself in front of a slightly different audience, which is bound to increase your reach.

6. Appeal to Audience via Call to Action (CTA)

Social media users have so many options these days that most of the time they ignore all of them and keep scrolling through their timelines. However, when a call to action is incorporated into a post, the probability of engagement increases because now users do not have to choose anymore.

This technique is effective in getting your required engagement, for example if you want likes on your post, just write something that audience can relate to… as ‘like if you think Fridays are the best’ or ‘comment your favorite day of the week’.

Of course, you would have to make up content that is related to your audience and follows the theme of brand as well.

7. Effective Timeline and Timeliness

A timeline full of valuable content is your biggest asset. Quality content reaches more audience and brings in more engagements since Facebook algorithm has ability to detect and promote it to targeted audience on its own.

If your content does not focus on quality or you copy it from existing blogs on internet, it will not bring any leads or interaction from audience, as it is considered plagiarism. Even if you promote your Facebook post via ads and sponsored content, you will be wasting money. So, keep your focus on creating a content that is original and highly valuable to the audience.

A neat timeline is important in keeping the user right on track, but so is timeliness. Promotion posts should be uploaded on prime time slots when most people are logged into their accounts and scrolling through the newsfeed. This helps in increasing the reach of content to targeted and potential customers.

8. Use Facebook Publisher

Facebook publisher is a relatively new tool, which facilitates the process of publishing an article on Facebook not for author but for reader as well. It is fast, effective and is swiftly becoming very common among large and small news and content sharing companies like BuzzFeed, Washington Post, Verge and so on.

Publish the most important articles on which you need audience interaction via publisher, as it gives user the advantage of not having to go into a new tab or link. The complete article open right inside the Facebook within seconds

9. Pin Your Posts

Facebook allows you to pin one post that regardless of posting time and date stays on the top of your page. Using the pin feature, you can sort out your best content and Pin it on your page on daily or weekly basis.

In this way, whenever someone visits your page, it is the first things that gets seen. This is a little technique for Facebook posts’ promotion without spending any money on it.

10. Monitor and Analyze

Posting content and staying on top of your game is important but your page also needs analyzing time to time.

Make sure that you are not wasting time on the content that does not resonate with people. Analyze your posts, likes comments and opinions of people. Listen to feedback so you can modify your strategy according to what your audience wants.

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